complete from 1669 to 1837


year date name abode spouse abode witnesses
1701 15-Feb Morriss   Martha Lord    
1708 04-May John   Jane Leech    
1711 01-Apr Thomas   Mary Midgly    
1720 23-Aug Thomas   Mary Jackson    
1731 19-Apr John   Sarah Nowel    
1737 29-May Susan   John Marshall    
1739 June Mary   Henry Crowther    
1740 01-Jan Mary   Edmund Stansfield    
1746 09-Mar Alexander   Elisabeth Law    
1752 March Thomas Todmorden Ann Rudman Todmorden  
1763 27-Dec Maryx   William Eastwoodx   Joseph Dawson & James Whittaker
1764 27-Dec Maryx Hep. Robert Law   Abraham Fielden & Luke Crossley
1765 16-Apr Thomas x   Mary Crowther x   Thomas Law & John Hoult
1766 15-Jul Thomas x   Mary Barker x Hep Joseph Dawson & William Pickles
1772 02-Feb Betty S. in the C. of Hep. Robert Holt   Thomas Greenwood & Robert Crabtree
1772 22-Apr Sarah x   William Wild x   Charles Lord & John Hoult
1772 20-May Sarah x   John Crossley x   Anthony Crossley & Robert Shackleton x
1772 27-Aug James   Grace Sutcliffe x   John Blakey & J…
1773 11-Jan Betty x   William Crossley x Hep William Simson & Luke Law
1773 30-Dec Samuel x   Susannah Lord x   Thomas Greenwood & Richard Holt
1774 damaged Mary x   Thomas Nuttall   Thomas Law & Abraham…damaged
1774 23-May James x   Betty Lord x   William Eastwood, Charles Lord, Samuel Brook
1778 22-Sep Alice x   Abraham Mitchell x   Robt. Mitchell & Ely Jackson
1779 16-Feb John   Martha Cudworth x   John Woodhead & Jonathon Redman
1780 07-Feb Mary   James Crowther   John Crowther & James Crabtree
1780 04-Jul William Walsden Susan Walton x Walsden Abraham Fielden & John Howard



Year Date Name Parish Spouse Parish Witnesses Notes
1783 25-Nov John x otp Hannah Bottomley x otp    
1784 09-Sep Sarah x otp James Marshall x Hep. Thos. Hodgson Elias Cockcroft  
1784 27-Sep William otp Elizabeth Crossley x otp Abraham Fielden  
1786 12-Nov Sarah x otp Samuel Mitchell x otp John Mitchell Robert Law  
1786 26-Dec Jonas x otp Betty Stephenson x Hep. Thomas Dawson Charles Lord  
1790 01-Jul Mary x otp John Ogden x otp William Jackson Thomas Dawson  
1790 20-Dec James x Hep Mary Stansfield otp Charles Lord Robert Whitaker  
1790 20-Dec Mary x Stansfield P of Halifax John Fielden x Todmorden John Greenwood John Fielding  
1792 14-May Hannah x otp John Stansfield x otp James Sutcliffe George Nuttall  
1792 26-Dec Thomas x otp Mary Mitchell x otp John Mitchell John Shackleton  
1796 29-Dec Martha x otp Zacary Heyworth x otp William Jackson William Lord  
1799 28-Jan James x otp Betty Helliwell otp John Shackleton  
1800 27-Sep James x otp Mary Ogden x otp James Kay Abraham Stansfield  
1801 02-Apr Nancy x otp John Hauworth x otp William Greenwood John Shackleton  
1801 27-Aug Mary x otp John Crossley x otp Abm. Fielden Enoch Law Nancy Ramsbottom  
1802 15-Jul Mary otp James Mills otp John Ratcliff Isaac Heywood  
1803 22-Feb James x otp Hannah Bottomley x otp Abm. Fielden John Barker  
1803 22-Feb William x Halifax Mary Crabtree x otp John Ratcliff Thos. Sutcliffe  
1803 22-Feb Mary x otp William Crabtree x Halifax John Ratcliff Thos. Sutcliffe  
1803 21-Jul William otp Alice Fielden otp Nicolas Fielden Thomas Taylor  
1803 01-Dec John x otp Mary Crowther x otp John Sutcliffe John Crowther  
1804 19-Feb Sally otp Samuel Hanson otp John Suthers John Shackleton by lic
1805 04-Apr Mary x otp Samuel Jones x otp James Crabtreex John Shackleton  
1805 06-Jun Joshua x otp Susan Greenwood x otp James Mills  Samuel Fielden  
1805 21-Nov Martha x otp Abraham Sutcliffe x otp John Law Ely Nuttall  
1805 26-Dec William otp Sally Sutcliffe x otp Abm. Fielden Joshua Fielden  
1806 17-Jul Robert otp Betty Bowden x otp William Sutcliffe Thos. Clegg  
1808 04-Feb Sarah x otp William Law x otp James Greenwood John Morrow  
1808 24-Oct Sally otp Thomas Law x otp James Barker John Shackleton  
1810 28-Jun Thomas otp Betty Greenwood x otp John Crabtree John Holt  
1812 03-Dec Alice otp John Rigg otp John Shackleton Ann Fielden x  


Year Date Name Parish Spouse Parish Witnesses
1816 07-Apr Betty x otp Abram Mills otp Wm. Mills & John Fielden
1817 08-Apr John x otp Sally Farrah x otp Abram Mills & William Crabtree x
1821 16-Nov Ann x otp Edmund Howarth x otp Ogden Mitchell & Abraham Crossley
1824 18-Jan James Walsden Lydia Mitchell x Todmorden Geo Crowther x & James Matthew x
1825 18-Apr Alexander x otp Martha Jackson x otp William Greenwood x & William Atkinson
1828 19-Feb Thomas x otp Hannah Law Stansfield Thomas Barker & John Law x
1831 25-Dec Hannah x otp Edmund Fielding otp John Crabtree & William Clegg
1832 04-Mar Sarah x Langfield Joseph Hirst otp Robert Stansfield & Ely Fielden
1832 02-Sep Maria x otp James Butterworth otp Abraham Crabtree & John Shackleton
1833 17-Nov Grace x Wadsworth Edmund Wrigley x otp Wm. Crossley x & Henry Crabtree x