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Location:Toledo sits in northwestern Ohio at the mouth of the Maumee River where it empties into the western end of Lake Erie.

Conflicts: In 1794 during the British and Indian War, the Battle of Fallen Timbers took place along the shores of the Maumee River. Turkey Foot Rock marks the spot where Me-sa-sa, an Ottawa Indian chief, died during the battle. There was action downriver from that site during the War of 1812 which triggered the construction of Fort Meigs in 1813. The Toledo War (18351836) had its orgins in the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 which established the northern boundary of Ohio as "an east west line drawn through the southerly bend of extreme of Lake Michigan." For decades this boundary was disputed, culminating in the bloodless "Toledo War" just before Michigan was granted statehood. Robert Lucas was the Ohio governor at the time, being the namesake for our county.

Settlement: Because this area of the state was the Great Black Swamp up until the 1800's, this was the last area of the state to be settled by pioneers. Perrysburg, Wood County, was surveyed in 1816. Maumee, Lucas County, was platted in 1817. Waterville, Lucas County, began in 1831. Toledo, Lucas County, was founded in 1833. Sylvania was platted in 1836. Rossford, Wood County, was founded in 1898. Other villages in Lucas County are Waterville, Whitehouse, and Holland, and Grand Rapids in Wood County.

Industry: Toledo historically had many manufacturers of automotive-related items: Electric AutoLite, Sheller-Globe Corporation, Champion Spark Plug, Questor, Tillotson and Dana Corporation. Willys-Overland produced the Jeep during World War II. When Edward Drummond Libbey moved his glass manufacturing here in 1888, Toledo ultimately became the Glass Capital of the World being the location of Libbey Glass, Libbey-Owens-Ford, Owens-Illinois, and Owens-Corning.

For more detailed information about the Toledo area, go to Toledo.com.


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Lucas County Real Estate

This is a nationally recognized site due to its thoroughness. It has these capacities:
  • Find out if a building still exists.
  • Search by owner's name.
  • Search by address.
  • Discover the year a building was constructed.
  • View scanned deed transfer cards listing previous owners.
  • See the building's location in the city.
  • See a photo of the facade.



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