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 Burma Shave Signs - remember these fun road signs?

of early Tennessee Counties 1800-1830; Weakley Co Pop. 1830-2000; USA pop. 1790-1980.


NICKNAMES  of Girls and Boys first names.

GENEALOGY - You know your are taking Genealogy too serious if.......


NAMING PATTERNS - Naming Patterns of the 19th Century & Dutch naming customs

Weakley County Tennesseeans Know -  OR - You might be a Weakley Countian if.....

SOUTHERNERS KNOW  - The average Southerner knows.....

SOUTHERN SAYINGS & Tips for Northerners in the South

100 YEARS AGO - how our lives have changed over the past 100 years

 1955 - Comments on prices of things in the year 1955 (only 54 yrs ago, today being 2009)

Purchasing power of money in the United States from 1774 to 2006 - how much money would you need in 2006 to have the same purchasing power of $500 in year 1774? - you would need $12,890.

Social Security Numbers - Who knew Grandpa lived in Montana?? - The first 3 digits of a person's Social Security Number tells the State where the person lived when the number was assigned.

States 2 letter Abreviation - just in case you forget

20 Generations Chart - you have over a million kinfolk

GOOD THINGS TO KNOW - from using bounce - bee stings & pennys - Hydrogen Peroxide - 5 things your cell phone can do - recognizing a stroke - warm drink after a meal - Uses for coffee fileters -  killing mosquitos with listerine - killing fire ant colony with soda water - Another 28 Household tips including uses for Alka Seltzer, removing crayon marks on walls, remove blood stains on clothes, remove burnt food from skillet and lots more.

Outstanding links to other Web Sites to help you in your Quest

STATE ARCHIVES.....site on history of tennessee, military records, etc - check here first 

Newly added INDEX of death certificates:
1908-1913 - 
1914-1916 - 

Searching for Tennessee deaths 1949 - 2005 - on Shelby County Registers website


University of Tennessee Yearbooks online - 1897 thru 2001 - this is really neat!

OLD OCCUPATIONS and what they meant - use your back button to return to Weakley County

Early maps of US for genealogy....really good! 

NATIONAL ARCHIVES online - you can now search the National Archives - new website. More than 50 million records from Civil War battles to family immigration files.

Battlefield of Civil War .....NICE EASY SITE 




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