Some Marriage Records 1843-1854
Weakley County, Tennessee
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Transcribed by LuAnn Lawton
Web Format by MaryCarol

We thank LuAnn Lawton for kindly sharing her transcribed marriage records with us!

LuAnn says....."The information I have provided online does not encompass all the early marriages of Weakely County, Tennessee.  I used Heritage Quest microfilm which can be rented or bought. Microfilm with more Marriages of Weakley County, as well as lots of other information, may be borrowed thru interlibrary loan or purchased from the Tennessee State Archives.

These Marriage records were originally part of the Works Project Administration, a federal agency established in Oct 1935 as part of the New Deal.  It's purpose was to create employment in Depression Era America.  The WPA transcribed official records of communities across America.

Note: Some columns are left blank which only means information was not available from the original source. Spellings were copied as the WPA worker saw them.  Hope you find what you need."

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