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Civil War Veterans' Questionnaires
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1.  William Henry Harrison CARLTON
3.  William A. DUNCAN

Civil War Veterans' Questionnaires Index
For Weakley County Tennesse

Used with the permission of the Tennessee State Library and Archives August 22, 2000

Submitted by Maureen Pierce

Begun in 1914 and continued in 1920, questionnaires were sent out to all known Civil War Veterans in Tennessee.  The originals are at theTennessee State Library and Archives and have been microfilmed for security and ease of use. A picture of Captain Robert Josephus Dew of the Weakley County volunteers and excerpts from his questionnaire are highlighted on the site at  the State Archives. The questionnaires are arranged alphabetically by name, beginning with the Confederate soldiers' responses and followed by the Federal responses.  The table below lists just the Weakley County, TN Veterans.  If you expect to find someone listed here, and don't, check the full index. 

Index for Weakley County, Tennessee

ALLEN, W. J. Weakley A 31st TN 
BALDRIDGE, William T. Weakley A 31st TN 
BONDURANT, Benjamin T. Weakley I 20th TN Cav.
BOWDEN, Jefferson (Doctor) Weakley   5th TN
BRAWNER, John H. Weakley E Col. Chester's Regiment 
CARLTON, W.H. Weakley D 12th TN 
COOK, Joseph N. Weakley 12th KY 
DARNELL, Samuel H. Weakley 14th TN 
DECK, J.V. Weakley 
DEW, Robert J. Weakley  9th TN 
DUNCAN, W.A. Weakley 
EZELL, Willis Weakley K 12th KY 
HOUSE, William Duke Weakley K 11th TN Inf. 
JENKINS, J.A. Weakley E 52nd TN Inf. 
LYON, Edward C. Weakley  31st TN 
MARTIN, Julius C. Weakley B 1st TN 
MCCLURE, Francis M. Weakley  12th KY 
MEDDLIN, James T. Weakley  Forkner's Reg. 
MILAM, L.L. Weakley C 5th TN 
MILES, J.R. Weakley I 20th TN 
MORRIS, George B. C. Weakley  5th TN 
NAILLING, Joseph Willis Weakley E 4th TN Inf. 
NOWLIN, George W. Halifax, VA A 31st TN Inf. 
NOWLIN, James M. AL A 31st TN Inf. 
RAMBO, J.W. Weakley 
ROBERTS, J.T. Weakley H 33rd TN 
ROBERTS, Walcham Stray Weakley Forrest's Reg. 
SMYTH, Alfred Dixon Weakley 30th TN Inf. 
STALCUP, L.F. Weakley  20th TN Inf. 
SWINNY, James W. Weakley  55th Tenn 
VAUGHAN, James J. Weakley 31st TN Inf. 
VINCENT, John Weakley B 12th KY Cav. 
WHITE, Francis M. Weakley G 1st Conf. Cav. 
WHITE, James J. Weakley H 20th TN Cav.

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