Court Minutes of Weakley County, Tennessee


Extractions from Court Minutes for Stephen H. GROOMS

p 422 - Court Minutes of Weakley County, Tenn  1827-1835 (film # 0024862 SLC, FHL, pp 490) 

At a court of Pleas and Quarterly Sessions begun and held for said county at the court house in the town of Dresden, on the second Monday in July, it being the Eighth Day of said Month, in the year of our Lord 1833,  Before the worshipfuls John R. SHULTS, Dennis COCHRAN, Ephriam D. DICKSON, Stephen GOLDSBY, John SERATT, John H. MOORE, Stephen SMART, Daniel CAMPBELL, Moses T. SPANN, Perry VINCANT, Caleb BRASFIELD, Israel F. OUTHOUSE, Nathan L. NORVELL, William TODD, and Nathaniel HENDERSON, Esquires, Justices of the Peace for Weakley County Presiding and William H. JOHNSON, Clerk of said court. 

This Day the last will & testament of Stephen H. GROOMS, Decd. was produced in open court and the due execution thereof was proven by the oaths of Moses T. SPANN and David REDICK the subscribing witnesses, thereto and ordered to be recorded.  (8 July 1833).

p429 - Court Minutes of Weakley Co., Tenn. 1827-1835 (film # 0024862 SLC, FHL pp 497)

Wednesday Morning Nine o'clock July the 10th 1833, court met according to adjournment.  Present the worshipfuls Ephriam D. DICKSON, Israel F. OUTHOUSE, John H. MOORE & Perry VINCENT Esqrs., Justices of the Peace for said county presiding..

This day Bright GROOMS, who was appointed executor by the last will & testament of Stephen H. Grooms, Deceased, came into court and entered into bond of one thousand dollars conditioned as the lasw directs with David REDICK and William G. BOWERS his securities, and took letters
testamentary as Executor of said Estate.

Weakley Co court minutes 1827-1835, film # 0024862 SLC FHL

Tues. Oct 13, 1829 Session, p-121 (film pg 140)  Stephen H. GROOMS vs Samuel MONTGOMERY - Appeal

This day came the parties into court and by the consent of the parties with the assent of the court.  This cause is continued as on affidavit of the plaintiff.

Thurs, Jan 1830 p-148 (film pg 171-172) Stpeh H. Grooms vs Samuel Montgomery - Appeal

This day came the parties by their attorneys and thee upon came a jury of good and lawful men, John PARRISH, George DAMRON, Samuel FOWLER, Neil DELANY, William POOL, Robert SCARBOROUGH, John DUNN, Joel RAGSDALE, Jospeh THOMAS, Pulaski B. BELL, Thomas E. EDWARDS, and Edward ROBERTSON, being duly elected tried and sworn the truth to speak upon the matter in controversy upon their oaths, do say, that they find in favor of the plaintiff Seventeen Dollars & twenty five cents. Therefore it is considered by the court that the plaintiff recover of the defendant the sum of Seventeen dollars & 25 cents the finding of the jury aforesaid, as also the cost in this behalf expended and that he have execution.

Tuesday October 1830 Sessions  p-204 (film pg 238) - Stephen H. Grooms is among the 12  good and lawful jury men

Monday,October 10, 1831 Sessions, p-266 

 Ordered by the Court a majority of the Justices present, that Stephen H. GROOMS over see and keep in repair the Meredian Road from the six mile tree to Spring Creek and that Jesse MAXWELL, Furney ARNOLD, James SPAN, Franklin SPAN, James RICHIE, James HERROD, John WARD JR., George WARD, Elijah WARD, Edward KING, William & James MONTGOMERY, Mansfield JENKINS, Washington REDICK, Joseph POWERS, Jesse CRAWLEY, Nichols SHRUMP and all the hands that live in that bounds work under him on said road.

Wednesday, October 1831 Sessions p-272
        McClellan Greer & Kennedy vs John B. SLEMMONS - in Debt
        This day the defendant came in to court and entered into bond conditioned as the law directs with Stephen H. GROOMS, his security for prosecution of the appeal which was on yesterday prayed in this cause and the same is granted..  (Issued)

Jan 1832 Session p-301
        Ordered by the court that Stephen H. GROOMS be permitted to list 200 acres of land and one free poll;  (with others)  that were omitted to be given in for the year 1831, and that they be severally released from double taxes.

Monday, April 1832 Sessions p316
        ...... Thereupon the court appointed James H. RICHIE Administrator of John WARD, deceased who entered into bond with Stephen H. GROOMS, Thos. STANFORD and John BAKER, in the sum of two thoughsand dollars, and it is ordered by the court that said George WARD hand over to said administrator all the effects of said estate, papers & c and make a true account of the same. 

Oct 1832 Sessions p 347 (film pg 406)
        This day Agnes RICHIE was appointed administratrix of the estate of James RICHIE, deceased, who thereupon came into court and entered into bond of seven hundred ollars with David REDICK, George WARD & Stephen H. GROOMS, his securities, and qualified according to law and thereupon the court granted her letters of administration. 

Oct 1832 Sessions p-349 (film pg 407)
        Ordered by the court that Bright GROOMS, Ransom ROBLEY, Stephen H. GROOMS & John W. FINCH, be appointed to make a settlement between Agnes RICHIE, widow of James RICHIE, deceased, the former administrator of John WARD, deceased, and George WARD, the present administrator of said John WARD, and make report to next court.  (Issued)

Friday morning Oct 12, 1832  p-363 (film pg 424)  court met according to adjourment...... 
        Ordered by the court that William MONTGOMERY be appointed to oversee and keep in repair the Meridian Road from the six mile tree to Spring Creek and that all the hands that live in the bounds of the hands that worked under Stephen H. Grooms work under him on said road. (Issued)

Fri Oct 1832 p-365, & p 366  (film pg 426 & 427)Stephen H. Grooms was among the 12 good and lawful jury men....

Transcribed from microfilm by Eileen Gonzalez.


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