Cast Iron Skillet on the left is only used to make Cornbread - one on the right is a stovetop grill

 Holiday Comfort Foods
or any time of the year!

Everyone has a few favorite Holiday Comfort foods, you know, the ones that make the holiday special.  I share with you some of our family favorites. A few go back several generations, others only a few years.

*Over the years this collection of recipes has grown to cover every day foods. I delight in adding recipes from other kinfolk......thanks!

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And after the holidays - when you are full of good foods - try the
Grapefruit Diet to get you back into reality

Got an old CAST IRON SKILLET that needs reseasoning?


  Apple Cheddar Muffins
   Apple Strudel Muffins
  Angel Rolls with Honey butter & Stawberry butter
   Banana nut cornbread muffins
Banana Nut Bread
  Banana - Pumpkin Bread

   Biscuit Mix
  Blueberry Muffins
  Cracklin' Bread

  Chocolate Gravy - goes on hot biscuits
  Cheese garlic biscuits a la Red lobster
  Cheese Stuffed French Bread
  French Toast

  Pumpkin Bread
   Pumpkin Flax Seed Bread
  Pumpkin Muffins with Cream Cheese filling
  Pumpkin Pancakes

  Sally Lunn Bread
  Sweet Potato Biscuits
  Sweet Potato Muffins
  Triple Chocolate Muffins


  Beer - Health Benefits
  Boiled Custard

  Brunch Punch
   Champagne Punch
  Mint Juleps
  Southern Tea - sweet or unsweet

   Beef Fondue - Making New Traditions
   Turkey - Stuffing - Gravyside dish stuffing Cranraisin-Apple
   Cranberry Relish
   Cornbread Dressing
   Salmon Loaf
    Salmon Patties
   Salmon Fritters
   Salmon Fillets - grilled or baked
   Salmon - whole - grilled
   Salmon - Broiled
   Fish Fillets - Spicey
   Rare Roast Beef
   Perfect Sirloin Tip Roast
   Pan Fried Steak
   T- Bone Company Steak
   Rib Roast Beef - roasted Veggies & Yorkshire Pudding
   Chunky Texas Chili
   Green Enchilada Pie
   Fried Country Ham - Red Eye Gravy
   Fried Chicken - Milk Gravy
   Jezabell Sauce for Ham, Chicken or fish
   Roast Wild Goose
   Roast Duck with Orange Sauce
   Chicken Aparagus
   Chicken Breasts with gravy
   Chicken - Outback Steak house
   Chicken & Rice Casserole
   Chicken - Grilled lime
   Chicken Quesadilas
   Chicken - Hot Chicken Salad
   Chicken (or Turkey) Impossible Pie
   Marcaroni Cheese Recipes
   Potted Pot Roast
   Manicotti - stuffed
   Pork Chops with Sweet Potato Gravy
   Live Maine LOBSTER with butter sauce
   Lamb Ragu - rich and meaty - a la Thomas

  Artichoke bottoms
  Armour Dried beef ball
  Smoked egg dip
  Brunch Stuff
  Breakfast Casserole
  Crab Spread
  Chicken Salad in Cream Puffs
  Dilly Dip
  Lipton's dry Onion Soup Dip
  Clam Dip
  Tuna Dip
  Frosted Grapes
  Meatballs - homemade - microwave - with wine sauce
  Meatballs - Frozen with Cranberry Orange Sauce
  Meatballs - frozen with Grape Jelly & Chili Sauce
  Mushroom logs
  Mushrooms - Stuffed - 2 recipes
  Potato Latkes 
  Salmon spread
  Sausage Swirls
  Tuna Pinwheels
  Rum Cheese Ball
  Basic NACHOS
  Chili Salsa Dip with Nachos
  Meaty Nacho Dip
  Tortilla Roll Ups
  Layerd Taco Salad
  Quiche Lorraine
  Sausage Cheese Balls
  Cocktail Weiners - smoked - spicy
  Oyster Cracker Snack Mix
  Chex Party Mix - Nuts & Bolts
  Potato Skins
  Cheese Straws
  BBQ Chestnuts with bacon

Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese Crust

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie - so easy  
Apples - Fried
Apples - Sauteed
Apple - Swedish Apple delight
Apple Cake with Carmel Frosting  
Apple Cake - Fresh apples
Applesauce Black Walnut Cake
Apple Pie - Carmel
Apple Pie - old fashioned - Granny Smith apples
Apricot or Peach filled Cream Puffs
Apricot - Cranberry Rustic Tart
Bavarian Cream - Strawberry
Fresh Strawberry Pie

Butter Balls
Candy Cane Cookies
Cobbler - Old fashioned Peach
Cobbler - Blackberry with Oatmeal brown sugar topping

Cheesecake - best you'll ever eat
Chocolate Dream Drop cookies
Chocolate Drop cookies with choc frosting - g-Aunt Anna Mae Wiest
Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate Pies - Double Choc - regular & sugar free
Chocolate pie - Herseys quick and easy
Chocolate dessert - 4 layer Heavenly
Chocolate dessert - 4 Layer Pudding - Mamaw McDade's  

Christmas Jewel Cakes -"Just the good stuff" Fruitcakes
Coconut Cherry cookies 

Cherry Pecan Refrigerator Cookies
Dirt Pudding
Chocolate Fudge - Double Choc - microwave
English Toffee Cookies 
English Toffee Candy
*Donuts - Grandma Raddatz
*Orange Creamy Ice Cream - Grandma Raddatz/Dick
 Ice Cream Pie
 Key Lime Pie - easy
 Lace Cookies
 Tea Time Tassies - Mini Pecan Tarts
Pecans - sugar glazed - microwave
Pecans - sugared

Pecan Pie - NO corn syrup
Old Fashioned Frosted Cookies  
Pumpkin Spice cookies
Peanut Brittle - microwave
Rice Krispie Squares 
Scotch Shortbread
Cinnamon squares 
Rum Pie
Pecan Cake with Bourbon
Pumpkin Pie - Spicy 1986
Peach Ice Cream - fresh
Molasses Cookies - Grandma Clark's 
Fruit Compote - good for a brunch
Alexander Torte filled with raspberry preserves
Butterscotch Pie - goes back more than 150 years
*Sorbet by Michael
*Simple Sesames Cookies a la Teresa
Chocolate Cake in a MUG

   Spinach, Orange & Almond Salad - Teresa
   Ambrosia Salad

   Apple - Cranrasin Salad
  Avocado & shrimp salad
  Avocado Turkey salad
  Chicken Salad - Cranraisnin - apple
   3 Bean Salad
  Potato Salad - big batch
  Tuna Salads
  Cranberry jello salad
Jello Xmas mold salad
   Wilted Salad
   Black Bean Salad

    French Onion Soup - Crock Pot
    Baby Portabello Mushroom Soup
    Peanut Soup
    Basic Southern Soup Beans
    Chicken Soup
    Brunswick Stew
    Lentil Soup
    Clam Bisque
    Cauliflower- Creamy Soup
    Turkey - Leftover Soup
    Cabbage Ham Soup

    Cheesy Hash Browns
    Hash Browns & Eggs Casserole
    Tater Tot Casserole
    Heavenly Hash Brown casserole
    Mashed Potatoes - like twice baked potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes - make ahead & freeze
    Mashed Potatoes - reheat in crock pot
    Smashed Red Potatoes - Garlic - skins on
    Potatoes Lyonnaise
    Potatoes - Roasted sweet & white - Auntie Ellie
    Green Bean Casserole
    Brussel Sprouts gratin
    Okra & Tomatoes
    Fried Green Tomatoes
    Salsa - Canning
    Baby Lima Beans in cream
    Pink Eyed Purple hull peas
    Crockpot Party beans
    Corn Pudding
    Corn Pudding Casserole
    Corn Casserole - Sue's
    Spoon Bread
    Grits - cheesy souffle
    Mexican Corn Bread Casserole
    Mexican Rice
    Fried Dill Pickles
    Orange Juice Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet Potato Souffle with splenda
    Jim Beam Sweet Potatoes
    Sugared Sweet Potatoes
    Squash Casserole
    Squash Souffle
    Squash Patties
    Squash Puffs
    Squash Balls
    Squash Stuffing Mix Casserole
    Harvard Beets
    Swiss Chard
    Acorn Squash
    Asparagus Casserole
    Broccoli - Cauliflower Casserole
    Broccoli with Garlic Butter & Cashews
    Butternut Squash
    Carrots - spiced
    Creamed Onions  
    Creamed Peas
    Creamed Spinach
    Mushroom Saute
    Pumpkin- Potato Patties
    Sweet Potatos - Candied
    Yellow or Summer Squash Casseroles

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