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The Weakley County, Tennessee Historical & Genealogical Society was organized in June of 1978 with fourteen charter members.  Charter members were Charlotte Reynolds, Pansy Baker, Col. James Corbitt, Joe Richardson, Shirley Buckley, Joan Butler, Martha Hutchens, Justine Erwin, June Simmons, June Waterfield, Zula Capps, Robbie Elliott, Lucile Sharrock, and Charles Tyner.  As of today the society has had almost 900 members present and past being scattered all across the United States and in some foreign countries. 

The mission of the Weakley County Historical & Genealogical Society is to bring together those persons interested in the history of Weakley County for the purpose of collecting, preserving, and the sharing of all things relating to the various aspects of the history of the county.  This information is made available to the public through publications done by the Society and individual members; publication in the quarterly member newsletter published since April, 1982, the Forget Me Not; submission to the MaryCarol's Weakley County Website;  and the files located in our special collections room at Weldon Public Library, 100 Main Street, 3rd floor, Martin, Tennessee.

Regular Society meetings are the 3rd Monday night of each month, 7:00 p.m., 3rd floor, Weldon Public Library.  All persons are invited to attend.  WCH&GS annual dues are $15.00, and may be submitted to the Society at P. O. Box 894, Martin, Tennessee 38237.  New members will receive a form to fill in and return.

Membership in the Society and sales of our publications make continued preservation work possible.  All monies generated are used to further the mission of the Society, a not for profit, (501(c) 3) organization. Contributions to the Society over the actual $15.00 annual dues are tax deductable. 

Material submissions and queries from individuals are invited for consideration for publication in the newsletter as space permits, and are available to the public for research in the Surname/Places Files in our special collections room.   Submission of any and all material is deemed consent for publication and public viewing, unless otherwise specifically indicated.

2017 Officers of WCGS:  If you need to contact WCGS send an email to Mike Rea at

President~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mike Rea
Vice-President~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Greg Roach
Treasurer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Mary Ann Baxter 
Corresponding Secretary~~~~~~Mary Ann Rea                                                                             
Recording Secretary~~~~~~~~~~~Laurie Pritchett

Board of Directors:
Bill Austin
Roberta Peacock
Jean Bradberry       




1.  WEAKLEY COUNTY CEMETERIES.....Through 1978. Compiled by James Buckley Chapter, DAR.  2nd printing, Two Volumes, 1100 pages, indexed, covers over 450 burial sites.  Two cemeteries corrected, Sunrise and West Union. Includes covers, 3 holes drilled, will fit loose leaf binders. 

Order Cemetery Books from:  Price $75.00 plus $5.00 mailing
James Buckley Chapter, DAR 
% Emily  Shore
111 Ponderosa, Martin, Tn. 38237 

2.  WEAKLEY COUNTY CEMETERIES UPDATE, Compiled by Janice Cole Crider, 1978- August 31, 2000.  3-ring notebook with over 10,000 people listed.  Available in printed or CD Rom. NOTE: feb 2017 - these are not available at this time.

Order Book or CD Rom from:   Price  $40.00 plus $6.00 mailing
1210 New Salem Church Road
Sharon, TN.  38255

3.  PEOPLE AND PLACES OF DOWNTOWN MARTIN, by Virginia C. Vaughan, Weakley.  8 1/2 x 11 1/4, second printing, October 1998 (first printing August 1997).  216 pages featuring hundreds of photos and historical facts of Martin, Tennessee. 

Order from:   Price  $35.00 plus $5.00 mailing
Weakley County History & Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 94
Martin, TN 38237

4.  THEY SERVED THE FLAG: The Second World War Veterans of Weakley County, Tennessee, compiled by Richard Saunders and Marvin L. Downing ( Mountain Press). Lists veterans appearing on the War Records Bureau List, additional names appearing in county newspapers (including those who did not serve), and UTJC students and the Navy's V-5 cadets. Cites newspapers noting inductions, obituaries, or discharges, abailable between October 1940 and December 1946.

Oder from:   Price  $16.00
Mountain Press, P. O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-0400 
phone 1-800-856-4713

5 WEAKLEY REMEMBERED  Vols. I, II, III and IV- Compiled by Pansy Baker and Charlotte Reynolds.

*Weakley Remembered Vol. I , 200 pages, indexed, includes 1836 Weakley County Map, Specifications of Weakley County, Col. John A. Gardner Address Excerpts, Weakley County Grants, 1794-1844, Weakley County Tax List 1828 and 1843, Will Book A abstracts, 1828-1942, Will Book B Abstracts, 1840-1861 and Guardian Book Book A.

*Weakley Remembered Vol. II, 159 pages, indexed, there are 127 Bible and/or family records listed in this volume.  The only exception, The Wood Journal, begins on page 74.

*Weakley Remembered, Vol. III, 180 pages, indexed, abstracts occupant entry, 1827-1833 and 1838-1885 land entry; Appx. 700 listings of military service from Revolutionary to Spanish-Americans War; Partial index to court minutes, 1853-1857; Complete index to 1827-1853 court minutes; 1880's map showing early P.O.'s, communities, churches, mills, land marks, districts; Early community information; 1850 mortality schedule.

*Weakley Remembered, Vol. IV, 140 pages, indexed; 118 family and/or Bible records and 70 pictures are compiled in this volume.

Price is $25.00 a book with shipping being $3.00 for one book.  If ordering all four the price is $95.00 with shipping being $6.00 for all four books. NOTE: Feb 2017 these are not available at this time - check back later.




1.  WEAKLEY COUNTY FAMILY HISTORY BOOK.....384 pages, photos, maps, illustrations. Bound burgundy leatherette cover includes history of Weakley County by Virginia C. Vaughan and more than 700 family histories.   $57.50 + 6.00 Shipping 

2. WEAKLEY COUNTY TN MARRIAGES  - Vol I ... 1843-Sept 4, 1863.  1790 entries, indexed.  soft cover, spiral bound.  (Reprinted March, 2002) $12.00

3.  WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN MARRIAGES - Vol II...Sept 4, 1863-1878, 3,300 marriages, indexed, 146 pages, soft cover with Vel-O-Bind. $12.00

4.  WEAKLEY COUNTY, TN MARRIAGES - Vol III...July 9, 1878-Nov. 20, 1886, 1800 marriages, indexed, soft cover, spiral bound.  Compiled by Lucille Adams Smith.   $12.00 

5.  WEAKLEY COUNTY 1880 CENSUS........Two volume set covering the 18 civil districts of Weakley County, TN. About 514 pages, Vel-O-Bind with soft covers and surname index.   $25.00

6.  WEAKLEY COUNTY "FORGET ME NOT" QUARTERLIES ...back issues of the quarterlies are available. $10.00 for 4 (1 year) or $2.50 by single issue.  *Remember - you get currant issues of quarterlies with your WCGS membership.

7. WEAKLEY COUNTY, TENNESSEE MARRIAGES Volumes I, II, and III now available on CD. Includes all 3 volumes: 1843-Sept. 4, 1863; Sept. 4, 1863-1878; July 9, 1878-Nov. 20, 1886.  $40.00 plus $3.00 mailing.

*** Obit BOOKS - ***

WEAKLEY COUNTY, TENNESSEE - OBITUARY BOOKS ** NOTE: These are not available at this time 

The Weakley County Historical & Genealogy Society is proud to announce the availability of Obituary Books for Weakley County, Tennessee for the years 1964 -  2010. Each book is indexed and contains one year of obituaries.

This is an ongoing project. Books are offered, unbound, without holes.

Prices are as follows:
$25.00 per book
$10.00 mailing for set of 10 books
$3.00 mailing for single book

Orders of less than 10 books and more than one, email Janice Crider for mailing estimates

Please send orders to the following address:

Weakley County Historical & Genealogy Society
P.O. Box 894:
Martin, TN. 38237

 Left to Right : Marie Bradberry Bowers, Jean Tilley Bradberry, Pansy Nanney Baker, MaryCarol Schrupp, Janice Cole Crider, Doris Nell Sloan, and Mary Ann Davis Baxter - 2003 - photo by Fred Schrupp

Explaining to the ladies what happened to my hand - Brown Recluse Spider bite - 2003 Photo by Fred Schrupp

June 2010 WCGS meeting 
A real log cabin (restored) on member Lois Simmons' farm on Snake Hill Road, Dresden.  It was built by her Great-Grandfather.
2017 Officers
2017 Officers and Directors of Weakley County Historical & Genealogy Society.
Standing left to right: Bill Austin, Director; Mike Thompson of Dresden Archives; Mike Rea, President; Greg Roach, Vice President; Roberta Peacock, Director.
Front Row seated: Laurie Pritchett, Secretary; Mary Ann Baxter, Treasurer; Mary Ann Rea, Corresponding Secretary; Jean Bradberry, Director.

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