World War I Veterans
Weakley County, Tennessee

April 6, 1917 USA declares War on Germany - Nov 11, 1918 end of War

In honor of my Grandfather, Captain Flag Allen Drewry, veteran of WWI

The WWI Victory Medal - Everyone who served during the War was given this medal
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America's last known WWI veteran, Corporal Frank Buckles, passed away Feb 27, 2011 at the age of 110
He enlisted at the age of 16, convincing an Army Captain he was older. He was the last living "Doughboy" to have served in France, one of the 4.7 million U.S. troops who enlisted to fight Germany. He passed away at his home in Charles Town, West Virginia.

1.  Sergeant Flag A. DREWRY Stationed at Army Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Hawaii 1912 - 1914. Photo postcards of the base, training, and Soldier friends with names.
2. WWI - Flag A. DREWRY, U.S. Army Infantry - Stationed at Camp Gordon, GA & Camp McClellen, AL - Private to 2nd Lieutenant. - marriage - birth of dau. - photos
3.  1,744 names of men promoted to 2nd Lieutenant - Camp Gordon, GA June 1, 1918
PHOTO ALBUM of our Weakley County WWI Veterans
Find your Weakley Co. WW I Soldier - A-Z list of Weakley County men at time of their Enlistment
WWI Soldiers of Weakley County -  Info submitted by descendants
WWI Draft Card Registrations - by surname for Weakley County
NEW - WWI Tombstones of our Fallen Warriors - Tombstone photo project from Weakley County War Memorial
NEW - WWI and the "Boys from Weakley" - New research + photos on those that never made it home - Ship Leviathan - American Cemetery, Romagne, France.
NEW - Wounded Weakley Soldier, Spurgeon MAYO - First to return homeThe whole County turned out for parade in his honor - He gave speech on life "over there"
NEW - Ernest H. DUNLAP - LETTER sent home 1918 + PASSPORT with photo 1919
NEW - POSTERS of WWI - Uncle Sam wants YOU! and more

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