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Our Weakley County Soldiers
Post WW II to Viet Nam

Viet Nam

"THE OBSERVER   Vo. 6, No. 3 Saigon, Vietnam   ....Da Nang(USN) Hail, hail the family's all here--almost.   Three brothers stationed in Vietnam were reunited with their sister, Miss Sharon Lee Richmond, an American Red Cross field office assistant, in Da Nang. The brothers are U.S. Army Chaplain (Captain) Kenneth R. Richmond, stationed at Nha Trang, and Marine Corporals Robert W. and Ronald E. Richmond. Robert is assigned to the 1st Marine Division in Da Nang, and Ronald is with the Fleet Logistics Support Group, B Company, in Chu Lai.   Robert and Ronald are 21-year-old twins.    Ronald arrived in Vietnam in October, 1966. Three months later, Sharon was sent to Vietnam. A month after she arrive, Kenneth received orders to Nha Trang.  Then in March, 1967, the fourth family member, Robert, reported for duty with the 1st Marine Division...."   This picture was made at our family reunion.   From left to right is Robert; Sharon; LtGen Lewis W. Walt, CG of  III MAF, Danang; Kenneth; and Ronald.  Our older brother, James,  served in the Army with the 3rd Armor Division during the 1950's.   
          We are the children of Russell Smith Richmond and Ruby Lee Essary.  

 Submitted by  
  Sharon Humes   


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