Old Houses of Greenfield Area

BRUMMITT  house 3 miles east of Gleason 1960
Photo of my old home place taken a few years after we moved to Michigan and the cudzoo vines had taken over. There are two fine homes there now. It's hard to tell if it's even the same Old Place!  Bud takes a trip down memory lane......

The name MOORE, brings to mind the childhood days spent 3 miles east of Gleason before coming to Michigan with my parents in 1954. Thomas and Maggie Moore lived the next house down and their land was across the road, and it was a large parcel of land. Maggie was a school teacher, and Thomas raised Chickens, Hogs and etc. and always had a good garden, as my Grandfather Henry Brummitt did.

Thomas let me use his old Mule once to plow the garden after "Pappy" Died. As far as I know he never let anyone else borrow that old Mule. The old Mule laid down with all the harness on, and I had one Heck of a time getting him up! I must have been 12 years old at the time, but I got the job done, and took the mule and plow home and Thanked Thomas. I never wanted to do that again!

A few years later, after I married, I came to Gleason and Found Thomas in a nursing home. Maggie had been dead for some time. I took my Daughter and wife to see him, and he held my daughter on his lap, and seemed pleased that I had thought of him. He let me fish in his pond and hunt on his land, and we were good friends. I will always be a Tennesseean, and have lots more memories of Weakley County. On the land where I was born and raised, stand two fine homes today, and it does not look anything like the place I use to call home. I have a picture of the old home place on my computer, and I look at it on occasion, when I want to drift back in time.......Bud Ray

Submitted by Harley "Bud" Ray

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