Compiled by Kindred Winstead 1972
Compliments DUKEDOM BANK 1904 - 1972

Brochure scanned by Garry Brown
pdf files by MaryCarol

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DUKEDOM - the Brochure - PDF file

Dukedom is a small town today, nestled right on the stateline of Weakley County,  Tennessee and Graves County, Kentucky.  Quite a history this little place has. Duke A. Beadles wanted a post office located in the area of what is now known as Dukedom.  Dukedom was a stagecoach stop running between Dresden and what is now Hickman, Kentucky located on the Mississippi River.  Dukedom was a post stop as early as 1833.  At this time Duke A. Beadles applied to Washington, D.C. to acquire a post office for this little community.  There is not suppose to be another town in the United States by the name of Dukedom.  During World War I a soldier sent a letter home from overseas to the name of the person with this address; "Dukedom, USA".  It arrived in the post office at Dukedom as soon as it would have sending it to "Dukedom, Tennessee".   Washington granted Dukedom a post office, Duke A. Beadles was the first postmaster as well as the first merchant of Dukedom. Submitted by pj 

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