Catfight Area

along Hwy 54 between Greenfield and Dresden
Weakley County, TN

This is a big map, you will have to scroll right, left, up and down

Map shows Route 54 which runs between Greenfield and Dresden, to the NNE. In reality, it isn't quite as straight a line as shown here. This highway was built is the 30's by the CCC, I believe. Prior to that the road from Greenfield to Dresden meandered all over the place. The Hern road, which is shown, is part of the original road before the new highway went through. Among many of the places shown on the map are Mt. Hermon Church (by the corner of Route 54 and the Hern Road) and the Oak Grove School which is on the Hern Road. Mt. Hermon is maybe 5 miles outside Greenfield......Jim Gossum



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