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1860 Mortality Schedule
Weakley County, Tennessee 

Transcribed from microfilm of Tennessee Mortality Schedules at the Tennessee State Library/Archives by Linda Green.

The following explains the abbreviations used:



Abernathy, Martha 9 TN Mar dropsy
Acree, Jerrell 9 TN Dec scarlet fever
Acree, Pelaskie 6 TN Dec scarlet fever
Adams, James 51 M TN Jun fever
Adams, W. C. 1/12(m) TN Sep unknown
Alexander, John 4/12 TN Jan smothered
Alexander, Simpson 60 M SC Apr drinking
Allen, B. 1(m) TN Oct King’s evil
Arnold, Darcus 97 W NC May cancer
Arnold, Elijah 1/12 TN Mar unknown
Arnold, Elisha 1/12 TN Mar unknown
Biddle, T. G. 1/12(f) TN Sep unknown
Bobbitt, Barby 64(f) W NC Jul consumption
Bonderant, James 46 M KY Jul flux
Bookout, Elizabeth 14 TN Feb unknown
Boyle, Mattie 26 TN Aug yellow fever
Bradford, James 60 M NC Feb dropsy
Brooks, Sarilda J. 7/12 KY May hives
Bruce, Malinda 4 IL Sep liver complaint
Burrow, Malissa 18 M KY Sep consumption
Burton, Mary 11/12 TN Sep croup
Cantrell, John 7/12 TN Mar unknown
Capps, Thomas 10/12 TN Jan unknown fits
Carmikle, F, M. 17(m) TN May typhoid
Cheatem, Mary 6 TN Sep fever
Clement, Mary A. 64 M TN Dec piles
Coleman, Malinda 17 TN Sep congestive chill
Colin, Susan 23 M TN Apr bilious fever
Collier, Samuel 5 TN Apr bilious fever
Conner, Mary L. 9/12 TN Dec inflammation of brain
Conner, Samuel 62 W VA Oct pneumonia
Cox, Narcissus 6/12 TN Mar hooping cough
Cox, Sophia B. 48 W SC Apr pneumonia
Crines, William A. 1//12 VA Jun flux
Curlee, Ivin (infant of)1/12(f) TN Jan hooping cough
Curry, L. (infant of) 1/12(f) TN Mar unknown
Davis, N. G. 0(m) TN Feb still born
Deason, Benjamin 8 TN Sep fever
Denny, Hulda 30M AL Oct consumption
Deraberry, Alvira 16 TN Aug fever
Dickson, R. 13(m) TN Jul billious fever
Drewry, William A. 28 M TN suicide shooting
Drury, Charles 5/12 TN Aug unknown
Dunlap, William A. 2/12 TN rose rash
Dunn, John 67 W NC May inflammation
Dunn, Josephine 4 TN Dec sore throat
Durham, Theodosia 6 TN May flux
Earls,James M. 1 TN Jan inflammation of bowels
Edmonds, Lairnbell 7/12 TN May bronchitis
Edwards, T. S. 60(m) M NC May paralysis
Ellis, ____ 2 (m) KY Apr paralysis
Ezzell, Nancy 65 M GA May rheumatism
Farmer, J. D. 1/12 (m) TN Mar unknown
Gailey, Frances 1 TN Apr croup
Gale, Saphrona 10 TN Jun flux
Gilbert, John 1 TN Aug cutting teeth
Glass, Elizabeth 7 TN Mar croup
Glass, Nancy 71 W VA May paralysis
Golman, Mary L. 6 TN Jan tonsilitus
Greene, Frances S. 22 TN Aug consumption
Hall, William 10/12 TN Jul inflammation of bowels
Hanna, Sintha 37 TN Dec consumption
Harrison, Martha E. 6/12 TN Aug congenital consumption
Harrrison, Rosina 17 M TN Aug consumption
Harvey, William J. 37 M TN Jan eryciphilis
Hatler, James 80 M NC Nov dispepsia
Hefton, J. H. 40(m) M NC Aug congestive chill
Hensley, M. J. 40(m) M NC Aug fever
Hicks, William W. 5 TN Aug worms
Higgs, Mary 30 NC Apr consumption
Higgs, Mary P. 2/12 TN May unknown
Hogan, John 38 M IRELAND congestive chill
Hooper, infant 1(f) TN Apr unknown
Hunt, William 7/12 TN May bronchitis
Inalls, William 1 NC Oct croup
Irvin, Harriet 1 TN Apr spasm
Johnson, A. 1/12(m) TN May unknown
Johnson, Hiram 57 M NC Jul consumption
Johnson,James 1 TN Jul unknown
Jones, America J. 2 TN scrofula
Jones, G. G. 1(m) TN Nov pneumonia
Jones, G. infant of 1(f) TN May unknown
Jones Israel 85 M VA Apr age & cold
Jones, Robert 79 W NC Jan cough
Jones, William 60 W VA Nov pneumonia
Kendol, Araminta 28 M TN Aug opium eating
King, Blary 25(m) TN Mar colic
King, Isibelli 43 M TN Sep cancer of breast
Kitcham, Catharin 1 TN Aug congestive fever
Knox, Robert 93 W NC Mar old age
Kyle, Ada 2 MS May unknown
Kyle, John M. 35 M TN Apr consumption
Ladd, J. E. R. 1(m) TN Nov scarlet fever
Leconzer, Benjamin 1 TN Mar scarlet fever
Lecozer, Mary 5 TN Jun scrofulla
Linn, Malburn 8 NC Sep flux
Linn, Robert 10 NC Feb ericipilis
Long, J. M. infant 1/12(f) TN Feb unknown
Love, J. M. infant 3/12(f) TN Feb fever
Lovelace, R. N. 3(m) TN Jan diptheria
Manul, Frances 30 M TN Apr consumption
McClain, Alice 1 TN Nov sore throat
McClain, William 34 M TN Aug consumption
McConel, Samuel 45 W IRELAND Apr pneumonia
Melner, B. R. infant 1/12(f) TN Mar unknown
Midlin, Jackson 2 TN Mar hooping cough
Montgomry, J. G. 30(m) M Sep consumption
Morris, George W. 8 TN Dec scarlet fever
Morris, Martha 2 TN Dec scarlet fever
Morris, Mary J. 3 TN Dec scarlet fever
Morris, Richard 37 M TN Feb consumption
Morris, Robert S. 56 VA Apr hypertropy of heart
Mosley, Robert 70 M VA Dec tertian fever
Moss, Frances A. 50 W NC Mar neuralgia
Nowlin, John 8 AR Mar hepatic fever
Nooner, I. C. 30(m) TN Jan sore throat
Norman, Elizabeth 29 M TN Aug consumption
Nowlin, Daniel 39 M NC Feb suicide-cut throat
Oldham, J.M. 26 (m) TN Oct fever
Oldham, M. E. 21(f) TN Sep fever
Overton, Alice 1 TN May diarrhea
Owen, J. F. 21(m) TN Aug typhoid
Page, John T. 10 TN Sep scarlet fever
Page, Pelina E. 6 TN Sep scarlet fever
Page, Sintha C. 2 TN Sep scarlet fever
Pain, Emma J. 1 TN Jul congestive fever
Pain, Sarah 12 TN Sep congestive fever
Parish, infant 1(m) TN Mar unknown
Parish, Mary F. 2 TN Apr hives
Parish, William 9/12 TN Aug inflammation of brain
Parrish, Leona 22 TN May consumption
Patten, B. F. infant 1/12(m) TN Sep unknown
Peebles, Nancy A. 14 TN May unknown
Penticost, Freelon 30(f) M NC Oct consumption
Perkins, John 3 TN Jul white swelling
Phillips, Delila J. 4 TN Oct scarlet fever
Phillips, James A. 3 TN Dec scarlet fever
Porch, Martha 25 M TN Oct consumption
Puckett, Thomas 45 M NC Aug congestive fever
Puckett, William A. 20 NC Aug congestive fever
Randle, Zenona 2(m) TN Oct spinal meningitis
Reddick, Susan T. 4 TN Nov croup
Ridgeway, Richard 73 M KY Mar dropsy
Rivis, Mary 49 M TN May apople
Ross, Mary J. 3 TN Sep croup
Ross, R. M. 28 M TN Mar typhoid fever
Rucker, Lydia 62 W TN Oct hypertrophy of heart
Rust, G. M. infant 6/12 (f) TN Mar fever
Seal, Sarah 68 M VA Sep congestion
Shankle, Mary 40 TN Dec fever
Smith, Ann C. 4 TN Jul hooping cough
Smith, Frederick 72 W NC Jan dropsy
Smith, William 41 Mar accidental shooting
Snow, Licurgus 22 TN Dec consumption
Stafford, Susan 65 M NC Mar winter fever
Stunson, Levi 27 M Feb unknown
Sullavan, Jacob infant 1/12(f) TN Jan unknown
Sullivan, Abagal 26 M TN Jan consumption
Thornton, Josiah 4 TN Nov croup
Trim, Sarah 48 TN Mar consumption
Underwood, Farney 32 M TN Aug apoplexy
Wagster, Eliza TN Feb scalatina
Ward, John 60 M MD May unknown
Ward, John W. 12 TN Aug fits
Wash, William 40 M KY May liver complaint
Webb, Mary A. 6 TN Jan membrane croup
Weldon, Jane 4/12 TN Aug fits
White, Saphona S. 33 M TN Jul unknown
Williams, Neotia 4 TN Nov scarlet fever
Younger, Lucy 1 KY Feb congestive fever

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