War of 1812
Weakley County Veteran

James O'Kelly WOOD

Served from Williamson County, Tennessee

 James O'Kelly Wood, under the veteran's information. James O'Kelly Wood was a veteran of
the War of 1812. He enlisted and served in Captain James Shannon's Company, Col. Thomas McCrory's Regiment West Tennessee Militia Infantry under Major General Andrew Jackson. James OK Wood served for three months, from October 4, 1813 until January 4, 1814. On the muster roll he was listed as James Okellawood and on the company payroll he was listed as James Okillewood. On September 26, 1815, he hired the firm of Jones and Mone to secure the money he was due for his military service. Papers were filed for the payment of $29.82 for 3 months service plus 15 days traveling and ration allowance. At the time he was listed as a resident of Williamson County. He relocated to Weakley County by 1830.

Submitted by Kathy Faul

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