WAR of 1812
Anderson W. CRABTREE
abt. 1795 - 1852

Served from Bledsoe County, TN

Anderson W. Crabtree was born Abt. 1795 in North Carolina or Virginia, and died August 09, 1852 in Prairie Co. AR. He married Elizabeth Denton June 29, 1813 in Bledsoe Co., Tennessee. She was born March 08, 1800 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, and died Aft. 1883.

taken from "Book of Pensioners from State of Arkansas"--found in the Lincoln Public Library in Ruston LA.

Anderson Crabtree -War of 1812 pension application W.O.#6660, W.C.#9386. B.L.W.#39146-80-50 and #41622-80-55. Served in Captain Miles Vernon's Company of Tennessee Militia and as a substitute for Robert Porter in Captain Hawkins Company. He married 29 June 1813 in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, Elizabeth Denton. Application for bounty land in 1851 made in Prairie County, Arkansas. Soldier died 9 August 1852 in Prairie County. Widow applied for bounty land in 1855 from Weakley County, Tennessee. In 1871 she was residing in White County, Arkansas. In April 1875, in White County, Arkansas, her pension application contains the following narrative:

"I, Elizabeth Crabtree, was 75 years old the 8th day of March last, I was 13 years 3 mos and 21 days when I was married.My first child, Benjamin F. Crabtree was born 1 year 5 mos and 11 days after my marriage, he died in Hempstead County, Ark in 1864; my second child Hiram Crabtree was born 2 years 5 mos and 8 days after the first child, Hiram died in Weakley County, Tenn, the same week that my husband returned from the war, my third child was born 2 years 4 mos and 15 days after my second child and was named James E. Crabtree and now lives in Weakley County, Tenn.; my fourth child was born 2 years 3 mos and 11 days after my third child and was named Samuel Crabtree, he also lives in Weakley County, Tenn., my 5th child was born 2 years 3 mos after my 4th child and was named Nancy E. Crabtree, she died when eleven years old; my sixth child was born 2 years 9 mos after my 5th child and was named John W. Crabtree and now lives in White County, Ark.; my 7th child was born 2 years 1 mo and 17 days after my 6th child and was named Mary A.M. Crabtree and died in Weakley County, Tenn. in May 1857; my 8th child was born 2 years 7 mos after my 7th child and was named Jonathan L. Crabtree and lives in Saline County, Ark.; my 9th child was born 2 years 2 mos and 18 days after my 8th child and was named Elizabeth Crabtree and lives in White County, Ark;. my 10th child was born 2 years 3 mos 9 days after my 9th child and was named David P. Crabtree, died in Monroe County, Ark.; my 11th child was born 2 years 3 mos 3 days after my 10th child and was named Sarah E. Crabtree and died in White County, Ark. in Oct 1861; my 12th and youngest
child was born 2 years 11 mos and 16 days after my 11th child and was named William Anderson Crabtree and is now living in White County, Ark. I now these things by having them firmly fixed in my mind".  

In 1879, Sam J. Crabtree of White County was identified as a grandson. Benjamin Crabtree, son of Anderson and (Sarah), served in Captain Farris' Company of Georgia Militia in the Cherokee Indian War in 1838. Anderson served in the War of 1812 and Elizabeth was awarded the pension of $8 per month starting in Sept 1878. She was still collecting the pension in 1883.

The following from State of Tennessee Archives

DESIGNATION: 5th Regiment of East Tennessee Militia
DATES: November 1814 - May 1815
MEN MOSTLY FROM: Knox, Blount, Sevier, Anderson, Bledsoe, Hawkins, Rhea, and Roane Counties
CAPTAINS: Alexander Biggs, John Lewis, Wilson Maples, Richard Marshall, John McKamy, John Porter, Miles Vernon, John Sharp, John Slatton, Samuel Thompson, George Winton

Along with the Fourth Regiment of Colonel Samuel Bayless and Colonel William Johnson's Third Regiment, this regiment was part of the division under the command of Major General William Carroll. These units were sent to the vicinity of Mobile to protect that region from Indian and/or British offensive activities.

The regiment was organized at Knoxville and their line of march took them to Lookout Mountain (present-day Chattanooga), to Fort Strother, and finally to Mobile. Many of the men may have been stationed at Camp Mandeville, a military post located outside of Mobile. Most of the companies were dismissed at Mobile at the end of the war.

Submitted by Joe Stout

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