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War of 1812

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War of 1812 BATTLES

The burning of Washington D.C. - DollyMadison

Francis Scott Key writes
"Star Spangled Banner"

The Battle of New Orleans - Tennessee Militia
Victory for Andrew Jackson & the Nation

"The Battle of New Orleans" SONG

Weakley County Settlers in War of 1812

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DREWRY, John - Capt. - served from Nashville, Tennessee
DREWRY, Richardson Clark - Ensign -  served from Nashville, Tennessee
BOWERS, James - Capt. - served from North Carolina
BRADSHAW, Henry - served from Virginia
BRIGANCE, Charles N. - Private - served from Tennessee
COOK, Willis - served from North Carolina
CLEMONS, Charles S. - served from Indiana
CRABTREE, Anderson W. - served from Tennessee
ELLIOTT, George S. - Private - served from Tennessee
FEATHERSTONE - Edward - served from Tennessee
FINCH, John Wesley - served from North Carolina
FREEMAN, William H. - Private - served from Virginia
GIBBS, Jesse - served from North Carolina
GROOMS, Bright - served from Tennessee
GROOMS, Stephen Herring - served from Georgia
HENDERSON, Ezekiel - Private - served from Kentuky
HORTON, Archiblad & John - Privates - served from Kentucky
HUGHES, William - served from Tennessee
JENNINGS, Anderson - Private - served from Virginia
LAWLER, Martin - Private - served from Virginia
MARYIN, William - Private - served from Virginia
MONTGOMERY, John - Private - Tennessee
PORCH, William
RALSTON, Alexander - Major - served from Tennessee
ROSS, Charles - Sergeant - served from Tennessee
SIMS, Clifford D.
SMITHSON, William - served from Virginia
THACKER, Pleasant - Private - served from Virginia
VINCENT, Orrin - served from North Carolina
WAGGENER, Richard - served from Kentucky
WAGGENER, John Rueben - served from Kentucky
WASHBURN, Thomas - Private - served from North Carolina
WARNER, Mears - Private - served from Tennessee
WILLIAMS, Allen - served from North Carolina
WOOD, James O'Kelly - served from Williamson Co., Tennessee

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