Tumbling Hill Cemetery

Tumbling Hill Cemetery

Spivey Mountain, Unicoi County, Tennessee

Documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

Updated 04/17/16


PHOTO:  Macro view of the cemetery taken October 3, 2012 --Julian Fender

Tumbling Hill Cemetery was also known as the "Foster Cemetery" in the early 1900s most likely named after the property owners of Charles and Melissa K. Hensley-Foster.  This is evidenced by death records on file with Unicoi Co. for some folks interred here.  There are two large boxwoods which serve as the centerpiece of this graveyard.


DIRECTIONS: From Erwin, take I-26 towards Asheville, NC and exit at Temple Hill Road.  At the end of the ramp, make a left, proceed under the highway and at the stop sign turn right onto US Highway 19-23W.  Continue for about 1.5 miles after which time, the road forks at Ernestville.  Make a left on US 19W [Spivey Mountain Road] heading towards Burnsville, NC.  The winding road cuts through the Spivey mountain pass.  Proceed on 19W for about a 1.5 miles, then make a right onto Tumbling Creek Road which is a narrow paved road.  Proceed .3 miles and make a sharp right turn onto Tumbling Hill Road. This gravel road is suitable for 4WD only due to the steep incline. Proceed up Tumbling Hill Road for about.1 mile and the cemetery is on the right.


NOTE:  This project was in partnership with Julian Fender who surveyed the cemetery on October 3, 2012, took all the photos (unless otherwise noted).  This is an active cemetery, well taken care of and ample parking.  Feel free to email me your comments, photos and info.



ROW 1:


1. WILLIAMS, Lizzie [Elizabeth JONES]

b.  January 13, 1899 - d. August 18, 1940

[w/o Dillard E. Williams]

NOTE:  At age 18 she married Dillard E. Williams (age 21) on Nov. 9, 1916 in Yancey Co., NC.   Original ground stone marker was made of concrete


2.  SEEMAN, Ernest

b. November 13, 1886 - d. October 19, 1979

US Navy - WWI


3.  MARTIN, James Kelly

b. January 10, 1947 - d. August 18, 1947


ROW 2:


4.  ROBERTS, Jessica Maurena

b.  1892 - d. 1995

"Bloomed on Earth to Bloom in Heaven"


5.  JONES, James Elbert

b. June 16, 1867 - d. December 30, 1939

[s/o Osborne Jones and Tabitha E. Randolph; married Mary Elvira Sheehan on November 6, 1888]


6.  JONES, Elvira  [Mary E. SHEHAN]

b. October 10, 1871 - d. April 23, 1923

[w/o James Elbert Jones; children: Harrison, Martha Jane, John F., Rufus B., Jodie Ann, Mary Ann, David Silas, Virgie


7.  LEWIS, Lydia

b.  January 10, 1910 - d. June 27, 1912

[d/o  Robert L. Lewis and Rebecca]


8.  JONES, Vergie  - Unmarked - fieldstone

b. December 10, 1910 - d. December 6, 1918

[d/o James Elbert Jones and Mary Elvira Shehan]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #66-1918, cause of death "influenza and pneumonia"; informant J. E. Jones, Kittyton; parents noted in record; buried "Foster Cemetery."


9.  PEEK, infant male -  Unmarked - fieldstone

b./ d. April 13, 1922

[infant of Hadley S. Peek and Sarah E. Foster]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #297-1922; cause of death "Stillborn"; informant M.C. Foster of Kittyton; parents noted on certificate; father was from NC; buried "Foster Cemetery."


10a.  PEEK, Hadley Smith

b.  April 22, 1884 - d. March 17, 1933

[s/o Dr. William A. Peake and Margaret Conley buried Peake Cem Yancey Co

NOTE: Served as Pvt.  in the 68th US Army Coast Artillery Corp.  In 1910 he was living in Marin, California as noted in the Census.

Per the  Unicoi Co.     DEATH RECORD #6839-1933      died age 49 of "tuberculosis"


10b.  PEEK, Sarah Elvira FOSTER

b. May 27, 1889 - d. July 8, 1974

[d/o Charles Foster and Melissa Katherine Hensley; children:  Harry, Maude, Harley, Ottie, William C., Mabel,

NOTE:  photo of Sarah E. --bbpytel


11a.  THORPE, Minnie PEEK

b.  July 14, 1928 - d. May 3, 2008

[d/o Hadley S. Peek and Sarah Elvira Foster; married Allen Thorpe]


11b. THORPE, Allen

b. October 3, 1935 - d. July 21, 2008


12.  Unmarked - fieldstone


13.  Unmarked - fieldstone


14.  JONES, M/Sgt. Walter H.

b. February 24, 1889 - d. September 6, 1943

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


15a.  JONES, Rufus B.

b.  May 9, 1895 - d. June 12, 1968

[s/o James Elbert Jones and Mary Elvira Sheehan]


15b.  JONES, Renia J.

b. May 10, 1871 - d. May 10, 1981


ROW 3:


16a.  WILLIAMSON, Alvin

b. June 22, 1924 - d.



b.  July 22, 1926 - d. March 3, 1983

[d/o Mart Foster and Ida]


17.  FOSTER, Sherl

b.  August 1929 - d. August 1955


18.  Unmarked - fieldstone


19.  MARTIN, Marvin  - Unmarked - fieldstone

b. January 21, 1924 - d. February 20, 1926

[s/o Luther G. Martin and Lora Foster]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #8075-1926, cause of death "hernia", informant father of Clear Branch; buried at the "Foster Cemetery."


20a.  FOSTER, Ida

b. 1905 - d.


20b.  FOSTER, Mart

b.  (August 1891) 1892 - d. 1955

[s/o Charles Foster and Melissa Katherine Hensley]


21a.  MARTIN, Clifton

b. October 29, 1921 - d. November 10, 1924

[s/o Luther G. Martin and Lora Foster]

NOTE:  Unicoi Co. death record #317-1924, cause of death "croup", informant father of Clear Branch; buried at the "Tumbling Hill Cem."


21b.  MARTIN, Wrothy

b. January 18, 1926 - d. February 9, 1926

"Sons of Luther and Lora Martin - Gone But Not Forgotten"

[s/o Luther G. Martin and Lora Foster]


ROW 4:


22.  "JHJ"  Unmarked - fieldstone


23.  WILLIS, Vergia

b. 1910 - d. 1914

[d/o Ardille Foster and John Perry Willis]


24.  WILLIS, Ardille FOSTER

b.  September 1886 - d. March 18, 1926

"At Rest"

[d/o Charles Foster and Melissa Katherine Hensley; married John Perry Willis buried Willis Cem #3]

NOTE:  Per the Unicoi Co. death record #8074-1925; cause of death "heart failure"; informant Perry Willis of Clear Branch; buried at "Foster Cemetery."   Photo of young Ardilla - bbpytel


25.  C.T.W   [WILLIS]


26a. FOSTER, Charles

b. September 1857 - d. 1945

[s/o Thomas Foster of Coffee Ridge and Sarah "Sallie" Mashburn of Flag Pond; married Melissa Katherine Hensley on April 10, 1881]


26b.  FOSTER, Melissa [Catherine] HENSLEY

b.  May 1858 - d. 1945

[d/o William Kimsey Hensley and Elvira Ella Chandler buried Hensley Cem #3; children: Thomas, Amos, Ardille, Sarah E., Mart, Laura E.

NOTE: Photo of Charles and Melissa C. Foster courtesy of Dwight Edwards.


27.  Unmarked - fieldstone


28.  KISER

b. 1884 - 1957




Macro photo of the cemetery facing west - courtesy Julian Fender

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