Moore Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Moore Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Flag Pond, Unicoi County, Tennessee

Documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

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The Moore Presbyterian Church Cemetery [also known as the Jennie Moore Cemetery, named after a local missionary] is located on Jennie Moore Road off Flag Pond Road (TN23/81) in the Rocky Fork/Flag Pond community of southern Unicoi Co.  From the town of Erwin, take I-26 towards Asheville, NC and take Exit 50 Flag Pond.  The exit ramp will take you under the highway and come to a "T" stop at Upper Higgins Creek Road.  Make a left on Upper Higgins Creek road which will swing back around under the interstate and intersect at Flag Pond Road.  Make a right at the stop sign.  Proceed on Flag Pond Road for about 2 miles which parallels the South Indian Creek River.  Make a left onto Jennie Moore Rd. and you will see the Memorial Presbyterian Church, est. abt. 1901 [284 Jennie Moore Rd., Flag Pond, TN  37657].  There are numerous unmarked graves indicated with field stones.  The cemetery is 14 miles outside of Erwin.



NOTE:  Jennie Moore was a missionary for the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church.  She came to this remote part of the Appalachian to establish a school on behalf of the Rock Fork Community Center which served the entire southern end of Unicoi County.  She leaves behind a legacy of commitment to education.  With her tutelage, she prepared about 400 students to advance their education to colleges such as Tusculum, George Peabody, Chicago University, Yale and Columbia; 70 students became teachers, while others became lawyers, ministers, nurses and school superintendents.  She was born in Tennessee and spent a good portion of her adult life as an educator in the Rocky Fork area.  Later in life, she moved to Birmingham Alabama where she died on December 14, 1950.


Please contact me for corrections, mistakes, or additions/links to make this listing accurate and valuable for all to enjoy.  I give a special thanks to Liz Harris for her efforts in personally touring the cemetery and offering information for this website.


Surnames:  BARNES [#6-7; 16], DEWEESE [#15], GENTRY [#9-14], GILLIS [#2-5], GUINN [#9; 13], HARRIS [#17-20], LAWING [#18], VROMAN [#1], WATTS [#8]

The Grave Listings:


1.  VROMAN, David William

b. September 7, 1920 - d. September 11, 1920

[s/o William A. Vroman and Elsie]

2.  GILLIS, Orville

b. January 12, 1919* - d. October 17, 1920*

[s/o William Lattie Gillis and Vivian Barnes]

NOTE:  *Per the Unicoi Co. death record #470-1920, his registered date of birth is January 12, 1920 and death October 24, 1920 which is different than the tombstone; cause of death "diphtheria"; parents mentioned in record.

3.  GILLIS, Leonard Ezekial

b. June 11, 1914 - d. August 1, 1915

[s/o William Lattie Gillis and Vivian Barnes]

NOTE:  Per the Unicoi Co. death record #510-1915 cause of death "ate washing powder"; informant J.B. Lawing of Flag Pond; parents mentioned in record; noted as being buried at "Lawing Cemetery."

4. GILLIS, David Lewis

b. October 7, 1922 - d. January 19, 1923

[s/o William Lattie Gillis and Vivian Barnes]

NOTE:  Per the Unicoi Co. death record #312-1923; cause of death unknown; informant W. Lattie Gillis (father) of Flag Pond; parents mentioned in record; noted as being buried at "President Madison Cemetery."

5.  GILLIS, James Brown

b. October 7, 1922 - d. November 20, 1929*

[s/o William Lattie Gillis and Vivian Barnes]

NOTE:  Per the Unicoi Co. death record #2179-1930; death record indicates he *died January 25, 1930; cause of death "nephritis"; informant father of Flag Pond; parents mentioned in record; noted as being buried in Rocky Fork.


b. December 12, 1874 - September 7, 1957

[w/o James B. Barnes]


10. BARNES, James Berry

b. August 5, 1864 - d. March 9, 1937

[s/o William Barnes and Ellen Mays of England]

7.  BARNES, Earl

b. March 9, 1909 - d. November 4, 1911

[s/o James Barnes and Mary Randolph]

8.  WATTS, Mary Elizabeth

b. August 25, 1933 - January 19, 1935

[d/o Fred Watts and Ethel Barnes]

9.  GENTRY, Laura Alice GUINN

b. October 5, 1877 - d. December 17, 1932

10.  GENTRY, Newton J.

b. 1892 - d. 1929

11. GENTRY, Elizabeth

b. 1841 - d. January 29, 1911

[children: Lewis G. #12, Laura A., James N.]

NOTE:  Per the Unicoi Co. death record #91031-1911; cause of death "fever"; noted as single; born in Madison Co., NC, 1880 Unicoi Co., Census shows Elizabeth single [not widowed] with three children

12.  GENTRY, Lewis Gather

b. 1860 - 1929

[s/o Elizabeth #11]

13.  GENTRY, Sarah Katherine [GUINN]

b. 1872 - 1954

[w/o Lewis G. #12; children: Frank T., William Labe, Maude, Webb B.]

14.  GENTRY, John Lewis
b. November 11, 1926 - d.
[s/o W. L. Gentry and Bonnie]

15. DEWEESE, Jack William
b. 1931 - 1933
[s/o Roy DeWeese and Gertrude]

17.  HARRIS, John Quillen
b. February 19, 1886 - d. November 22, 1966
[s/o Jason Harris and Adeline Murray buried Bailey Cem. Flag Pond, TN]
NOTE:  Photo dated abt. 1895 of Jason Harris and Adeline Murray's family; John Q. is one of the boys in the front.  sibings:  Grant, Charles, Matilda.  photos courtesy of Francis -

18.  HARRIS, Flossie LAWING
b. February 26, 1895 - d. June 1, 1990
[d/o Dan Lawing and Elsie Rice; w/o of John Q. Harris #17; children:  Ethel Mae, Anice #19, Theodore]

19.  HARRIS, Anice
b. July 20, 1920 - d. January 21, 1921
[d/o John Q. Harris and Flossie Lawing]
NOTE:  Unicoi Co. Death Cert #305; died of pneumonia

20.  HARRIS, infant
b/d June 20, 1922
[child of John Q. Harris and Flossie Lawing]

plus several unmarked graves with fields stones


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