Horn Cemetery of Rocky Fork

Horn Cemetery of Rocky Fork

Unicoi County, Tennessee

Surveyed and documented by Beth Bradford-Pytel

Updated 04/10/16


Macro view of Horn Cemetery taken February 2013  --bbpytel

The cemetery is named after Franklin M. Horn who migrated to the Flag Pond area from Cleveland County, North Carolina.  According to some older Unicoi Co. death certificates of the 1920's, the graveyard was also known as "Hensley Cemetery" most likely named after Armstrong "Armp" Hensley who died before Frank Horn and was born in raised in this area.


DIRECTIONS:  From Erwin, take I-26 towards Asheville, NC and exit 50, Flag Pond.  The exit ramp will take you under the highway and come to a "T" stop at Upper Higgins Creek Road.  Make a left on Upper Higgins Creek road which will swing back around under the interstate and intersect at Flag Pond Road.  Make a right at the stop sign.  Proceed on Flag Pond Road for about 2 miles (passing the Flag Pond Elementary School on the right side) and make a left onto Route 352W.  Continue for about 8/10 of a mile and you will make a right into a driveway where there is a large wood carving of a bear at the entrance/mailbox.  Proceed up the driveway and continue passing the private residence on the right and proceed up past the barn where there is a grassy road.  This grassy road is an easement which continues up the hill to the cemetery.       Aerial View   


This project was in partnership with Julian Fender and we both surveyed the cemetery on February 18, 2013.  This is an active graveyard and the grounds are taken care of.  However, there are many stones cracked, busted and in dire need of repair. Contact me for corrections, additions and/or to post your family photos.  Unless otherwise noted, all photos are taken by me.


Left photo:  The center of the cemetery --courtesy AJ Fender taken December 2012


SURNAMES:   GILLIS [#17-18], HARRIS [#3-7], HENSLEY [#8-14; 16; 23], HIGGINS [#11], HORN(E) [#1-3], INGLE [#19], LOYD, MCCRACKIN [#2], RENFRO [#20], SAMS [#24], SHELTON [#29-30], SPARKS [#21-23; 31-35], WALDROP [#15], WILLIS.


1.  HORN, Franklin Marion

b. June 5, 1855 - d. January 14, 1915

"Blessed are the Dead Which Die in the Lord"

s/o Frank Wiggins and Mary Horn of Cleveland Co., NC

PHOTO:  The Family of Frank and Ida and their 9 children, circa abt. 1895.  Courtesy of the late Anna Mae Horn-Engle.

NOTE:  It is unclear why Frank resumed mother's surname Horn.  During the 1850 Cleveland Co. NC Census, his mother Mary was noted in HH #18 as a twin daughter of John Horn and Mary (Wolfe).  HH #16 was the Wiggins family.  Mary's twin sister, Elizabeth married Samuel Stockton who was noted in HH #17 and also migrated to Flag Pond.   Per the Unicoi Co. death record #454, cause of death "dropsy"; born in Cleveland Co., NC,  no info on parents; informant Lee Horn of Flag Pond; buried in "Hensley Cemetery" Horn Cemetery use to be called Hensley named after Armstrong Hensley.  Frank Horn's stone has been busted for some time based on the erosion of the edge of the stone.]



b. November 9, 1861 - d. February 14, 1911

"He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"

[w/o Frank Horn #1; married September 1, 1875 Wash Co., TN; children: Cora Lee buried Martins Creek #31, Ashberry, Serena Lu, William R. buried Martins Creek #116 , Elizabeth "Lizzie", Drew F. buried Martins Creek #113, Lee R, Harrison, Anna Mae]

NOTE:  She was born in Jonesboro, TN.  Unicoi Co. death record #91030; married; died age 49; cause of death "paralysis"


     PHOTO  Sisters -- (l to r)  Anna Mae - Elizabeth and Cora Lee        Courtesy of the late Anna Mae Horn-Engle.


   REPAIRED STONE -  June 2013  by AJ Fender and K. Rathbone  


3.  HARRIS, Lou [Serena Loula HORNE]

b. November 05, 1881 - d. March 25, 1905

[d/o Franklin Horn and Ida McCrackin; w/o Buel Harris, married July 07, 1899;

children: Frank, Laurie, Carl, Worley]

NOTE: Husband Buel Harris was the s/o John Hugh Harris and Elizabeth Hensley (buried Martins Creek Cem.)  After the early deaths of Serena and all 4 of their children, Buel re-married Matilda Katherine Tilson a few years later and continued with a family of 10 children.  Buel and Tilda are buried at the Bailey Cem.  photo of Buel/Tilda courtesy Chad Bailey.


   REPAIRED STONE -  June 2013  by AJ Fender and K. Rathbone  


4.  HARRIS, Franklin

b. January 31, 1899 - d. March 21, 1900

"At Rest"

[s/o Buel Harris and Serena Lula Horn #3]

PHOTO:  Courtesy A J Fender


5.  HARRIS, Lary [Laurie]

b. May 31, 1901 - d. February 22, 1902

"Asleep in Jesus"

[d/o Buel Harris and Serena Lula Horn #3]

PHOTO:  Courtesy A J Fender


6.  HARRIS, Worley

b.  November 14, 1904 - d. December 19, 1904

"At Rest"

[s/o Buel Harris and Serena Lula Horn #3]

PHOTO:  Courtesy A J Fender


7.  HARRIS, Carl

b. December 09, 1902 - d. July 13, 1911

"Gone But Not Forgotten"

[s/o Buel Harris and Serena Lula Horn #3]


8.  HENSLEY, Andy [William Andrew]

b. June 15, 1876 - d. February 8, 1947

[s/o Benjamin H. Hensley and Sarah Waldrop; wife Sarah Jane Franklin married March 12, 1909]

PHOTO:  Courtesy A J Fender


9.  HENSLEY, Lattie

b. March 3, 1912 - d. February 18, 1986

PHOTO:  Courtesy A J Fender


10.  HENSLEY, Armp [Armstrong]

b. November 9, 1823 - d. November 2, 1911

"May the Resurrection Find Thee On The Bosom of Thy God"

[s/o Benjamin Hensley and Louisa Shelton]


       LAND TRANSFER        On December 15, 1883, Lewis sells a portion of his land to Armstrong "Armp" Hensley Sr. for $15.  This parcel of land resided near Greer's Fork (named after the man who killed Holland Higgins and a tributary of Indian Creek) and joining the lands of Lewis Hensley (brother of Armp and sons of Benjamin Hensley and Louisa Shelton).  Attesting to this document are Armstrong Harris (s/o Jason L. Harris and Nancy Hensley and married Lewis' daughter Mary Louisa Crain) and his son Jesse W. Crain


   REPAIRED STONE -  June 2013  by AJ Fender and K. Rathbone  


11.  HENSLEY, Barbrey [Barbara HIGGINS]

b. March 1822 - d. November 2, 1911

"Faithful to Trust Even to Death"

[w/o Armstrong Hensley; married July 22, 1846;  d/o William Holland Higgins and Barbary Hensley buried Higgins Chapel #98;  children: 

1) James Washington

2) Mary "Polly"

3) Benjamin H.

4) Barnett (b. 1849 - d. 1920) md. Eliza Jane Edwards

5) John

6) Ellis (b. 1856 - d. 1928) md. 1st. Matilda Caroline Cody; 2nd Ruhamia Lloyd

7) Samuel H.

8) Elizabeth P. (b. 1859) md. Samuel J. Watts


12.  Unmarked Grave - fieldstone


13a.   HENSLEY, Luther R.

b. July 30, 1895 - d. 1983


13b.  HENSLEY, Hazel LOYD

b. July 16, 1903 - d. November 13, 1962

[w/o Luther R. #12]

PHOTO:  Courtesy A J Fender


14.  HENSLEY, Margaret

b. abt. 1861 - d. July 9, 1903

"Honored, Beloved and Wept, Here Mother Lies"

[died age 42 yrs.; w/o John Hensley (s/o Armp Hensley and Barbara Higgins)]


15.  WRODROUP, Martha A.

b. [abt. 1867] - d. April 15, 1914]

"Gone to a Brighter Home Where Grief Can Not Come"

[died age 47 years]

PHOTO: Courtesy A J Fender


16.  HENSLEY, Mandy

b. 1861 - d 1917

PHOTO:  Courtesy A J Fender


17a.  GILLIS, Auston

b. June 6, 1897 - d. January 1, 1963


17b.  GILLIS, Martha H.

b. April 27, 1894 - d. March 3, 1970


19.  INGLE, William A.

b. December 7, 1886 - d. January 7, 1906

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


20.  RENFRO, Glenie Mae

b/d February 21, 1936


21.  SPARKS, H. Tom

b. 1915 - d. 1942


22.  SPARKS, Henry A.

b. June 22, 1868 - d. July 20, 1937

[s/o Sydney Sparks and Sinda Waldrop]


23.  SPARKS, Loretta [HENSLEY]

b. November 15, 1874 - d. September 2, 1942

[d/o Samuel H. Hensley and Mary]


24.  SAMS, Carold

b/d. October 26, 1939


25.  WALDROP, Labe N.

b. October 29, 1916 - d. February 4, 1983


26.  WALDROP, Disa

b. February 29, 1911 - d. March 29, 1917


27a.  WALDROP, J. L.

b. October 14, 1884 - d. September 24, 1968

"Married July 19, 1906"


27b.  WALDROP, Hannah S.

b. June 26, 1887 - d. October 16, 1959

[w/o J. L.]


28a.  SHELTON, Soley

b. January 15, 1882 - d. September 18, 1965


28b.  SHELTON, Rutha

b. June 6, 1884 - d. June 28, 1976


30.  SHELTON, Odie

b.  May 21, 1913 - d. September 8, 1990


31.  SPARKS, Robert

b. February 14, 1910 - d. January 9, 1971


32.  SPARKS, Laddie

b. February 21, 1917 - d. June 24, 1935


33.  SPARKS, John M.

b. August 7, 1866 - d. June 12, 1933

"Father We Miss Thee"


34.  SPARKS, Elizabeth C.

b.  July 7, 1876 - d. January 1, 1956


35.  SPARKS, Frank

b. March 26, 1895 - d. July 30, 1917

"Not My Will But Thine Be Done"

PHOTO:  Courtesy of A J Fender


36.  WALDROP, Beulah J.

b. January 21, 1924 - d. September 27, 2009

"In Loving Memory"


37.  WALDROP, Jearl

b. September 2, 1922 - d. September 11, 2001

"In Loving Memory"

WWII US Army Veteran

NOTE:  Twin brother to Earl


38.  WALDROP, Earl

b.  September 2, 1922 - d. May 7, 2000

NOTE:  Twin brother to Jearl


Several Unmarked Graves with fieldstones





PHOTOS: Left - vista from the cemetery;  Right - grassy road which leads to the graveyard on top of the hill --bbpytel Feb 2013.


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