Will of J. D. Turner

Will of J. D. Turner
Signed 22-May-1894
Probated June Term 1894

Transcribed and Contributed by Jim Price
© 2005

Source: Sumner County Tennessee, Will Book Vol. 5, pages 77 - 78

page 77

I, J. D. Turner do make and publish this as my last Will & Testament to wit:

First - I want all of my personal property consisting of Bonds, Money on hand that may be due me divided into six (6) equal shares, one share to each of my five children, and one share to my wife Aggie. All of my live-stock consisting of horses, mules, hogs, & cattle will be needed to carry on the farm and I leave them to my family for that purpose or if any of them prefer they can divide the said stock equally among them, but the stock is to be divided without any sale of the whole if they should prefer to divide them.

All the hay and corn on hand will be needed to feed the stock and raise the crop & it is left to my family for that purpose. The growing crop of wheat, corn, hay &c is left for the use & benefit of my whole family so is all of my farming utensils, waggons, plows, mowers &c. The piece of wheat in the Bryson field West of the rail road is my son Joe's and is not included in the above as mine. I do appoint & make J. Net. Turner and R. C. Harris my executors to carry out this my last will. All of my burial & other expenses that may accure[sic] or be made I want my executors to pay out of the first moneys coming into their hands and this is to be done out of the whole before any division is made as above stated among my family. As my family as above stated will derive and have equal benefits from my growing crops, I want them [pg. 78] to bear equally the expenses of raising and paying the expenses of raising of same, and I want my executors to pay the expenses of same out of the whole amount of moneys in their hands before any division, this is only for the present crop of 1894.

This May 22nd 1894.
J. Turner.
R. C. Harris
J. Net. Turner
W. N. Turner

State of Tennessee
Sumner County Court May Term June 2nd 1894.
A paper writing purporting to be the last Will and Testament of Jo. D. Turner dec'd was this day produced in open Court for probate and duly proven by the oaths of J. Net. Turner, R. C. Harris and W. Turner the subscribing witnesses thereto when the same was ordered recorded as said last Will & Testament of Jo D. Turner dec'd and the original filed. And J. Net. Turner & R. C. Harris being named in said Will as the Executors thereof appeared in open Court and accepted the appointment and together with their sureties J. W. Turner, J. E. Turner, E. B. Turner & W. N. Turner, entered into and acknowledged their bond payable to the State of Tennessee in the penal sum of Fifteen Thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs, when they were duly qualified and Letters Testamentary ordered issued to them.
A true copy
Harris Brown Clerk

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