Record of the Taxes, 1812 Scroll Scroll
A List of Taxable Property & Polls
in Capt. Strators (Stratons) Company
for the year 1812

Note, this is not the entire 1812 Tax List. For additional records contact the Sumner Co. Archives.

Source: Sumner County Archives Tax Records.

Name Land Situation
Allen, Daniel    
Asky, John    
Bruce, James    
Boyd, John 298 Drakes Creek
Bush, Benjamin    
Blair, Peter 174 Drakes Creek
Blair, Robert    
Barnes, Jurdon 100  
Bruce, Walker    
Bruce, William 70 Drakes Creek
Black, John 110 Drakes Creek
Bruce, James    
Bunn, Henry 228 Drakes Creek
Catrin (Catron), Francis 1123 Drakes Creek
Catrin (Catron), Peter    
Congers (Conyers), Stephen Heirs    
Conger (Conyer), John    
C_man? (Cuffman?), Thomas    
Dugger, Dread    
Dugger, James    
Dugger, John 112  
Dugger, Flud    
Dorris, William, Senior 228 Drakes Creek
Dorris, William, Junior    
Dorris, John, Junior    
Dorris, John, Senior    
Dugger, Lenard 133 Drakes Creek
Dugger, Luke 100 Station Camp
Dreaper (Draper), William 375 Drakes Creek
Davies, Elizabeth    
Davies, Robert, Senr. 173 Drakes Creek
Davies, Robert, Junr. 100 Drakes Creek
Davies, William    
Delap, William    
Edward, Charles    
Edward, John    
Elless, Everett    
Eubanks, John    
Erven, James    
Frezer, William 320  
Frezer, William 150 Red River
Frezer, James 520 Drakes Creek
Frezer, James 400 Goose Creek
Garland, Harper    
Garrett, James 640 Drakes Creek
Garrett, Frances    
Garrett, George 174 Drakes Creek
Garrett, John 130? 100? Drakes Creek
Garrison, William    
Garrison, John 50 Station Camp
Hutchison, William 50 Drakes Creek
Hicks, John    
Hollan, Phillip    
Honicut, Barcley or Bartlet?    
Hunicut, Eddey?    
Hunicut, Sampson    
Joiner, Whitehead    
Joiner, Jesse 320 Drakes Creek
Joiner, Thomas 316 Drakes Creek
Joiner, Littleton    
Kisor (Kizer), Phillip 400 Drakes Creek
Legget, Whitmill    
McGee, William 265 Drakes Creek
Minton, Zacharia    
Montgomery, Wm. Esq. 1210 Drakes Creek
Montgomery, Wm. Esq. 40 Station Camp
McLroy (McElroy), Alexander 20 Drakes Creek
McLroy (McElroy), James 150 Drakes Creek
Montgomery, William 1300 Drakes Creek
McMurtry, John Senior 163 Drakes Creek
McMurtry, John Junior    
McMurtry, Henry 120 Drakes Creek
Nye, Shedrick 520 Drakes Creek
Provatt, John 377 Drakes Creek
Powel, John    
Pavatt, Jesse?    
Peterson, Samuel    
Reed, James 320 Drakes Creek
Reed, George 320 Drakes Creek
Smith, Littleberry 119? Drakes Creek
Straton (Strator), Calvin    
Smith, Isaac    
Seeth, Garret 50 Drakes Creek
Turpen, Edmond 300 Drakes Creek
Taylor, Robert    
Taylor, Benjamin 120 Drakes Creek
Talley, Zachariah, Senior    
Talley, Zachariah, Junior    
Talley, Ruben    
Uzzel, Jurdon    
Kirkpatrick, James 165 Drakes Creek
Kirkpatrick, Hugh 251 Station Camp
Kirkpatrick, Alex.    
Anders Heirs 89? Station Camp
Williams, Henry    
Watkins, Robert 320 Drakes Creek
Watkins, James    
Egnew, The heirs of 300 Drakes Creek
Sample, Allen - the heirs of 33 Station Camp
Cavatt Cuffman    
Robert Hines    
Isaac Towel 112 Drakes Creek
Ephraim Garrison 107 Drakes Creek
James Hars (Haws?)- the heirs of 168 Drakes Creek
William Jones    
John Garrison, Senr.    
Peter Jefferson    

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