Record of the Taxes, 1811 Scroll Scroll
A List of Taxable Property & Polls
in Capt. Strators (Stratons) Company
for the year 1811

Note, this is not the entire 1811 Tax List. For additional records contact the Sumner Co. Archives.

Source: Sumner County Archives Tax Records.

Name Land Situation
Allen, Daniel    
Asky, John    
Bruce, Walker    
Boyd, John 298 Drakes Creek
Bruce, William 70 Drakes Creek
Blair, Robert    
Blair, Peter 174 Drakes Creek
Bruce, James    
Barnes, Jordan 100 Drakes Creek
Bunn, Henry 228 Drakes Creek
Boyle, Robert 160 Drakes Creek
Catrin (Catron), Frances 1123 Drakes Creek
Conger (Conyer), John by John Pavatt    
Conger (Conyer), Stephen heirs by John Pavatt    
Cooke, Jesse    
Dugger, James    
Dugger, Flud    
Dugger, John 102 Drakes Creek
Davise (Davies?), William    
Davies, Robert Senior 173 Drakes Creek
Davies, Robert Junior 100 Drakes Creek
Dugger, Lennord (Leonard) 133 Drakes Creek
Dugger, Shedrick    
Dorris, William Junior    
Dreaper (Draper), William 375 Drakes Creek
Dorris, William Senr 228 Drakes Creek
Dugger, Luke 100 Station Camp
Jefferson, Peter J.    
Edwards, Charles    
Everett, Elless    
Eubanks, John    
Egnew, Thomas heirs 300 Drakes Creek
Frezor, James 522 Drakes Creek
Frezor, James 400 Goose Creek
Frezor, William 320 Drakes Creek
Frezor, William 150 on Red River
George, Garrett 174 Drakes Creek
Garrison, John Jun. 50 Station Camp
Garrison, John Sen.    
Garrett, James 640 Drakes Creek
Garrett, Francis    
Garrett, John 200 Drakes Creek
Garland, Harper    
Garrison, Ephraim 107 Drakes Creek
Harris, Jas (the heirs of) 177 Drakes Creek
Hicks, John    
Jones, William 40  
Joiner, William 320 Drakes Creek
Joiner, Jessey 320 Drakes Creek
Joiner, Thomas 316 Drakes Creek
Joiner, Littleton    
Kirkpatrick, James 165 Drakes Creek
Kirkpatrick, Ann    
Kirkpatrick, Hugh 251 Station Camp
Kirkpatrick, Fanney 90? Station Camp
Kizzor (Kizer), Phillip 400 Drakes Creek
Legget, Daniel    
McMurtry, Henry 120 Drakes Creek
McMurtry, John Senior 163 Drakes Creek
McMurtry, John Junior    
McElroy, Alexander    
McElroy, James 100 Drakes Creek
Minter, Zaccaria    
Montgomery, William 640 Drakes Creek
Montgomery, William 660 Desheas Creek
Montgomery, Wm. Esq. 1053 Drakes Creek
Montgomery, Wm. Esq. 40 Station Camp
McGee, William 265 Drakes Creek
Nye, Shedrick 520 Drakes Creek
Pavatt, John 235 Drakes Creek
Perron, Henry    
Porsel, John    
Ryan, Butler Thos. 200 Drakes Creek
Reed, Alexander 228  
Reed, George 330 Drakes Creek
Reed, James 320 Drakes Creek
Smith, Berry (Littleberry?) 119 Drakes Creek
Seet, Gerret    
Straton (Strator), Calvin    
Smith, Zaddick    
Smith, Meral    
Sample, Wm heirs 33 Station Camp
Taylor, Robert 200 Drakes Creek
Talley, Zachariah Senior    
Talley, Zachariah Junior    
Tally, Ruben    
Turpin, Edmond 300 on Ridge
Taylor, Benjamin 120 Drakes Creek
Towel, Isaac 112 Drakes Creek
Watkins, Robert 320 Drakes Creek
Watkins, James    
Williams, Henry    
Winberry, Leven    

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