Record of the Taxable Property for Sumner County, 1822

Record of the Taxable Property
for Sumner County
for the year 1822
R, S & T

Transcribed by Diane Payne
© 2003

Name Land Situation
Ramer, H__(?) blank blank
Rankin, James 100 S Creek
Rankin, James Senr. 180 S Creek
Rankin, Jesse blank R Creek
Rawlings, Benjamin 130 where A Lewis lives
Rawlings, Benjamin 746 Station Camp
Read, William unreadable Ro Creek
Redditt, Aquilla 300 R Creek
Redditt, M D blank C R
Redditt, Williams blank R Creek
Redick, James blank blank
Rice (?), William 120 Station Camp
Rice, John M. blank blank
Richardson, Samuel 21 or 31 blank
Rigs, John blank Ro Creek
Ring, William 500 C River
Robertson, Charles blank blank
Robertson, Elisha blank blank
Robertson, Jesse - see Bobertson    
Rogan, Francis 310 B C
Rogers, Armstead 300 Station Camp
Rogers, Britan blank blank
Rogers, James 60 Station Camp
Rogers, Jonathan - heirs (by Jacob Latimer) 100 Station Camp
Rogers, Samuel 160 Station Camp
Rogers, Tabitha 80 Station Camp
Roland, John - heirs 540 blank
Roney, James 2_2 1/2(?) blank
Ross, Samuel blank blank
Roton, Nehemiah 100 Trammel Creek
Rutherford, James 317 Station Camp
Rutledge, Elijah 90 C Creek
Sanders, Grandison blank blank
Sanders, James 1180 Mill tract
Sanders, James 1812 or 1872 where on he lives
Sanders, Sokie 1100 where on she lives
Sands, William blank blank
Saunders, James 90 blank
Saunders, John blank blank
Scoby, Henry blank blank
Scoby, Joseph 103 Station Camp
Scoggins, John blank R Creek
Scoggins, William 50 R Creek
Scott, James 215 R Creek
Shannan, John 550 blank
Sharp, A D L F 107 blank
Shaver, John 223 R Creek
Shaw, Robert 516 Red River
Short, Alexander 104 where on he lives
Short, Edward blank blank
Short, Jeremiah 111 where on he lives
Siercy, Abram blank blank
Siercy, Edmund blank blank
Simmons, Charles 386 Trammel
Simmons, Ezekiah unreadable Long Creek
Simmons, Nathan unreadable Long Creek
Simmons, Thomas unreadable Long Creek
Sims, Robert blank blank
Slaton, Isham 100 blank
Smith, George 200 R Creek
Smith, George 920 where on he lives
Smith, Sarah 1510 where on she lives
Smith, Shelton 120 S Creek
Smith, William 312 B Cr
Smith, William A. unreadable blank
Smith, William R. blank blank
Smith, William S. blank blank
Smothers, ____(?) blank blank
Smothers, Thomas blank blank
Sneed, Mumford blank blank
Sopher, John blank blank
Speris (Spears), James unreadable Trammel
Spillman, Thomas 90 R F B Cr
Stark, John blank blank
Stark, Thomas 200 where on he lives
Stark, Thornton 110 where on he lives
Stephens, James blank blank
Stewart, John blank blank
Stone, Thomas blank blank
Stone, William 20 R F B Cr
Stovall, Bartholomew 900 B C
Stovall, George 100 R Cr
Stovall, William 100 Goose Creek
Stovall, William N. blank blank
Strad, James 317 1/2 S Camp
Strother, James 300 Station Camp
Stroud, Dixon blank blank
Stubblefield, George 152 blank
Stubblefield, George 160 blank
Stubblefield, Jeremiah 154 blank
Stubblefield, Thomas 302 blank
Stubblefield, Woodrough 165 blank
Sullivan, Fletcher 100 blank
Summers, Alexander 200 blank
Summers, John 40 blank
Summers, Joseph 160 blank
Summers, Levy blank blank
Summers, Thomas 50 blank
Sweet, Anthony 30 Rocky Creek
Sweney, Joel blank blank
Tailor (Taylor), Thomas 14 blank
Talbot, Thomas 238 C R
Taylor, Thomas 117 1/2 A F B Cr
Thomas, ____(?) P. blank blank
Thomas, John Polk (?) blank blank
Thomas, Polly 129 blank
Thomas, William blank blank
Thompson, George blank blank
Thurman, Goldsberry F. 515 E F B Cr
Thurmond, John 176 E F B Cr
Thurmond, Thomas blank blank
Townsend, George W. M.(?) 317 E F B Cr
Tracey, Michael unreadable Trammel
Tracey, Michael Junr. blank blank
Trigg, Alanson 502 where on he lives & Cages bend
Turner, Adam 77 blank
Turner, Adam Jnr. blank blank
Turner, Edmund 90 where on he lives
Turner, Jacob 66 blank
Turner, James 80 R Creek
Turner, James unreadable blank
Turner, John 150 R Creek
Turner, John 449 B Creek
Turner, Philep blank blank
Turner, Terisha 155 R Creek
Turner, Yancy 175 Trammel
Tuttle, Peter 50 B C

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