Sweet Home Baptist Church

Sweet Home Baptist Church

From History of Middle Tennessee Baptists
by J. H. Grime
Nashville, TN

Retyped for the page by Diane Payne & Danene Vincent, 1998.

This church is located in the northeastern part of Sumner County, Tennessee, four miles west of Westmoreland. This church was organized with four members September 20, 1889, by the following Presbytery, viz.: Elders J. F. Lambert, C. N. Simmons, I. M. Ashlock and J. R. Stinson.

PASTORS: Elder J. F. Lambert, 1889-90; Elder A. W. Keen 1890-95; Elder J. S. Meador, 1895-96; Elder J. L. Hawkins, 1896-97; Elder J. J. Dyer, 1897-00; Elder C. B. Massey, 1901 to present.

CLERKS: J. A. Hanna, 1889-91; C. D. Hanna, 1891-95; J. M Graves, 1895-98; T. M. Kirly, 1898-99; J. M. Graves, 1899; Creg Mandrell, 1899-1900; H. L. Creasy, 1901 to present.

DEACONS: J. A. Hanna, 1889; J. H. Hanna, 1889; H. L. Creasy, 1898; W. J. Graves, 1898.

This church has enrolled 24 members since her organization. They have 10 members on roll now. She united with Wiseman Association, in which body she continues to present.

NOTE: Several Pastors, Deacons, and Clerks mentioned in the History of Middle Tennessee Baptists can be found in the Sumner County Family Album.

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