Shiloh Church Present Members, 1834

Shiloh Presbyterian Church
List of Present Members
March 14, 1834

Compiled by Theda Womack
Reprinted with permission.

The following is a list of members at the present period, March 14th, 1834.

Listed As In Church RecordsListed Alphabetically
Donnell, Thos. (Ruling Elder)Anderson, Edmund
Turner, John (Ruling Elder) Anderson, Mary
Dobbins, John (Ruling Elder)Anderson, Owen
McMurray, Saml. (Ruling Elder)Anderson, Sally
Robb, Joseph (Ruling Elder)Anderson, Sarah
Barr, Patrick (Ruling Elder)Barr, Eliza
Donnell, LeviBarr, James
Donnell, Betsey AnnBarr, John C.
Donnell, RobertBarr, Mary
Wallace, JamesBarr, Patrick (Ruling Elder)
Wallace, LydiaBarr, Robert
Wallace, JohnBledsoe, Martha Ann
Wallace, MaryBlythe, Martha
Wallace, AdamBrown, Barsheba
Wallace, SarahBrown, Elizabeth
Hudson, JamesBrown, James
Dobbins, CarsonBrown, Samuel
Dobbins, JohnBunton, Mary
Dobbins, NancyBurke, Josephus H.
Dobbins, RoebrtCampbell, Colin
Dobbins, JaneCampbell, Martha
Dobbins, Robert, Jr.Chapman, Margaret
McMurray, JamesCrutchfield, Lotsey
McMurray, MaryDesha, Benjamin
McMurray, Mary, Senr.Desha, Catharine
McMurray, JohnDesha, Talitha
McMurray, Wm.Dobbins, Carson
Anderson, SallyDobbins, Jane
Anderson, OwenDobbins, John
Anderson, EdmundDobbins, John (Ruling Elder)
Anderson, SarahDobbins, Nancy
Donnell, SarahDobbins, Robert, Jr.
Kilpatrick, JohnDobbins, Roebrt
Kilpatrick, SarahDonnell, Betsey Ann
Turner, AsenathDonnell, Levi
Turner, MelindaDonnell, Robert
Turner, Richard A.Donnell, Sarah
Kilpatrick, Wm.Donnell, Thos. (Ruling Elder)
Brown, BarshebaEvans, Evy
Brown, SamuelEvans, Mary
Brown, JamesGillespie, Charlotte
Brown, ElizabethGillespie, Mary
Pentecost, JohnHarris, Sarah
Pentecost, JaneHarrison, ______
Tyree, MaryHart, Melissa
Gillespie, MaryHenley, John W.
Tyree, MarthaHenley, Mary
Tyree, MatildaHodge, Eunice
Tyree, ArabellaHodge, Euphemia
Blythe, MarthaHodge, Harriet
Desha, TalithaHodge, Mary Ann
White, JaneHolloway, Catharine
White, SarahHoward, Elizabeth (dismissed)
Burke, Josephus H.Hudson, James
Shepherd, MarthaKilpatrick, John
Shepherd, MaryKilpatrick, Sarah
Robb, AnnKilpatrick, Wm.
Robb, Sarah AnnLucas, Clementina
Robb, AlfredLucas, Fielding A.
Anderson, MaryLucas, Peter W.
Hodge, Mary AnnMalone, Elizabeth
Hodge, EuphemiaMalone, Martha
Barr, JamesMalone, Wesley
Barr, RobertMartin, Mary
Barr, MaryMcMurray, James
Barr, ElizaMcMurray, John
Bunton, MaryMcMurray, Mary
Malone, MarthaMcMurray, Mary, Senr.
Malone, ElizabethMcMurray, Saml. (Ruling Elder)
McMurry, ElizabethMcMurray, Wm.
Wright, LucyMcMurry, Elizabeth
Wright, EmilyOsborne, David
Wright, MildredOsburne, Robertus A.
Villines, MaryParrish, Emily
Patterson, JamesParrish, Lucinda
Patterson, Martha A.Patterson, Eliza
Patterson, ElizaPatterson, James
Osburne, Robertus A.Patterson, James C.
Osborne, DavidPatterson, John
Sewell, Susan C.Patterson, Martha A.
Sharpe, ______Patton, Thomas
Sharpe, ______Pentecost, Jane
Sharpe, ______Pentecost, John
Harrison, ______Robb, Alfred
Lucas, Peter W.Robb, Ann
Lucas, ClementinaRobb, Joseph (Ruling Elder)
Lucas, Fielding A.Robb, Sarah Ann
Sullivan, Sarah D.Sewell, Susan C.
Valentine, NancySharpe, ______
Holloway, CatharineSharpe, ______
Crutchfield, LotseySharpe, ______
Valentine, HenryShepherd, Martha
Parrish, LucindaShepherd, Mary
Chapman, MargaretSullivan, Sarah D.
Henley, MaryTurner, Asenath
Parrish, EmilyTurner, John (Ruling Elder)
Desha, BenjaminTurner, Melinda
Desha, CatharineTurner, Priscilla
Hart, MelissaTurner, Richard A.
Harris, SarahTyree, Almira
Patterson, James C.Tyree, Arabella
Howard, Elizabeth (dismissed)Tyree, Eleanor
Tyree, EleanorTyree, Lucilius
Hodge, EuniceTyree, Martha
Gillespie, CharlotteTyree, Mary
Patterson, JohnTyree, Matilda
Wilson, TenisaValentine, Henry
Bledsoe, Martha AnnValentine, Nancy
Martin, MaryVillines, Mary
Patton, ThomasWallace, Adam
Tyree, LuciliusWallace, James
Henley, John W.Wallace, John
Campbell, ColinWallace, Lydia
Turner, PriscillaWallace, Mary
Campbell, MarthaWallace, Sarah
Malone, WesleyWhite, Jane
Barr, John C.White, Sarah
Wright, MaryWilson, Tenisa
Hodge, HarrietWright, Emily
Tyree, AlmiraWright, Lucy
Evans, MaryWright, Mary
Evans, EvyWright, Mildred

Coloured Persons
Blythes, Michael (Exhorter)Anderson, ______
Kilpatrick, Jack (S.S. Teacher)Barr, Caroline
Elliot, PollokBarr, Fanny
Donnell, HowardBarr, Margaret
McMurray, DillyBarr, Violet
Robb, MillyBascoville, Reynolds
Desha, IsaacBlythe, Ann
Desha, SamuelBlythe, George
Tyree, PeggyBlythe, Priscilla
Tyree, PatseyBlythe, Sinai
McMurray, LindonBlythes, Michael (Exhorter)
McMurray, DinahDesha, Carson
McMurray, CeliaDesha, Celia
Malone, PeggyDesha, Elizabeth
Dobbins, EdmundDesha, Henry
Tyree, WillDesha, Isaac
Hodge, VinaDesha, Samuel
Hodge, PhillisDesha, Titus
Hodge, CharityDobbins, Edmund
Blythe, GeorgeDonnell, Howard
Blythe, PriscillaDonnell, Joseph
Blythe, SinaiElliot, Pollok
Blythe, AnnHodge, Charity
Desha, CeliaHodge, Phillis
Desha, CarsonHodge, Vina
Desha, ElizabethKilpatrick, Jack (S.S. Teacher)
Desha, TitusMalone, Peggy
Desha, HenryMcMurray, Andus
Barr, VioletMcMurray, Celia
Barr, MargaretMcMurray, Dilly
Barr, FannyMcMurray, Dinah
Barr, CarolineMcMurray, Lindon
Tyree, CatyPatterson, Felix
Bascoville, ReynoldsRobb, Milly
Donnell, JosephTyree, Caty
Anderson, ______Tyree, Patsey
Patterson, FelixTyree, Peggy
McMurray, AndusTyree, Will

The foregoing list is as perfect and accurate, it is believed, as it can be made.

The marriages, births, deaths, baptisms, and dismissions during the past year cannot be remembered and consequently cannot be stated to the Presbytery. All of which is respectfully submitted with the hope that the Presbytery will treat our very imperfect records with clemency.

By order of the session.
March 14th, 1834. Jos. Robb, S. C.

Examined and approved thus far.
March 21st, 1834. George Newton, Moderator of Shiloh Presby.

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