Shiloh Church History

Shiloh Presbyterian Church History

Compiled by Theda Womack
Reprinted with permission.

SHILOH CHURCH was organized in 1793 by the Rev. William McGee from the Muhlenburg Presbytery. The first building was located on the hill between the Scottsville Pike and the Hartsville Pike, on property now owned by Dr. Enoch, just behind his veterinarian clinic. An old cemetery now marks the spot. The church remained in this building until about 1830.

On 2 June 1831 John Crenshaw made a deed to W. Barr, Trustee, for 5-1/2 acres for $50, but said deed states "northeast corner of Shiloh meeting house tract," so evidently building was already there at that time. This church building was located on farm formerly owned by Porter Womack, now in subdivision owned by McFin Properties, on Lot No. 4.

Church records show that the brick church on Scottsville Pike was dedicated on the second Sunday in June, 1871. In the 1940's this church became a mission and was supported in part by the Board of Home Missions.

Pastors shown by the church records were:

Remembered by former members of this church as pastors were: The church closed in 1953 or 54.

--Theda Womack

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