Oak Grove Presbyterian Church History

Oak Grove Presbyterian Church

Contributed by R. Proctor Chambless, Jr., Pastor
Oak Grove Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Milldale Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Typed by Danene Vincent

The Oak Grove Presbyterian Church was organized in 1908 after a Brush Arbor meeting (or revival) in the community.

Its first pastor was Rev. B. F. McMicin.

This church was a member of the Logan Presbytery of Kentucky.

This first pastor was followed by a blind minister, Rev. W. H. Perkins.

This church at this time was a mission church holding services only on the first Sunday of each month.

In 1945 when Rev. James Stewart was pastor, the session placed a resolution before the congregation for their accepting or rejection to ask the board to discontinue their aid. This motion went over unanimous and the church became self supporting.

The Women's organization was called "The Ladies Aid Society" which was to help with local problems in the church and community. This began in the early 1930's. Then in the late 40's a Mrs. Chaney from the Franklin, KY Presbyterian Church came and organized the present UPW.

The church continued to have services one Sunday until the late 50's. Soon after this, Liberty and Oak Grove Church built a manse at Oak Grove. We had three services at Oak Grove and one at Liberty. We asked to join the Nashville Presbytery in 1965 and for the last eight years we have had regular eleven o'clock church service. However, all through the years since the church was organized there has been active Sunday School.

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