Dry Fork Church of the Cumberland Presbyterians

Dry Fork Church of the Cumberland Presbyterians
Membership List
Part One

Compiled by Theda Pond Womack
Copyright, ©1997
Reprinted with permission.

The Session Book of the Dry Fork Church of the Cumberland Presbyterians
August 30th, 1831
Rev. Francis Johnston, Preacher

Thomas C. Beard
James Martin
Henry Dobbins
B.J. Neal
and Robert W. Guthrie

Robert W. Guthrie was chosen as Session Clerk

Professors Names
William FosterRemoved by death Jan. 11, 1832
Agness FosterRemoved by death
Elizabeth Foster
James LackeyRemoved without letter
Mary LackeyRemoved by letter
Nancy LackeyRemoved by letter
Jane A. LackeyRemoved by letter
Francis Johnstonby letter 1842
Katherine JohnstonDo
James F. JohnstonDo
Robt. E. JohnstonDo
Nancy A. Johnston
David Beard
Jane Beard
Adam M. Beard
Thomas D. Beard
Mary Beard
Robert Guthrie
Nancy Guthrie
Joseph Guthrie
Polly Guthrie
Roberrt Guthrie
Britten J. Neel
Elizabeth NeelRemoved by death August 5, 1833
William MaxwellRemoved without letter
Jane MaxwellRemoved by letter
Elizabeth MaxwellRemoved without letter
Thomas Beard
Lourinna BeardRemoved by death
Sophiah Dobbins
Ann DobbinsRemoved by letter
Elizabeth MartinRemoved by letter
Nancy Neel
Nancy Anderson
John TurnerRemoved
Sarah TurnerRemoved
Elizabeth BarrRemoved by death
Mary TinninRemoved without letter, 1835
David CampbellRemoved without lett.
Thomas J. EvansRemoved by letter
Sarah NellRemoved by letter, Sept.
Elizabeth Neel
William McKisickRemoved
Reuben HunterRemoved by letter
James C. LackeyRemoved by letter, 1835
Wm. T. LackeyRemoved by letter, 1835
Johnathin KnightRemoved by letter
Nancy KnightRemoved by letter
Loucy Right
Loucy Neal
Sally NealRemoved by letter
Aaron S. Neal
Nancy EvensRemoved by letter
Sarah JulesRemoved
Martha K. Johnstonby letter, 1842
James MartinRemoved by letter
Mary Bucet (Benet)Removed
Jane Westby death 1843
Robt. Payne
Sarah Payne
John C. Payne
Jane Payne
Betty A. Payne
Elenor McKisickRemoved
Nancy Beard
Joseph W. Beard
Henry Dobbins
Tho. C. DobbinsRemoved by letter
Polly G. JohnsonRemoved
Asseneth Guthrie
David M. Beardby letter, 1842

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