Bethpage Methodist Church Members

Bethpage Methodist Church
Member's Names -- August 28th, 1861

Compiled by Babe Ruth Carter
Reprinted with permission.

1BMLewis M. Woodson L.E.Died Dec. 2, 1862-Funeral sermon by Rev. J.G. Ray
2BMJohn Parker L.E.Died Feb. 4, 1866-Funeral preached by Rev. R.K. Br???
3BMThomas M. Woodson
4BMJames KeyDeparted this life January 1863-Funeral service by Rev. J.G. Ray
5BMRobert C. Ellis
6BMWilliam S. Whiteside
7BMJames M. Whitesides
8BMJoseph McNeal
9BMAbner L. Hanna
10BMJames N. Malone
11BMPeterson W. Key
12BSJas. Brice Hanna
13BSJas. Henry Key(difficult to read--appears he was killed in battle)
14BSJohn R. HannaKilled in battle at Shilow 6th April 1862 Rest in hope
15BSJames B. Malone
16BMJames Senter
17BMSaml. SenterRemoved
18BMJames A. Hanna
19BMWilliam B. Key
20BMWyate DurhamDeparted this life December 1863 - a good man
21BMJohn M. ParkerKilled in battle Franklin, Tenn. Dec. 27th, 1864. Good and true man.
22BMWilliam Rickman
23BMJames Mason
24BSOscar Mason
25BSJohn H. Duffey
26BSJohn D. Carr
27BMRichard L, Crenshaw, C. S.
28BSJames Senter, Jr.
29BSVinson Guinn
30BSJohn R. Parker
31BSJames N. TurnerDropped
32BSJames Key
33BMJames ToomeyC. L.
34BWLewis Green
35BMJack Green
36BMJames GuinnDeparted this life February 1867. A true man.
37BSRobt. S. Winn

BMGeorge Brown

Written at the bottom of the page below the George Brown entry was an additional notation:

Husband & wifeGeorge T. Brown, Jr.Killed in battle at Blunts Ala. Oct. 23rd, 1863--Rest quietly--
Martha E. B. BrownDeparted this life in great peace April 20th, 1866

John CarrDeparted this life in great peace Dec. 29th, 18(68)?

1BMLucinda Woodson
2BMPermelia Woodson
3BMMartha E. B. BrownDeparted in peace April 20th 1866
4BMMary ParkerDeparted this life February 1866
5BMLucinda Key
6BWMary Crenshaw
7BMSusan E. Whitesides
8BMSamantha E. Whitesides
9BMHenretta McNeal
10BMMary F. Crenshaw
11BMMary Durham
12BMMrgaret E. Durham
13BMMartha Carr
14BMMary J. Hanna
15BMManervia T. Holder
16BMKettusah Malone
17BWCatharine Malone
18BSMartha Alx. Malone
19BMMartha A. Key
20BMAmanda Key
21BMRhoda Senter
22BMEliza Senter
23BMElizabeth Durham
24BMMartha Senter
25BMSusan A. Rickman
26BMCynthia A. Staly (?)
27BSMartha A. Key
28BMZoritha Defrase
29BSManervia Jane Malone
30BSSusan C. Malone
31BMMatilda Parker
32BMJudah A. Slone (?)Died in the year 1865
33BMMargaret Durham
34BMElizabeth Parkerher husband J.M.P. was killed in battle at Franklin, Tenn
35BWSopha Staley
36BSEmily Mason (Rutledge written in later)
37BSMargaret Mason (Ray written in later)
38BSElizabeth Mason
39BSMary P. Guinn
40BSEliza Ellis
41BSFanna Atkenson
42BSMary E. Hanna

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