Station Camp
United Baptist Church of Christ at Station Camp
Sumner Co. Tenn. 1867 -

Misc. Church Minutes Part Two 1877 - 1887
Source: Tennessee State Library and Archives
BX 6480.S8A3

Transcribed by Diane Payne and Danene Vincent

NOTE: Not all church minutes are included.

May 1877
Bro Wm CUMINGS stated that he was sorry for what he had done (mentioned in a precidin minute) and asked forgivenss. His acknowledgement was received and he retained.
Bro James PIPER & wife Eliza PIPER called for a letter of Dismission which was granted.

June 1877
June 3 Received by Letter Bro Thos P. JONES & wife Elizabeth JONES.

July 1877
On Sunday Received by Letter Bro Isaac A. JONES.
By Baptism Sister Mary I. LOWRY.

Sept 1877
Scripture and Prayer was offered by Deacon A. D. JONES of Bethehem Robertson Co Tn.
Sister mary GLASGOW called for a letter of Dismission, granted.
The committee met according to appointment, Viz Elder V. H. WITT of Franklin KY, Elder W. C. SHANNON of Bethlehem Robertson Co. Tenn, Elder W. P. D. CLARK Concord Sumner Co. Tenn, Deacon A. D. JONES Bethlehem Robertson Co Tenn, Deacon of this Church R. CUNINGHAM, J. J. KEMPER and John S. WHITE, Elder V. K. WITT Elected Chairman.
Bro G. H. DORRIS then related his travel from Nature to grace he was then thourghly examined.
Bro G. H. DORRIS to the work of preaching the Gospel of Christ.
Candiates presented themselves for membership, Viz Ellen DOWNS, Henry B. DOWNS, James N. MITCHEL, Thomas PATTON, Mary PATTON, F. M. SOLLOMAN, Walcy Ann SOLLOMAN, Rachel R. BOWLDING. Charles H. DORRIS, Susan T. SMITH, Mary P. HONEYCUTT, Presilla H. HARDEN, Ellen TRENARY, Mary Ann SPROUSE, J. G. KEOPF, and James JOHNSON.
Received by Letter Sister Martha SOLLOMAN and Pheby DORRIS.
Received on a Certificate from the Spring Creek Baptist Church Montgomery County Tenn Bro James HERREN.
Bro D. M. BRIGANCE was restored back to the church by a unanimouse vote.
Sept 9, candidates presented themselves for membership viz Peter KEMPER, Mary J. BRIGANCE, Magie DOUGHTRY, Wm HONEYCUTT, Ellen C. DOUGHTRY.

Oct 1877
Bro Benjamine BOWLING and wife July Ann BOWLING and daugther Mollie BOWLING Called for letters of Dismission, granted.

Nov 1877
Sister Ellen C. DOUGHTRY presented herself for membership.
Bro Wm H. LOWRY presented himself for membership.

Dec 1877
The church then went into Private Ballot for a Pastor for year 1878, and by a unanimous vote Elder W. P. D. CLARK was elected.
Bro R. P. DORRIS was Elected Asssitant Church Clerk.

June 1878
Sister Susan A. DORRIS presented herself for membership... after Baptism she was then taken by the pastor with sisters Ellen DOUGHTRY & Magie DOUGHTRY down into the water and each of them was buried with Christ in Baptism.

July 1878
Sister Caroline C. BARRETT presented herself for membership.

Aug 1878
Sister Larrinda A. DORRIS was excluded from the Church for hericey, that is for her Campbellite Christan faith and practice.
The pastor babtized sister Caroline C. BARRETT.

May 1879
Sister Lucinda A. MITCHELL who had been lettered from this Church and move to KY but from the death of her husband moved back to Tenn. She presented the Letter that was granted by this desiring reunion with this church which was granted.

Sept 1879
Candiates presented themselves for membership viz, Ellen DUTTON, Mary F. MCDOOGALD, Jennie WHITE, J. J. HARRISON, James GATLING.

Oct 1879
Bro W. T. KIRK presented himself for membership.
The vote was taken and Rev V. K. WITT was elected Pastor for 1880.

April 1880
A charge was Brot against Bro Daniel BRIGANCE for dancing and swearing. He made no defense or acknowlegment, on motion and second he was excluded from the Church.

May 1880
Bro James C. JOHNSON and wife Mary E. JOHNSON who was dismissed By letter Sept 1879 and since had been dancing sent up their Letter requesting non fellowship, granted.

Jan 1881
Bro G. H. DORRIS called for a Letter of Dismission, granted.

Apri 1881
The following new buisness was then introduced 1st if any member of this church shall be found guilty in dancing hereafter, the act itself shall exclude them from the church.

May 1881
Sister Ellen DOWNS acknowdgemens for dancing was received she is in fellowship.
Bro Wm CUMINGS guilty of the same unchristian conduct, butr makes no acknowledgments was excluded.
Sister Maggie DAUGHTRY found guilty of dancing and not willing to quit was excluded from the church.
Bro Wm. DEMPSEY our Treasurer who has become old and infirm offered his resignation as Treasurere granted.

July 1881
Bro J. D. BLANKINGSHIP presented a letter of dismission from Pleasent Hill Baptist Church Sumner Co Tenn desiring to unite with us. He was received.
Sister Loley M. BLANKINGSHIP was also received on her Letter from the same church.

June 1882
Sisters Bettie HUNNIECUTT, Matie HUNNIECUTT and Pauline HUNNIECUTT call for letters of Dismission, granted.

Oct 1882
Bro A. A. BOULDEN call for a Letter for Dismission for himself wife daughter and step daughter viz Rechel ROBERTS & Lisa ELMOW, granted.

Nov 1882
In Dec 1882 Rev V. K. WITT preached his farewell sermond, and resigned his care of the Church with deep sorrow.

May 1883
Bro T. W. BLANKINGSHIP called for a letter of Dismission, granted.

June 1883
Brethen R. S. BLANKINGSHIP & A. J. BARRETT was appointed a committee (after the rule for governing Dancing was Suspended) to visit some members for said offense.

Aug 1883
Bro J. D. BLANKINGSHIP case was taken up and he was excluded from the Church for playing for dancing parties.
Bro Thos TOON case laid over.
Bro James O. DORRIS was excluded for embracing Campbellism.
The following names was droped from the church book or eraced for non attendancce and movin off without letters viz Sarah M. BIGBEE, Mary J. ALLEN, Marthia P. MURRY, C. D. TRENARY, Mary J. TRENARY. W. H. GRAVES, F. D. TRENARY, Ellen TRENARY, Thos PATTON, Mary PATTON, Jas H. DUTTON, Ellen DUTTON Jr., Emly JAMES.

Sept 1883
Sister Martha J. DORRIS was excluded for embracing the Campbellite faith.

June 1885
Some unknown person writes Bro BLANKINGSHIP a Letter informing him that a part of the Church was in an uproar for an other Preacher which cause Br BLANKINGSHIP to quit Preaching as Pastor he was not Pastor but being a member and having no Pastor he had filled place to years.

Sept 1885
The church unanimously approved of the call of Bro A. H. RATHER for Pastor. He accepted the Call.
Sister Louisa E. GARRISON presented herself for membership.
Candiate presented themselves for membership viz Annie C. HORN, Pruda E. Franklin, Louisa BRINKLEY, Magie KEMPER, G. E. STRATTON, & J. W. RATHER, granted.
John W. GARRISON from Newhope Baptist Church was received on a letter.
Dr. J. B. GILLIAM and wife Bettie GILLIAM on the strength of a letter from their church viz Cedar Lick Wilson Co. Tenn.

Oct 1885
Bro G. M. CARROLL presented himself for membership, approved.

Nov 1885
Pastor Absent owing to a serious attack of Rheumatism.
Candiates presented themselves for membership viz Celie DORRIS, Laura HARDEN, Fransis SOLLOMAN, W. H. GUTHRIE, Isaac DORRIS, Matie DORRIS, Sarah DOWNS, A. C. CUMMINGS, J. M. STRATTON, Sallie LOWRY, Robt CUMINGS, Morilla BRINKLEY, Sarah LEGGETT, Lizzie LEGGETT, Eliza WILLIAMS, Adison DORRIS, G. E. SPROUSE, Caladina DORRIS, Robt GUTHRIE, J. H. TURNEY, Carity E. STRATTON, Sarah BUSBIE, & Mary STRATTON.

March 1886
No meeting owing to a snow that fell the last of Feb still on the ground it was claimed to be 30 inches deep. I know it was the heaviest I ever saw and I can recolect 50 years back. L. B. SPROUSE.

June 1886
Sister Saly TREENARY call for a letter of Dismission granted.

Nov 1886
Candiates presented themselves for membership viz R. W. GRIFFITH, J. W. WALLIS, Mary BRANHAM, Hattie WALLIS, Nanie NEAL, and L. B. SPROUSE Jr.

May 1887
Bro J. G. KEOPF stated to the Churh that he had been over taken in the sin of drinking to much whisky and was sorry for it and would do so no more. His acknowledgements was received and retained the Church.
Sister Charity STRATON and J. E. STRATON called for a letter of Dismission, granted.

Oct 1887
Bro J. B. HERRING asked permission of the Church, to state what give rise to the difficutly that ocurred between him and Finis TAYLOR, granted (he did so.
Bro Robert CUNNINGHAM that the case be laid upon the table L. B. SPROUSE stated that eh Church could dispose of the case as well now as any other time. That while we could prefer no charge aginst him. That we could sustain yet his religious influence was cripled so as he could do us no good at present. And that he infavour of recinding the act of the Church in receiving him and gave back his certificate and erase his name from the Church Book.
Bro Robt CUNNINGHAM withdrew his name. And on motion & second L. B. SPROUSE'S proposition was put before the Church, which was unanimously adopted. The Church gave back his certificate and erased his name from the Church Book.
Bro Lee O. RATHER'S case was then taken up and discussed his acknowlegement was receive and he retained the Church.
Bro John W. RATHER called for a letter of Dismission, granted.
Candiates presented themselves for membership sister Mettie RUTLAGE, Echo HARDEN, Rufus RATHER.

Nov 1887
Sister Bettie BENNETT called for a letter of Dismission, granted.
Bro J. M. STRATTON called for a letter of Dismission, granted.

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