Station Camp
United Baptist Church of Christ at Station Camp
Sumner Co. Tenn. 1867 -

Members List- Part One
Source: Tennessee State Library and Archives
BX 6480.S8A3

Transcribed by Diane Payne and Danene Vincent

NOTE: The information from a book at the TSL&A, is not the original document. The typescript contains numerous errors. It is impossible to know if these errors are from the original records or if they are due to the typist. Only slight changes were made to the typescript records.

Church Book
Aug. 21, 1867

The United Baptist Church of Christ at Station Camp Sumner County Tenn.
Was Constituted on Saturday before the third Sabbath in Aug 1867.

We whose names appear below holding letters from Churches, or, being baptised believers. Do hereby for our Convenience in the worship of God. and we trust for his glory. and in his presence. and with the approbation of Elder J. F. SOUTH D. D. of Bowling Green Church and Elder Brice ROBERTS

G.J. GROVES, James O. DORRIS, J. J. HEMPER, Robert CUNNINGHAM, George H. DORRIS, Wm DEMPSEY, Margaret C. DORRIS, Elizabeth H. HEMPER, Larrinda A. DORRIS, Francis T. PERRY, Sarrah E. DORRIS, Bathena C. DEMPSEY, Mary W. CUNNINGHAM, Sophia A. SMITH, Martha DEMPSEY, J. G. DORRIS, Martha J. DORRIS, Harriet A. KIRK

As Council Constituted, and declared ourselves to be a Church of Christ to be known by the name and title of Station Camp Church. And we adopt the following general statement of faith

Articles of Faith

We believe that the holy bible is the word of God. that it was written by men divinely inspired that it is the only sufficient and perfect rule of faith and practice.
and that among others it teaches the following important truths 1st. That there is only living and true God. infinite in every perfection and that he has revealed himself as the Father. the word and the holy spirit. Resolved that the New Testament shall be our guide for rules and practice.

Names of Members

J. J. GROVES Dismiss by letter 1876
James O. DORRIS Exclued any 1883
Ira DORRIS Excluded Apr 6th 1872
George H. DORRIS Dismissed by letter Jan 1881 and received back Aug 3rd 1883
Wm. DEMPSEY Died Apr 13 1886
Margaret E. DORRIS died Oct 14 1881
Elizabeth H. KEMPER
Harriet F. KIRK
Larrinda A. DORRIS
Francis T. PERRY Lettered Oct 1870
Sarah E. DORRIS Died March 1878
Bathena C. DEMPSEY died Apr 1868
Mary W. CUNNINGHAM Ecluded Apr 6h 1872
Sophia A. SMITH died Dec 1884
Martha DEMPSEY died Dec 1887
Martha J. DORRIS Eclude 1874
R. B. DORRIS died Dec 18th 1872

Received sence the constitution

By 1 L. B. SPROUSE Died Oct 2 1889
By 1 Harried M. SPROUSE Died Apr 1891
Wm. G. KOPF Dismissed by letter March 5th 1870
By 1 Mary C. KOPF Dismissed by letter March 5th 1870
By 1 Mary L. ALISON Dismissed by letter Sept 1873
Lucinda WHITE Dismissed by letter Oct 1877
July Ann BOWLING Dismissed by letter Oct 1877
John WHITE Died 1918

Received sence the Association in 1868

Sister Nancy DORRIS
Henry PIPER Dismissed By letter Mar 4th 1871
Polly PIPER Dismissed By letter Mar 4th 1871
Jos H. PIPER Dismissed By letter May 1877
Elisa PIPER Dismissed By letter May 1877

Received sence the Association in 1869

By Ceperence of Baptism Bro C. J. BERCH Dismissed By letter Sept 1873
By letter R. T. DORRIS Dismissed By letter Febr 1871
By letter Joseph DORRIS Dismissed by letter Febr 1871
By letter Mary BIRCH Dismissed By letter Sept 1873

Recd sence the Association in 1870

Riley B. DORRIS Excluded Sept 4th 1875
Thonas BARRETT Died July 22 1888
Emly JAMES Droped Aug 1883 1883

Received sence the Association 1872

Received by Experience Benjamine BOWLDING Dismissed Oct By letter 1877
T. M. BIGBEE Eclude Aug 1883
By letter Sarah M. BIGBEE Droped Aug 1883
By letter Mary J. ALLEN Droped Aug 1883
By letter Martha P. MURRY Droped Aug 1883
Magie F. SPROUSE Lettered Received Back by letter Nov1876
Louisa J. BARRETT Dismissed by Letter July 1889
Elizabeth BARRETT Dis by letter Aug1888
Mahaley E. ELMORE lettered Oct 21 1882
Thomas DORRIS Deced Sept 28th 1874
G. R. BRIGENCE Excluded May 1873
Joseph PIKE Excluded May 1873
D.M. BRIGENCE Excluded Apr 5 1873
Nancey J. BOWLDING lettered Oct 21 1882
Carilda L. DEMPSY or Jennie Died Dec 8 1887
By letter Nancy KING Died June 1st 1875
D. P. HORN Dismissed By Letter Apr 5th 1873
Recd by letter R. S. BLANKINSHIP 1876 Dismissed by letter
Recd by letter Ann R. BLANKINSHIP
Recd by letter Sallie A. FREEMAN
Received sence the Association in 1873
By letter Nancey L. DEMPSEY

By Experience of Baptism

Allen A. BOWLING lettered Oct 21st 1873
Mary E. SMITH (BENNETT) Lettered Nov 5 1887
Ann Elizer SMITH Died Oct 1881
JR DORRIS Dismissed by letter Aug 1883
(Restored) Mary W. CUNNINGHAM Deced Apr 1875

By Experience and Baptism

C. D. TRENARY Droped Aug 1883
Mary J. TRENARY Droped Aug 1883
Wm. J. KEMPER Lettered 1884
W. H. GRAVES Droped Aug 1883
Mary GLASGOW Dismissed by letter 1877
Wm T. DORRIS Died 1889
Mary E. Dorris Death not known 1883

Receved by Letter

Sarah F V SOWRY Died Decd 1884
Josie RASCOE Lettered Dec 2 1876

Received Sence the Association 1874

Joseph A. HARDEN Died Oct 1881
Henrettie DEMPSEY

By Experience and Baptism

F D TRENARY Droped Aug 1883
Daniel J. MCMURTRY Lettered March 1881
Sarah J. MCMURTRY Lettered March 1881
Mary E. TOONE Dismissed Sept 25 1876

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