Slater's Chapel

Slater's Chapel
Register of Pastors

Transcribed by Joyce Stark Blocker
Diane Payne
Copyright, © 2001

Source: Sumner County Archives

Name Date of Appointment Term of Service
John R. Thompson, P. E. Summer of 1870  
Jas Hardy Campbell Oct 1869 One Year
John G. Ray, P. E. Oct 1870 Three Years
John W. Cooker Oct 1870 One Year
James Crawford Oct 1871 One Year
Geo. W. Martin Oct 1872 One Year
John F. Hughes, P. E Oct 1873 Four Years
John W. Bell Oct 1873 Two Years
Henry J. Ivie Oct 1875 One Year
George W. Johnston Oct 1876 One Year
Joseph B. Allison, P. E. Oct 1877 Two Years
Thomas B. Malone Oct 1877 One Years
James H. Roberts Oct 1878 Three Months
Henry B. Blue Mar 1879 Seven Months
Henry(?) M. Stephens, P. E. Oct 1879 Two Years
Robert P. Gray Oct 1879 One Year
Isaac W. Keathley Oct 1880 Two Years
William G. Dorris, P.E. Oct 1881 Four Years
Jasper Nichols Oct 1882 One Year
William D. Cherry Oct 1883 One Year
William R. Keathley Oct 1884 Two Years
Peyton A. Sowell, P. E. Oct 4, 1885 Four Years
Samuel W. Bransford Oct 12, 1886 Two Years
T. S. Collom Oct 1888 Two Years
? Haynes Oct 1890 One Year
W. M. Leftwich, P. E. Oct 1899 One Year
John W. Rooker, P. E. 1892 One Year
John W. Rice, P. E. 1892 One Year
?, P. E. 1892-3 One Year
J. J. Pitts, P. E. 1892-3  
T. B. Fisher, P. E. 1893-94 One Year
J. J. Pitts, P. E. 1893-94 Two Years
J. A. Orman 1894-5 One Year
Rufus E. Travis, P. E. 1894-5  
M. J. Collier, P. E. 1895-6  
Rufus E. Travis, P. E. 1895-6  
W. J. Collier, P. E. 1896-7  
Rufus E. Travis, P. E. 1896-7  
W. J. Collier 1897-8  
Rufus E. Travis 1897-8  

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