Slater's Chapel

Slater's Chapel
Register of Deaths and Disposals

Transcribed by Joyce Stark Blocker
Diane Payne
Copyright, © 2001

Source: Sumner County Archives

Name Date Manner
S. P. Saunders 1879 By Death
Mrs. Abby Fisher Mar 1882 By Death
J. W. Bruce 1883 By Death
Miss. Ida Perry (McMurtry is crossed out)   By Marriage
Minnie Perry 1880 By Death
G. W. Fisher 1882 By Death
Wesley Pike Nov 6, 1886 By Death
Miss. Nannie A. Fulks Sept 7, 1886 By Death
Mrs. Winnie Wells April 5, 1886 By Death
Miss. Kate Fisher 1886 By Marriage
Miss. Ella L. Fulks 1887 By Marriage
Mrs. Ida Perry McMurtry 1883 By Death
Miss. Eliza Jane Moore Jan 25, 1881 By Marriage
Miss. Martha Savely Sept 1888 By Death
Mrs. Ella Fulks Lassiter (see Ella Fulks) Sept 1888 By Death
Annie Hall Oct 18, 1888 By Death
Miss. Dolly Savely   By Death
Mrs. Hattie E. Sanders Dec 23, 1893 By Death
Mrs. Susan Jones   By Death
Mrs. Eliza Bruce Aug 19, 1892 By Death
Mr. Jno Wesley Bruce 1883 By Death
Mrs. Ruthie M. Templeton Aug 1895 By Death
S. L. Bruce 1892 By Death
Hansel Reasoner Jan. 1892 By Death
Salenie Lassiter Jan. 1895 By Death
Jno A. Bruce Oct. 1893 By Death

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