Salem United Methodist Church Register of Pastors

Salem United Methodist Church Register of Pastors

Transcribed from Salem Church Register of Membership by Howard Stone Baulch, August 2003

In July 2003 Cathey Bruce Roark was given the attendance records for Salem Church on Douglas Lane just north of Gallatin. Her husband's grandmother, Gustine Roark, who had died earlier in the year, had kept the attendance records for Salem Church. Prior to returning the records to the church, Cathey provided a photocopy of those records to Howard Stone Baulch for transcription. The church has given its permission to publish all information earlier than 1945.

Recorded below is the Register of Pastors. Names in parentheses were names that appear to be handwritten in the original copy after the initial recording. Spellings recorded here are faithful to the original copy.

PageNameDate of AppointmentTerm of Service
IP. A. Sowel P. E.1885 & 861
IB. F. Ferrell P. C.1885 & 861 yr
IP. A. Sowell P. E.1886 & 871
IW. B. Pattie P. C.1886 & 893 yr
IP. A. Sowell P. E.1887 & 881
IW. B. Patty P. C.1887 & 88 
IP. W. Sowell P. E.1888 & 891
IW. B. Patty P. C.1888 & 891 year
IB. F. Haynes P. E.1889 & 901 year
IJ. L. Chennault P. C.1889 & 90 
IW. M. Leftwich P. E.1890 & 911 year
IJ. L. Chennault P. C.1890 & 91 & 923 years
ILewis Powell P. E.1892 & 931 year
IT. H. Woodward P. C.1892 & 931 year
IIW. J. Collier P. E.1895 & 18994 years
IIA. T. Coodill P. C.1893 & 18974 years
IIJ. J. Slon (Shrum) P. E.1897 & 18992 years
IIWood Bouldin P. C.1899 & 19012 years
IIJ. R. Stewart P. E.1899 & 19034 years
IIJ. T. Curry P. E.1903 & 19052 years
IIW. B. Lowery P. E.1905 & 19061 year
IIW. V. Jarrott P. E.1906 & 19104 years
IIL. R. Long (Young) P. C.1901 & 19032 years
IIO. P. Hill P. C.1903 & 19074 years
IIT. R. Cleudeuier1907 & 19081 year
IIJ. D. Robins P. C.1908 & 19124 years
IIJ. T. Brown P. C.1912 & 19142 years
IIT. A. Kerley P. E.1910 & 19122 years
IIIG. A. Morgan P. E.1912 & 19142 years
IIIB. J. Duncan P. C.1914 & 19184 years
IIIW. L. Jackson P. E.1914 & 19184 years
IIIO. H. Lane P. C.1918 & 19202 years
IIIW. H. Lovell P. C.1920 & 19211 year
IIIE. U. Robinson P. C.1921 & 19243 years
IIIJ. O. Crawford P. C.1924 & 19251 year
IIIE. L. Knowels P. C.1925 & 19261 year
IIIA. C. Parker P. C.  
IVE. F. Baulch P. C.  
IVW. A. Adams P. C.  
IVE. D. Troutt P. C.1930 & 19344 years
IVW. L. Ensor P. C.1934 & 19351 year
IVM. R. Gallaher P. C.1935 & 193618 months
IVE. G. Godwin P. C.1936 & 19393 years
IVR. M. Johnson P. C.1939 & 19401 year
VC. F. Bell P. C.1940 & 19444 years
VJohn T. Baggett P. E.  

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