Salem Church Deed

Salem Church Deed

Transcribed from copy included in the Salem Church Register of Membership by Howard Stone Baulch, August 2003

This indenture made this thirty-first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred twenty-eight, between Andrew J. Ellis of the one part and Jms. Douglass, Elijah Boddie, Joseph B. Waynne, Charles R. Jeffines, James Stratton, Nicholas Stone and Charles Lucas, trustees to superintended building of a public meeting house for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church of the other part, all of the county of Sumner and state of Tenn., witnesseth that the said Andrew J. Ellis both curey (?) unto the said trustees 2 1/4 acres of land for the purpose of erecting the above described meeting house and for the valuable consideration of $20 to him in hand pd. the receipts whereof he doth hereby acknowledge both bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain and sell a lien enfeoff (?) and confirm unto the said trustees as above mentioned, all that piece or parcel of land situated lying and being in the co. of Sumner aforesaid on the waters of the middle fork of Station Camp Creek beginning on the west bank of said creek at a stone corner one pole east of the spring, running thence west with James Douglass line 36 poles to a cumberland oak, thence south 13 poles to a stake, thence north 80 degrees and 37 poles to a stake and thence to the beginning, containing 2 acres and 1/4 of an acre. (?) The said Andrew J. Ellis doth agree to ??anant and forever defend the right and title of the above described land with every of its members and appurtenances free from all lawfull claim or claims whatsoever unto the said Jms. Douglass and (other trustees) named here, trustees of the above described meeting house and their succession in office excepting always from the provisions of this deed 1/4 of one acre of the above described land whereon the school house now stands and the unimesnplited??? use of the spring which has heretofore been conveyed to ________ for the purposes and use of a neighborhood school house for the true faithful and true performances of all which the said Andrew J. Ellis doth bind himself his heirs Expo and Adms firmly by the presents in testimony whereof he hath here unto set his hand and affixed his seal on the day and year first above written in presence of us witnesses, state of Tenn, Sumner co. court Feby Term 1829.

Andrew J. Ellis "Seal" This deed of bargain and sale from Andrew J. Ellis to Jas. Douglass (and so forth) trustees superintended building meeting house for 2 and 1/4 acres of land was duly acknowledged in open court by the bargain and ordered to be registered.

A copy text. A. W. Douglass clerk, Jams. Douglass register, registered and examined by Y. N. Douglass D. R. 8th May 1829.

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