Rock Bridge Baptist Church

Rock Bridge Baptist Church

From History of Middle Tennessee Baptists
by J. H. Grime
Nashville, TN

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This church is situated in Sumner County, Tennessee, ten miles northeast of Gallatin, on the High Land Rim. This is an offspring of Pleasant Hill Church. They were constituted into an independent church January 20, 1883, by Elders J. F. Lambert and Jno. S. Pardue, with twelve members.

PASTORS: Elder A. H. Rather, 1883; Elder J. S. Pardue, 1883-86; Elder I. A. Ashlock, 1886-89; Elder J. F. Lambert, 1889-90; Elder A. W. Keen, 1890-92; Elder J. S. Pardue, 1892-95; Elder J. W. Swan, 1896 to present.

CLERKS: Mrs. Mary Addy, 1883; J. W. Dorris, 1883 to the present.

DEACONS: J. S. Addy, 1883; W. A. Dorris, 1883; W. B. Wallace, 1887; J. W. Dorris, 1889; James Ashlock, 1889; J. P. Lee, 1901.

This church has ordained to the ministry Elder W. H. Taylor, ordained September 24, 1893, by Elders J. S. Pardue, J. W. Dorris and J. W. Kirkham.

This church has never been very strong. She has furnished a Christian home for 80 persons during her short history. They now number 31 members. They united with Enon Association in 1883, when convened with Corum Hill Church. They represented in this body until 1891, when they went into the constitution of Wiseman Association, where they still represent. Elder I. A. Ashlock, a minister who belonged to this church, went to his reward in June, 1894. He was indeed a man of God.

NOTE: Several Pastors, Deacons, and Clerks mentioned in the History of Middle Tennessee Baptists can be found in the Sumner County Family Album.

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