Rock Bridge Church of Christ Photo, 1912

Rock Bridge Church of Christ, 1912

Submitted by
Glenn Cooper

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1. Thomas Levi Martin, son of James W. (Polk) Martin and Margaret Dinkins.
2. Mary Caroline West, daughter of Thomas Wesley West and Nancy Elizabeth Bennett.
3. Lula (Martin) Pryor
4. Paul Pryor
5. Alpha Pryor
6. John Dobbs
7. Mildred Dobbs
8. Jessie (Martin) Dobbs
9. Joe Swallows (?)
10. James Franklin Cooper, son of #32 Benjamin Franklin Cooper and # 28 Margaret S. Branham
11. James Rachel Cooper, son of#10 James Franklin Cooper and #12 Fannie Elizabeth Martin
12. Fannie Elizabeth Martin, daughter of#1 Thomas Levi Martin and #2 Mary Caroline West. Wife of#10 James Franklin Cooper
13. John Pryor - school teacher
14. 'Jennie' Pryor, wife of#13 John Pryor
15. Bessie Crowder
16. Henry Crowder
17. Lizzie Crowder
18. Talmage Brizendine
19. Ezra Brizendine
20. Berie Brown
21. Driscoll Cantrell
22. Robert Frank Martin
23. Lucy J. (Williford) Crowder, wife of #49 Bud Crowder
24. Myrtle Lee
25. ? Helmentaller
26. ? Helmentaller
27. Betty Williford (?)
28. Margaret S. "Maggie" Branham, wife of #32 Benjamin Franklin Cooper
29. Bertha Crowder, daughter of #49 Bud Crowder. Married Harry Dobbs, brother of Melvin Dobbs
30. ? Williford
31. Grace Crowder Campbell
32. Benjamin Franklin Cooper, son of James Cooper and (Aderlade or Adeline) Templeton
33. Velma Dobbs, sister of Melvin Dobbs. Married Curly Perdue
34. Caney Crowder
35. Georgie Annie Cooper, daughter of #32 Benjamin F. and #28 Maggie Cooper. Married #22 Frank Martin
36. Kate Pryor
37. Ethel Dobbs Crowder, wife of Hugh Crowder
38. Annie Crowder
39. Floyd Pryor
40. Mamie Cooper, daughter of #32 Ben Cooper and #28 Maggie Branham. Married Jess Hill
41. Charlie Martin
42. Lona Cooper, daughter of #32 Ben Cooper and #28 Maggie Branham
43. Erskine Martin, son of #1 Thomas Levi Martin and #2 Mary Caroline West
44. Vernon Cooper, son of #32 Ben Cooper and #28 Maggie Branham
45. Ernest Cooper, son of #32 Ben Cooper and #28 Maggie Branham
46. Rachel Dobbs, daughter of# 6 John Dobbs and #8 Jessie Martin Dobbs
47. Pauline Dobbs, daughter of#6 John Dobbs and #8 Jessie Martin Dobbs
48. Hazel Martin - married Mack Crowder
49. Francis "Bud" Crowder, husband of #23, Lucy J. Williford
50. Robert Brimm (?)
51. Velma Martin - married Robert Dorris
52. James Alexander "Leek" Crowder, husband of Emily Jane "Jennie" Brizendine
53. Dewey Pryor
54. Ed Dobbs
55. Hugh Crowder

The above information was compiled from the following sources:
1) Letha Dobbs
2) Sumner County, TN web page
3) Clair bell Simpson, age 94, member of Rock Bridge Church of Christ and the Rock Bridge Community

Compiled by: Robert Glenn Cooper, descendant of Coopers, Martins, Branhams, and Wests

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