Mt. Vernon UMC Register of Members

Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church
Register of Members

Contributed by Edith Martin Young
Transcribed by Danene Vincent
© August 1, 1999.

This is a transcription of the membership register for Mt. Vernon Methodist Episcopal Church, South -- now Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church. The early records appear to have been recorded by the ministers. Later records were recorded by Gertrude Simpson Martin, mother of Edith Martin Young. The transcriber listed the membership records in exactly the same order as they were recorded in the register book. Please use your "Find" option to locate a specific surname.

First Name Last Name Married To Whom Death Date
J. W. Bradley   1923
Thomas J. Moncrief   August 16, 1914
William Witham    
Mallie Graves    
William H. Perry   January 29, 1906
Thomas Y. Perry   November 27, 1928
Mallie Perry    
Burton Perry   April 23, 1909
Malachia F. Rippy   October 11, 1914
Coonie Rippy    
Clarinda Rippy    
George Trout   1922
Martha E. Trout   1925
Cynthia Angle   April 3, 1909
Milton Elzia Dobbs    
Emily L. Sloan   1926
Francis Levy Moncrief   November 15, 1934
Mary E. Moncrief    
Chester R. Hunter   October 30, 1911
David B. Hunter   June 1, 1933
Edd F. Dobbs    
Samantha Dobbs   January 9, 1929
Emma Dobbs    
T. Miller Hunter    
J. W. Hunter   March 6, 1917
Zilpha A. Hunter   August 1, 1943
Caldonia Hunter    
Mattie J. Hunter   May 1, 1926
Fanney Hunter   December 22, 1928
Mary Ellen Hunter   December 1, 1930
Mary Johnson   July 23, 1922
L. M. Lee    
William Lee    
Telitha J. Lee   July 29, 1911
George B. Anglea    
Laura N. Woodard    
Ella Simpson   January 3, 1924
Clara West    
Charles Trout    
Janie Brown    
Cazzie Sherran   April 11, 1930
Wm Simpson   January 7, 1909
Addie Adams    
Mallie Reddick    
Clara Adams    
James A. Moncrief    
Edward Trout    
Thomas W. Hunter, Jr.    
Lannie Hunter    
Romelia Holmes    
S. G. Moncrief    
Gidean Perry    
Minnie Dobbs Slaton  
Hezakiah E. Sloan   September 21, 1914
Hester Gant    
Tom L. Moncrief    
Henrietta Gant    
Julia Moncrief    
Cora Reddick    
Melia A. Simpson   January 23, 1911
Stephen L. Lee   June 1, 1916
M. E. Lee    
Stephen S. Martin    
Vina Moncrief    
Omma Dobbs McWhirter  
Joseph J. Adams    
Eula Woodall    
Caldonia Neel Simpson  
N. E. Neel Mattox  
Emma Neel    
W. H. Neel    
G. F. Neel    
M. L. Neel    
Lovella Brown    
Cora Simpson    
Lola Ellison   March 18, 1925
Tucker Griffin    
Earnest Hunter    
Lesbia Simpson    
Carrie Hunter Hunter, J. M.  
Robert Hunter    
Robert Martin    
Nola Gilliam    
Ollie Hunter   April 10, 1906
M. E. Simpson    
Leona Simpson Durham  
Coleman Simpson    
Nettie Holms    
Razz Trout    
Lillie Trout   December 31, 1913
Norra Thornton    
Sarah A. West   March 4, 1922
J. W. Woodward    
Lula Bradly   February 14, 1918
Verna Dobbs Durham  
Lewis Dobbs    
Willie Dobbs Kirkham  
Daisey Dobbs Williams  
Lilley Morris    
Willie Hunter    
Herschel Hunter    
Callie Hunter Hunter  
C. W. Corruthers    
Fanney Parker    
Maggie Reddick Perry  
Ida Durham   March 18, 1925
Ollie Moncrief    
Myrtle Martin Lee  
Odell Piland   November 23, 1905
Lenard Perry   February 15, 1915
Maud Perry Hunter  
Cazzie Perry Pardue  
Maud R. Lee Brizendine  
Pearl Hunter Perry/Parker  
Bertha Freeland    
Genie Dobbs Webb May 20, 1934
Nola Martin Neal  
Hubbard L. Martin   May 6, 1918
Zilpha Perry Hinton  
Gideon R. Moncrief    
Aubrey Lee    
Mattie E. Simpson Durham  
Noah S. Simpson    
Thomas S. Adams    
Luther Rippey    
Tennie Martin Freeland  
Lula Martin Pryor  
Alma Hunter Durham March 18, 1925
Herbert Moncrief    
John L. Dobbs    
Walter Dobbs    
Zola Hunter   January 13, 1907
Cap. G. M. Hunter    
Callie Simpson    
Julia Holms   1918
M. A. Harper   August 13, 1913
Amanda Ponds   July 13, 1919
Matt Brown    
Oll Woodall    
Olla Reddick Hunter  
May Woodard    
Buck Perry    
W. H. Bradley    
Callie Johnson Perry  
Mollie Norman    
Austin Johnson    
Albert Gilliam   July 25, 1917
Georgia Neal    
Cassie Angel    
Annie Thornton Franklin  
Lola Moncrief Clemons October 7, 1916
Callie Woodward    
Lucy Johnson Escue  
Eula Thornton   February 14, 1909
Horace G. Jenkins    
Jessie Jenkins    
Dewey Hunter    
Olie Hunter    
Terry Woodward    
Cecil Williams    
Marvin Woodward    
Talmage Troutt    
Aubrey Moncrief    
Lena Knowles   December 19, 1917
Maggie Hunter    
Herman H. Neal    
Nettie Martin   April 7, 1928
Flossie Bradley    
Lela Adams Adcock  
Jake Knowles    
Clora Belle Holmes Hughes  
Luzinda Knowles Perdue  
Helon Pond Perry  
Arthur Martin    
Jennie Beasley Petty  
Laura Clemmons   April 7, 1905
Fannie Dobbs    
Nancy Holmes    
Milton Reddick    
Mattie E. Moncrief Duncan  
Charlie Durham   March 18, 1925
Alice Beasley Perry  
C. W. Hodges    
Millard Clemmons   June 11, 1926
Johnnie Bradley    
James Q. Duncan   April 27, 1925
Sarah S. Hodges    
Daisy May Sherron Brown  
John Sherron    
Thomas R. Perry    
Willie H. Norman    
Ed L. Knowles    
Wheeler Perry    
James H. Norman   June 1, 1943
Charlie A. Hinton    
Thomas B. Hinton    
Bettie S. Hinton    
Harry Norman    
Luther G. Pond    
Elliott Bell    
Leslie W. Pond    
Maud R. Bradley Hinton  
Velma Moncrief Williams  
Allene Reddick Norman  
Tracy Hodges   1912
Mabel Hodges Rippy  
Gertrude Anglea Gregory  
Callie Mai Perry Reddick  
Ivy West Parson  
Virgil Graves    
Mittie Reddick    
Clarence Reddick    
Andrew Willie Hunter    
Willie Jenkins    
Lizzie Thornton    
Bryan Adams    
Zettie May Gilliam    
Lizzie Perry    
Mallie Lou Thornton Sloan  
T. W. Bell    
Mrs. Willie Bell    
Maggie Bell Pond  
Bernice Perry    
Robert E. Thornton    
Mary (Puss) Thornton   February 5, 1922
Emma Dobbs    
Denvill Reddick    
James P. Reddick   November 8, 1923
Callie Reddick   February 18, 1923
Cammie Moncrief Harris  
Ollie Slaton    
Nora Slaton    
James H. Gray    
Agness Gray    
Velma Gray Hunter  
Bishop Hinton    
Alvil Martin    
Zola Bell Key    
Leslie Holmes    
Roy Bradley    
G. W. Hunter, Sr.   November 7, 1922
Harris Bradley    
Clarence Norman    
Ewing Moncrief    
James A. Morrison    
Pattie C. Morrison    
Paul Berkitt Morrison    
Gladys Hunter Perdue  
Lester Lucile Hunter Gilliam  
Hayden Hunter    
Charles Clifford Adams    
James Paul Reddick    
Mary Stella Reddick Escue  
Carl Knowles    
Leviniah Knowles    
Charles Harry Bradley    
Virgil Loyd Holmes    
J. P. Gilliam    
Katie Gilliam    
Willie Moncrief    
Thomas Bryson Hunter    
Harry Morris    
Eva May Moncrief Dobbs  
Era Lee Keen  
Ada Estell Hunter    
Beulah Corrinne Hunter Reddick  
Mabel Ruth Hunter    
Erma Louise Reddick Simpson  
Bessie Holmes Thompson  
Leonard Gregory    
James Haskell Gilliam    
Amy Myrtle Holmes Smith  
Willie West Smith  
Willie B. Martin    
Andrew Miller Martin    
Myrtle Hunter    
Mary Viola Moncrief Holmes  
Inez Thornton Freeland  
Jessee Vene Thornton    
Annie Laura Gilliam Thornton  
Clifford Head McWhirter    
Arthur W. Reddick    
John Chesley Hunter    
Virgil Robert Hunter    
Clayton Jarvis Hunter    
W. N. Hunter    
Susie Hunter    
Gertie Martin    
Gertrude Durham Jenkins  
Henry F. Williford    
James H. West    
Ollie B. Key    
Annabel Hunter Summers  
Selma K. Hunter Holmes  
V. Baker Holmes    
Edna E. Reddick    
Willard Perry    
Cleveland Holmes    
Knox Doss    
Bertha L. Simpson Kirkham  
Annie L. Simpson    
Opal C. Durham   March 18, 1925
Vadie Myrtle Lee    
Zadie Franklin Lee    
Tom Simpson    
Launa Hunter    
Harry Granville Sharon    
Charles Durham    
Ovella Durham    
Erline Durham Brown  
Pauline Holmes Story  
Lucile Hunter Alexander  
Wesley Hunter    
Ruth Hunter Freeland  
Elise Hunter    
Allie Hunter    
Jno. F. Williams    
Daisy Williams Shrum  
Russell Braswell    
Fletcher Sailors    
Clemma Hunter Patterson/McMahon  
Harold Hunter    
Artice Martin    
Flora Key Hunter  
Virginia Hunter    
Robert Reddick    
Woodrow Keen    
Ruby Mai Hunter    
Florence Beasley Perry  
Laura Belle Williams Simpson  
Blanton Dorris    
Easter C. Lee    
Rufo Durham    
Floyd Bell    
Lucile Hunter    
Mrs. T. W. Hunter    
Mrs. P. F. Saylors    
Mrs. Clara West    
Willie West Smith  
James West    
Mrs. James West    
Paul Harris    
Arline Norman    
Margarett Holmes Pardue  
Luella Perry Troutt  
Unice Hunter    
Leola Durham Hodges  
Launa Durham Parker  
Theda Pond Womack  
Janice Hunter Reddick  
Edith Key Bradley  
Ruth Sadler Johnson  
Eulalah Hope Martin Perry  
Louis Andrew Williams    
Samuel Floyd Durham    
Robert Neal Durham    
Mrs. Selma Gray Dorris    
Miss Ruby Pearl Brown Dobbs  
Mrs. Edith Viola Moncrief Holmes  
Miss Vangie Moncrief Meadows  
Olga Ray Rippy    
Mrs. Mable Bradley    
Virginia Harris    
Harry Moncrief    
Lockridge Thomerson    
Lucile Hall Wims  
Glen Durham    
John Hall    
Fanny Hall    
Frank Crowder    
Mrs. L. C. Hunter    
Harris Reddick    
Franklin Dobbs    
Lucile Reddick    
Dorothy Reddick Ensor  

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