Immanuel Baptist Church - Minutes

Immanuel Baptist Church
Minutes - April 1963 - Jan. 31, 1965

Transcribed and Contributed by Anna Nettles
© 2000

Minutes of Immanuel Baptist Church starting April 1, 1963 (Joe Prohaska Clerk)
April 1, 1963
Nominating of Deacons by Rev. Ray Jones: Frank Wosta and Robert Burysek. Ordination of Deacons held Sunday March 24, 1963 at 2:30 p.m. for Jim Holubicka, Joe Prohaska and Robert Burysek. Also during the meeting, to discuss plans for Easter Revival, set for April 18-21, 1963.

April 28, 1963
Business meeting. Reports read by Mrs. Rose Nesbarva (Missions); Mrs. Betty Holubicka (Fellowship Fund); Mrs. Lillie McGee (Treasurer); Recommendation that the church join the Southern Baptist Convention. Motion made and seconded that the church join with Bledsoe Association and Southern Baptist Convention. Vote was taken and motion carried.

Sept. 8, 1963
Minutes read and approved. Messengers to Bledsoe Association appointed: Pastor Ray Jones, Mrs. Ray Jones and Mr. & Mrs. Joe Prohaska.

Oct. 13, 1963
Semi Annual Business Meeting Minutes Read and Approved. Membership news, 4 added To membership by letter, 1 by baptism. And lost 2 members by death (not named). Officers gave their reports. The Nominating Committee, (Rose Nesbarva, Bettie Holubicka, Mary Lou Prohaska) gave report of slate of officers for the new church year, as follows:
Joe Prohaska
Jim Holubicka, Joe Prohaska, Robert Burysek
Mrs. Lillie McGee, assistant Jim Holubicka
Fellowship Fund:
Bettie Holubicka
Jim Holubicka, Charlie Nesbarva, Joe Prohaska
Head Usher:
Frank Wosta
Communion Care:
Mrs. Emma Nesbarva
Sunday School Officers:
Superintendent - Charlie McGee
Assistant - Joe Prohaska
Rose Nesbarva
Mens Class - Robert Burysek assistant Joe Prohaska
Ladies Class - Lillie McGee
assistant Anna Mazanec
Young People - Donna Jones
assistant Mary Lou Prohaska
Primary - Rose Nesbarva
Beginners -Katherine Wosta
Song Leaders - Wesley & Robert Burysek
Pianist - Joanne Nesbarva
Heating Caretaker - Emile Mazanec
** Motion made and carried, election of officers accepted.

Nov. 10, 1963
A short business meeting was held in regard to buying 12 new song books. (Motion read seconded and carried). Another motion made to raise the Pastors salary by $5.00 a week, the motion seconded and carried.

March 1, 1964
Pastor Ray Jones presented his resignation , effective April 1, 1964 . Last sermon to be preached March 29. He has accepted the pastorate at Calvary Baptist Church in Franklin, KY.

May 3, 1964
Deacons met with Rev. Ernest Hamilton (who has been guest speaker 3 times since we have been without a pastor). Inquiry was made as to his availability and his interest in serving as pastor. Matter brought before the church May 17, motion made and unanimously carried to call Rev. Hamilton as Pastor. He accepted and assumed duties the following Sunday (May 24, 1964).

July 5, 1964
Meeting to discuss Revival Meeting. Date set for August 16-23 . Song Leader for Revival: Bill Cates of Nashville.

Sept 27, 1964
Business Meeting to appoint messengers to the Associational Meeting Oct. 21 & 22. To Go: Bro. & Mrs. Ernest Hamilton, Mr. & Mrs. James Renfro. Alternates appointed were: Mrs. Charlie Nesbarva, Mrs. Anna Mazanec.

Oct. 18, 1964
Annual Business Meeting. Minutes read and accepted. Officers reports read. WMU and new GA's organizations were reported on. Church Caretaker elected. (Jerry Renfro). Officers elected ( same as previous year). With additions: Training Union: Robert Burysek and Mrs. Jim Holubicka. Song leader Bobby Morris.

Dec. 6, 1964
Motion Made and Carried, vote taken to grant Johnny Hamilton a ministers license. Plans were also made for ordination services for Brother Ernest Hamilton. Date set for Jan. 17, 1965.

Jan. 3, 1965
Deacons Meeting to discuss church building upkeep. Discussed: Caretakers salary raised from $5. To $7. New song books to be purchased. The piano to be tuned. New floor in the auditorium.

Jan.17, 1965
3 p.m. Ordination Ceremony at Immanuel Baptist Church. Rev. Ernest Hamiton was ordained. Pastors attending: Ray Jones (Calvary Baptist, Franklin, KY), Bill Webb (Mitchelville), Raymond Napier ( Pleasant Hill ); Edwin Alexander (Mallory Heights Baptist Ch. Memphis, Ernest Hamilton's home church); Jones Brinkley (Southside Baptist, Gallatin); Prayer by Joe Prohaska and Jim Holubicka. Special music by Mr. & Mrs. David Jicka of (Barbs Baptist Ch. Franklin, KY) . Also in attendance were the parents and grand-parents of Brother Hamilton.

Jan.31, 1965
Meeting held to discuss remodeling of the church auditorium. Committee composed of Joe Prohaska, Jim Holubicka, Bobby Morris. Reports given on two estimates. Fred Pedigo gave cost estimates (lowest costs $1500) as to replacing ceiling, walls and hardwood floors (including painting and finishing floor). Motion made & carried to accept Mr. Pedigo's offer. Payment plan then discussed, and decided to take love offerings & pledges for the amount, if that is not enough money, then the rest should be taken out of the church treasury.

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