Gallatin Merchant's Journal, Part 4

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Gallatin Merchant's Journal
Account Transactions from 1806-1807
Part 4 - August 1806

Reprinted with permission.
Transcribed by Sherry Falcon, 1998

Gallatin Merchant's Journal--1806
Date Original Charged to Debits or Credits Relation-
Debits or Credits Relation-
Misc. Remarks
  Page No. (Account Name) From or By: to Acct Owner From or By: to Acct Owner  
8-01-1806 Page 75 Allen & Co. Magoffin, James   Williams, Miss    
    Allen & Co., con't Scurry, Mr.   Parish, Mr.    
    Allen & Co., con't Allen, Wm.   negro    
    Crutcher, Edmund         paid Mrs. Robbings
  Page 76 Crutcher, Edmund          
    Stovall, Bartholomew   son      
    Edwards, David          
    Stovall, Thomas          
  Page 77 Alexander, Esq'r, Matthew   son Alex'r., Capt.    
    Brown, James   daughter     Desha Crk
    Edwards, Maj'r, William Edwards, John son      
    Drake, Richard Birton        
    Drake, Britton          
    Moore, John          
  Page 78 Moore, John          
    Brown, James         son of Joel
    Donoho, Thomas          
    White, Littleberry          
    Bryant, Thomas Mills, Cap't       Goose Crk., Capt. Mills, Sec'y
    Bryant, Thomas, con't         tan bot at Dixon's Spring
8-02-1806 Page 79 Mills, Cap't John          
    Barnes, Wright          
    Easley, Joseph          
    Womeldorff, George          
    Bloodworth, Webb          
    Doxey, Stephen Doxey, Thomas brother   father  
    Franklin, Jun'r, James          
  Page 80 Hereford, Jesse          
    Blakemore, James Norris, Mr.        
    Willis, Merril          
    Barry, Redmond D.          
    Rasco, Alexander          
    Tinsley, Sen'r, Cornelias          
    Purvis, Allen   negro, Canada      
8-04-1806 Page 81 Hassel, Abram          
    Jones & Owens          
    Edwards, Nathan   daughter      
    Edwards, John Edwards, Maj'r son     Father's a/c
    Turner, John          
    Turner, Terratia          
  Page 82 Edwards, Sen'r, William Rich C.   Will'm    
    Sullivent, Richard          
  Page 83 Moore, Maj'r Dempsey Marcus        
    Winham, Stephen   wife   son  
    Douglass, William   son      
    Josey, Allen          
    Mitchell, Jeremiah          
8-05-1806 Page 84 Alexander, Esq'r, Matthew          
    Dixon's Spring Store Bill        
    Patton, John Thurman, Mr.       Shoemaker
    Boyles, Robert   wife      
    Reeves, Edmund          
    Taylor, Cap't. Richard          
8-06-1806 Page 85 Boyles, Mrs.          
    Tinsley, Jun'r., Cornelias          
    Franklin, John          
    Shikell, John          
    Franklin, Sen'r., James Franklin, John son      
8-07-1806 Page 86 Catron, Christley          
    Pankey, Mrs.   son     that washes
    Bell, Robert          
  Page 87 House, John          
    Byron, John          
    Mitchell, Doct'r John Edwards, William        
    Hardon, Moses          
    Rawlings, Doct'r Benjamin          
    Williford, Theophilus          
8-09-1806 Page 88 Tinsley, Starling          
    Payton, William John        
    McMurry, James Lakey, James   Watson, Jos.    
    Kerby, John          
    Hammilton, John C.          
    Wormington, Edward   negro Jim      
  Page 89 Pierson, Michael          
    Gayle, Josiah Crutcher, E.        
    Allen, John & Robert         Cash spent by A. Greer
    Wilson, Dr. John         Citizen
    McCorcle, Samuel Blythe, Rich'd        
8-11-1806 Page 90 Gillispie, John          
    Lafferty, John   daughter      
    Edwards, Thomas Nijah        
    Stone, Jun'r, Stephen          
    White, Alex A. Williams, N.        
    Tilman, Francis          
8-13-1806 Page 91 Bull, Richard         near W. C. Anderson's
    Anderson, William C.          
    Ellice, Robert          
    Hall, Levi          
  Page 92 Johnston, Thomas         Rob't Hamilton sec'ty
    Norvell, James          
    Bell, Mallichi          
    White, William         son of Mag's.
    Carter, Kinchen          
    Trice, Capt. John   wife Will'm    
8-16-1806 Page 93 Barry, Doct'r. James          
    Douglass, Reuben Afflack, Miss   Edwards, Mr.    
    Hassell, Mrs. Peggy          
    Hamilton, Robert          
    Weatherly, Joseph          
  Page 94 Kirk, William          
    King, William Hassell, Mrs. Abm.        
    Skeets, Nancy         Miss Hassell sect'y
    McMurry, John McMurry, James son      
    Campbell, William          
    Moore, Capt. Robt.          
    Elliot, Isaac          
  Page 95 Duty, Cap't. William          
    Chapman, John          
    Allen, Richard   father      
    Johnston, Isham         near Keiffs
    Maberry, Seth          
    Campbell, Owen Campbell, Wm. son      
    Scurry, Thomas          
8-18-1806 Page 96 Garrett, James          
    Seavea, Jacob          
    White, Rob't.          
    Norris, John Norris, James son      
    Shoulders, Sollomon          
    Miles, Daniel         son-in-Law of Tinsleys
    Alexander, John          
    Young, Abram          
  Page 97 Young, Abram          
    Johns, Isaac Harper, William        
    Harper, William          
    Gambling, James          
    Simpson, Elijah          
    Green, Edmund          
8-20-1806 Page 98 Desha Sen'r, Robert          
    Dobbins, Carson          
    Cotton, Moore          
    Benley, John          
    Lattimore, Charles          
8-22-1806 Page 99 Lattimore, Charles          
    Looney, Michael          
    Dobbins, John B.          
    Lauderdale, Sen'r, James   son      
    Wells, Josiah          
    Harper, Joseph         at Moses Cummins
8-23-1806 Page 100 Dawson, Joseph Dawson, Mrs.        
    Allen, Theophilus   wife Allen, Nathan brother  
    Pickering, Garaldus          
    Barber, Lawson          
    Doxey, Thomas          
    Moore, Samuel         Blacksmith
    Fisher, King         East Fork Goose Crk
8-25-1806 Page 101 Ferrill, James          
    Black, Samuel P.          
    Allen, Porter          
    Watson, James          
    Barnes, Sollomon          
    Walton, James          
    Bairdon, John          
8-28-1806 Page 102 Thurman, Sen'r, John          
    Drake, Richard          
    Dobbins, John          
    Bailey, John          

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