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History of Tennessee From the Earliest Time to the Present
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The biographies in the book History of Tennessee From the Earliest Time to the Present can be found on the Family Album page. The following is an index of these biographies. We will add more as time permits. Please remember that the Family Album page has hundreds of biographies and descendency charts, not from the Goodspeed book. We encourage you to search the Family Album site. You will need to use your back option to return to this index page.

Thanks to Eileen McCarey for typing the biographies!

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Alexander, James

Allen, Hon. B. F.

Armistead, Capt. L. C.

Barker, Henry J.

Barry, J. R.

Barth, Martin

Bate, Dr. Humphrey H.

Bates, William

Bell, Afred E.

Bender, Bernice L.

Boyers, Col. Thomas

Brown, Harris

Bryson, Robert

Bullock, James W.

Burney, Alfred M.

Bush, Robert T.

Butler, Oliver P.

Calgy, Daniel and William

Campbell, James

Cantrell, J. M.

Carr, Dr. Edwin S.

Chapman, William A.

Chenault, Charles

Chenault, Colby

Chenault, David

Chenault, Lieut. Harvey

Chenault, M. F.

Chenault, Milton W.

Chenault, William

Collier, Robert

Crenshaw, T. J.

Cummings, S. E.

Darnell, James

Day, Thomas J.

Dickenson, A. B. C.

Donelson, J. B.

Dorris, H. C.

Douglass, C. S., Capt

Douglass, Cullen E.

Douglass, Reuben

Duffy, William Read

Dunn, John G.

Edwards, J.

Elkin, Maj. M. S..

Elliott, Rev. M. R.

Franklin, Ed. [Edward] N., M.D.

Franklin, Ernest

Franklin, Dr. John W.

Frazier, John C.

Fry, Henry

Gillespie, George M.

Gillespie, R. G.

Green, Louis A.

Guthrie, Isaac N.

Hall, William

Harper, William

Harsh, Capt Geo

Hassell, M. J.

Haynes, Prof. W. A.

Head, Hon Charles R.

Head, Hon. Lee

Head, Dr. James H. Sr.

House, James

Howison, Capt. J. B.

Hunter, W. A.

Joyner, Capt. J. H.

Joyner, Maj. W. H.

Lackey, S. E.

Lane, Mrs. Sarah Edmonia

Lang, P. A.

Lewis, A. A.

Lyon, Capt. Samuel

Malone, J. B.

McKoin, Capt. J. N.

McLaren, Capt. J. H.

Mentlo, Lieut. J. A.

Mitchener, Elihu H.

Mitchener, James N.

Montgomery, Hon. D. A.

Morris, John

Moss, William F.

Munday, Maj. W. S.

Murray, Prof. A. B.

Natcher, Joseph

Nickelson, Jonas

Nickelson, Samuel

Parham, A.

Perdue, M. B.

Peyton, A. D.

Phillips, D. M.

Pierce, F. F.

Pond, Hon. H. G.

Pryor, Allen L.

Robb, J. Y.

Robb, H. W.

Rodemer, J. C.

Rogan, Charles B.

Rascoe, D. A.

Shafer, Harmon J.

Shute, J. M.

Soper, James A.

Tomkins, Dr. W. R.

Trousdale, Charles

Trousdale, Gen. William

Turner, J. N.

Vaughan, T. S.

Walton, Josiah

Weisiger, Jopseh Jr.

Wherry, H. S.

Wilson, Samuel

Witherspoon, Thomas F.

Woodson, Dr. Thomas M.

Worsham, W. H.

Wynne, Col. A. R.

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