Early History
Early History of Middle Tennessee
By Edward Albright, 1908

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Preface and Chapter Selection

      The history of Tennessee, and especially that of our won section of the State, was long sadly neglected, and it was now with the greatest difficulty that many of the isolated facts of tradition may be woven into a continuous thread of history.

      The failure of preceding generations to gather and record, first-handed, many of the stirring events of the early times in the Cumberland Valley from those who participated in them, has increased the task of the historical writer to write a history of to-day. Only one other attempt has been made to write a history of Middle Tennessee and that was by Col. A. W. PUTMAN, of Nashville, in 1859. From this work I have gathered much valuable information as well as from CARR'S Early Times, the histories of the State written by Judge HAYWOOD, Dr. RAMSEY, Mr. PHELAN, Prof. MCGEE, GARRETT and GOODPASTURE, and others. I am also indebted to Imlay's Historical Works, Roosevelt's Winning of the West, and Washington Irving's account of Spanish travels.

      Much of the latter-day traditions extant in both Sumner and Davidson Counties had been collected and harmonized and to the many sources from which this has been gathered I acknowledge myself indebted. Especially do I desire to express thanks to Dr. J. H. MCNEILLY, of Nashville, Dr. R. V. FOSTER, of Lebanon, and Col. Ruben T. DURRETT, of Louisville, for the courtesies and help extended and many favors shown. Without the aid of these and of others who might be mentioned I should have fallen far short of the historical accuracy which I believe to be a characteristic of the forthcoming work.

      For my own generation as well as for that of coming generations, I have gathered the facts presented from every available source, and now give them to the public, trusting that they may both instruct and entertain.
Edward Albright
Gallatin, Tenn, Jan 15, 1909

Chapter Selection

Chapter 1
The Mound Builders

Chapter 2
First Indian Settlers

Chapter 3
Spanish Adventures

Chapter 4
Hunters and Traders
Dr. Walker and Party

Chapter 5
Timonthy DeMonbreun

Chapter 6
Wallen, Boone, Callaway, and Scraggins

Chapter 7
The Long Hunters

Chapter 8
Mansker's Party
First Indian Killed

Chapter 9
Thomas Sharp Spencer

Chapter 10
Indian Tribes and Treaties

Chapter 11
First Settlers

Chapter 12
James Robertson
The Arrival at French Lick

Chapter 13
Location of Forts

Chapter 14
Donelson's Voyage
The River Fleets Begin Their Long Journey

Chapter 15
Perils of the River

Chapter 16
End of Voyage

Chapter 17
Compact of Government

Chapter 18
Events of 1780
Indian Warfare Begins

Chapter 19
Events of 1780 (Continued)
Massacre at Renfroe's Station
Attack at Ashner's
Death of Wm. Neely
Clover Bottom Defeat

Chapter 20
Events of 1780 (Continued)
Clover Bottom Defeat (Continued)
Bear Hunters

Chapter 21
Events of 1781
In Search of Ammunition
Attack on Freeland's Station

Chapter 22
Events of 1781 (Continued)
Mrs. Dunham and Daughter Wounded
Attack on Bluff Station

Chapter 23
Events of 1782
David Hood Scalped
Kilgore's Station Broken Up
General Council Called
Wm. M'Murry Killed

Chapter 24
Events of 1783
Forts Established in Sumner County
Court of Triers Assembles
Savage Fury Again Upon the Settlement
Treaty Formulated

Chapter 25
Events of 1784
Militia Reorganized
Hunting Parties Attacked by Indians

Chapter 26
Events of 1785
Wm. Hall Arrives at Bledsoe's Lick
Rev. Thos B. Craighead

Chapter 27
Events of 1786
Population of Settlement Increases
Indian Renew Hostilities
Defeated Creek Attack
Death of Colonel Donelson
Sumner County Organized

Chapter 28
Events of 1787
Increase of Immigration
Indian Outrages Renewed
Death of James Hall and Maj. William Hall
Raid on Morgan's Fort

Chapter 29
Events of 1787 Continued
The Cold Water Expedition

Chapter 30
Events of 1789
Peyton Robertson Killed
Attack on Bledsoe's Fort
Col. Anthony Bledsoe Mortally Wounded
Hamilton's Station Established
Tennessee County Organized
Massacre of Col. Brown's Party

Chapter 31
Events of 1789
Col. John Sevier Elected to Congress
Indian Outrages Renewed
Colonel Robertson Wounded
Andrew Jackson
The "Fool Warrior"
Gen. James Winchester

Chapter 32
Events of 1790
Middle Tennessee Becomes a Part of the Western Territory
Officers Commissioned
Citizens of Sumner County Killed

Chapter 33
Alexander M'Gillivray
Treaties Formulated
Trouble with the Cherokees
Chota the City of Refuge
New Forts in Sumner County

Chapter 34
Events of 1792
Indian Ravages
General Knox Refused to Co-operate with the Colonists
Col. Valentine Sevier
Death of his Sons
Forts in Robertson County Attacked
Massacre at Zigler's Station
Murderers Pursued

Chapter 35
Events of 1792 (Continued)
Lieutenant Snoddy and Party Encounter Indians on Caney Fork
Attack on Buchanan's Station
Jimmie O'Connor

Chapter 36
Major Evans and Party Attacked
Tragic Death of Col. Isaac Bledsoe
Monument to the Bledsoes
Spencer's Adventure
Assault on Greenfield Station
Old Abraham Kills "Maddog," the Cherokee Chief
Death of Miss Steel
Raid Beyond the River
White Prisoners

Chapter 37
Events of 1794
The Territorial Assembly Meets
Congress Petitioned
Indian Outrages
Attack on Jonathan Robertson's Party

Chapter 38
Events of 1794 Continued
The Nickajack Expedition
Maj. Geo D. Blackmore
Assault on Sevier's Station near Clarksville

Chapter 39
Events of 1795 - 1796
A Census Taken
State of Tennessee Organized
First Legislature Meets at Knoxville
New Counties
Death of General Robertson

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