Corum Hill Baptist Church

Corum Hill Baptist Church

From History of Middle Tennessee Baptists
by J. H. Grime
Nashville, TN

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This church is located in the Fist Civil District of Sumner County, Tennessee, ten miles east of Gallatin, in Bletoe's Bend, on the north side of Cumberland River. The church might properly be termed an offspring of Hopewell Church, though drawing some members from Second Creek. It was gathered through the ministry of Elder Jno. S. Rice, who became one of the constituent members. They were constituted into an independent church, with fifteen members the first presbytery, viz.: Elders Daniel Smith, W. H. Haile and D. W. Smith, with Deacons John Weathered, John Wilks, William Crim, James S. Siddons, and Pleasant Harris.

PASTORS: Elder Jno. S. Rice, 1857-70; Elder R. Dorris, 1872-72; Elder R. S. Blankenship, 1872-75; Elder J. S. Rice, 1876-81; Elder 1876-81; Elder A. H. Rather, 1881-87; Elder J. F. Lambert, 1887-88; Elder W. M. S. Wilks, 1888-91, Elder J. A. Stone, 1891-93; Elder J. J. Carr, 1893-1901, Elder W. M. S. Wilks, to the present.

CLERKS: William Locket, 1857-73; W. W. Locket, 1874-77; J. B. Locket, 1877-80; H. C. Corum, 1880; William Young, 1880-82; J. B. Locket, 1882-84; S. M. Wilks, 1884-94; J. E. Corum, 1894-96; S. M. Wilks 1896 to present.

DEACONS: David Rice, 1857; William Locket, 1857; William Corum, 1865; George Mitchener, 1865; E. N. Mitchener, 1865.

This church ordained to the ministry Elder J. A. Stone, October, 1887, by Elders J. F. Lambert and W.M. S. Wilks and the deacons of Corum Hill Church.

The church was constituted in an old log house and given the name of Corum's Chapel. They afterward purchased a beautiful lot on a high hill and built a neat house of worship and changed the name to Corum Hill.

This church has furnished a Christian home for 213 persons since the organization. They now number sixty-eight members.

They united with Enon Association in 1857, when in session with Friendship Church. This church occupies an important point, yet a little bit circumscribed in territory. They have had much opposition, but have proved themselves faithful warriors. They have represented in Wiseman Association since 1892.

NOTE: Several Pastors, Deacons, and Clerks mentioned in the History of Middle Tennessee Baptists can be found in the Sumner County Family Album.

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