Sumner County, TN Confederate Pension Applications

Sumner Co. TN - Confederate Pension Applications

Donated by the Tennessee State Library and Archives
Reprinted with permission

NAME:  Addy,  J.S.
PENSION #:  S3910
UNIT:  46th Inf.

NAME:  Alison,  William P.
PENSION #:  S14692
UNIT:  3rd (Forrest's) Cav.

NAME:  Anderson,  James A.
PENSION #:  S9159
UNIT:  8th (Dibrell's) Cav.

NAME:  Anderson,  James E.
PENSION #:  S4413
UNIT:  7th Cav.

NAME:  Anderson,  T.B.
PENSION #:  S8726
UNIT:  28th Inf.

NAME:  Anderson,  William A.
PENSION #:  S7511
UNIT:  Stark's Bn. Art.

NAME:  Angle,  L.W.
PENSION #:  S16524
UNIT:  3rd Ky. Mtd. Inf.

NAME:  Anglea,  John Wesley.
WIDOW:  Anglea,  Fredonia
PENSION #:  W10745

NAME:  Askew,  W.T.
PENSION #:  S5449
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Atchison,  B.F.
PENSION #:  S6641
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Ausbrooks,  Pleasant H.
PENSION #:  S1600
UNIT:  25th Inf.

NAME:  Ausbrooks,  W.C., Sr.
PENSION #:  S5157
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Austin,  J.T.
PENSION #:  S3898
UNIT:  7th Bn (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Baker,  W.P.
PENSION #:  S7928
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Baker,  W.P.
WIDOW:  Baker,  Catherine
PENSION #:  W10937

NAME:  Barber,  J.G.
PENSION #:  S2437
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Barber,  Joseph G.
WIDOW:  Barber,  Manerva
PENSION #:  W9993

NAME:  Barber,  W.A.
PENSION #:  S5774
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Barber,  William Allen.
WIDOW:  Barber,  Harriet Lavinia
PENSION #:  W10052

NAME:  Barnard,  Elvis
PENSION #:  S6612
UNIT:  Undetermined

NAME:  Barry,  John N.
WIDOW:  Barry,  Carrie Franklin
PENSION #:  W1877

NAME:  Barry,  R.W.
PENSION #:  S6691
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Bate,  H.H.
PENSION #:  S5898
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Bate,  Humphrey Howell.
WIDOW:  Bate,  Nancy D.
PENSION #:  W5157

NAME:  Bate,  James H.
PENSION #:  S16119
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Beck,  J.Z.
PENSION #:  S7529
UNIT:  8th (Dibrell's) Cav.

NAME:  Beil,  A.E.
PENSION #:  S13911
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Bell,  Q.S
WIDOW:  Bell,  Frances
PENSION #:  W1421

NAME:  Bell,  Quint S.
PENSION #:  S7591
UNIT:  22nd (Barteau's) Cav.

NAME:  Bennett,  William J.
PENSION #:  S12625
UNIT:  9th(Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Bertrand,  Robert Boyers.
WIDOW:  Bertrand,  Louisa Arterburn
PENSION #:  W4085

NAME:  Biggs,  Sanford
WIDOW:  Biggs,  Hester A.
PENSION #:  W262

NAME:  Blackburn,  E.J.
PENSION #:  S4571
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Blackburn,  Elisha J.
WIDOW:  Blackburn,  Sarah Jane
PENSION #:  W1679

NAME:  Blackburn,  James B.
WIDOW:  Blackburn,  Mary Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W1230

NAME:  Blackmore,  Andrew L.
WIDOW:  Blackmore,  Matilda A.
PENSION #:  W6509

NAME:  Blakemore,  H.A.
PENSION #:  S14131
UNIT:  8th Inf.

NAME:  Blakemore,  Henry A.
WIDOW:  Blakemore,  Ada
PENSION #:  W7645

NAME:  Blankenship,  J.J.
PENSION #:  S4733
UNIT:  4th (McLemore's) Cav.

NAME:  Bledsoe,  Alexander Green
PENSION #:  S616
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Blue,  John F.
PENSION #:  S10753
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Blue,  John Franklin.
WIDOW:  Blue,  Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W5895

NAME:  Bowling,  A.A.
PENSION #:  S11800
UNIT:  14th Inf.

NAME:  Bradley,  A.W.
PENSION #:  S5404
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Bradley,  J.W.
PENSION #:  S10971
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Bradley,  J.W.
WIDOW:  Bradley,  Dora
PENSION #:  W9682

NAME:  Bradley,  T.E.
PENSION #:  S12738
UNIT:  23rd Inf.

NAME:  Bradley,  Vincent.
WIDOW:  Bradley,  Nannie E.
PENSION #:  W2629

NAME:  Bradley,  W.T.
PENSION #:  S1727
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Bradley,  William Thomson.
WIDOW:  Bradley,  Mary Webster
PENSION #:  W3524

NAME:  Branch,  John
PENSION #:  S13317
UNIT:  1st Fl. Resvs.

NAME:  Branch,  John
WIDOW:  Branch,  Eugena C.
PENSION #:  W10670

NAME:  Brandon,  Charles L.
PENSION #:  S5078
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Branham,  George
PENSION #:  S10640
UNIT:  9th Cav.

NAME:  Branham,  John W.
PENSION #:  S14502
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Brassell,  Henry T.
PENSION #:  S10368
UNIT:  7th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Brasswell,  A.D.
PENSION #:  S11401
UNIT:  7th Ky. Cav.

NAME:  Brewer,  W.H.
PENSION #:  S5813
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Brigance,  William M.
PENSION #:  S625
UNIT:  1st (Turney's) Inf.

NAME:  Brizendine,  M. J.
PENSION #:  S13093 & S16255
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Brown,  Charles H.
PENSION #:  S6647
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Brown,  H.
WIDOW:  Brown,  Sallie A.
PENSION #:  W9664 

NAME:  Brown,  Hiram
PENSION #:  S5195
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Brown,  J.P.
PENSION #:  S5232
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Brown,  J.W.
PENSION #:  S9145
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Brown,  James D.
PENSION #:  S4685
UNIT:  4th (McLemore's) Cav.

NAME:  Brown,  James P.
PENSION #:  S10579
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Brown,  William H.
WIDOW:  Brown,  Kittie
PENSION #:  W1585

NAME:  Bruce,  Finis
PENSION #:  S15996
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Bruce,  John M.
PENSION #:  S1191
UNIT:  l8th Inf.

NAME:  Buck,  Elias J.
PENSION #:  S9361
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Buck,  M.A.
WIDOW:  Buck,  Martha E.
PENSION #:  W2397

NAME:  Burk,  M.A.
PENSION #:  S1089
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Burnley,  W.D.
WIDOW:  Burnley,  Melvina
PENSION #:  W5985

NAME:  Burnley,  William Daniel
PENSION #:  S7184
UNIT:  7th Ky. Cav.

NAME:  Burns,  James.
WIDOW:  Burns,  Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W6619

NAME:  Burns,  William Harrison.
WIDOW:  Burns,  Brunnette 
PENSION #:  W6647

NAME:  Burrey,  W.L.
WIDOW:  Burrey,  Prudic F.
PENSION #:  W8150

NAME:  Byram,  A.C.
PENSION #:  S3666
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Byrn,  James D.
WIDOW:  Byrn,  Bettie
PENSION #:  W4055

NAME:  Byrns,  J.W.
PENSION #:  S13049
UNIT:  22nd (Barteau's) Cav.

NAME:  Caldwell,  Hardy
PENSION #:  S11230
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Caldwell,  Hardy.
WIDOW:  Caldwell,  Nancy
PENSION #:  W1163

NAME:  Cannon,  G.B.
PENSION #:  S3847
UNIT:  22nd (Barteau's) Cav.

NAME:  Cannon,  G.B.
WIDOW:  Cannon,  L.A.
PENSION #:  W4669

NAME:  Cantrell,  John M.
WIDOW:  Cantrell,  Florence Hart
PENSION #:  W5273

NAME:  Carman,  John
PENSION #:  S10642
UNIT:  9th Cav.

NAME:  Carter,  J.W.
PENSION #:  S3455
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Carter,  Joseph
PENSION #:  S4278
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Carter,  W.N.
PENSION #:  S11430
UNIT:  7th Cav.

NAME:  Carter,  W.N.
WIDOW:  Caner,  Bettie
PENSION #:  W7713

NAME:  Chappell,  William Martin.
WIDOW:  Chappell,  Angeline N.
PENSION #:  W1161

NAME:  Cheiault,  Colby
PENSION #:  S14720
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Clark,  A.J.
PENSION #:  S7313
UNIT:  Hamilton's Bn. Cav.

NAME:  Clark,  Charles
PENSION #:  S11487
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Clark,  Charles.
WIDOW:  Clark,  Martha Louise
PENSION #:  W3809

NAME:  Clark,  Edward F.
PENSION #:  S484
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Clark,  Henry
PENSION #:  S13328
UNIT:  l7th Inf.

NAME:  Clark,  Richard
PENSION #:  S3685
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Clendening,  J.C.
PENSION #:  S9660
UNIT:  5th Inf.

NAME:  Clendenning,  James Curren.
WIDOW:  Clendenning,  Isori
PENSION #:  W9530

NAME:  Clendining,  J.S.
PENSION #:  S6064
UNIT:  9th Cav.

NAME:  Cline,  John William.
WIDOW:  Cline,  Louisa E.
PENSION #:  W747

NAME:  Cocke,  Thomas Webb.
WIDOW:  Cocke,  Samuella
PENSION #:  W6313

NAME:  Cockrell,  E.G.
PENSION #:  S16639
UNIT:  12th Cav.

NAME:  Coleman,  Theopilus Neal
WIDOW:  Hollins,  Amy L.(Coleman)
PENSION #:  W10983

NAME:  Coles,  G.M.
PENSION #:  S3631
UNIT:  4th (McLemore's) Cav.

NAME:  Colley,  W.G.
PENSION #:  S3899
UNIT:  22nd (Barteau's) Cav.

NAME:  Collins,  Monroe Joshua
WIDOW:  Collins,  Mary Adaline
PENSION #:  W10475

NAME:  Cooley,  Albert Gallalin.
WIDOW:  Cooley,  Missouri Tennessee
PENSION #:  W2007 & W2521

NAME:  Cooper,  Martin
PENSION #:  S5000
UNIT:  55th Inf.

NAME:  Corum,  H.C.
PENSION #:  S7438
UNIT:  28th Inf.

NAME:  Corum,  Henry Clinton.
WIDOW:  Corum,  Rachel Frances
PENSION #:  W5324

NAME:  Covington,  J.F.
PENSION #:  S4648
UNIT:  13th Inf.

NAME:  Covington,  J.F.
WIDOW:  Covington,  Matilda
PENSION #:  W6523

NAME:  Crabb,  J.F.
PENSION #:  S5739
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Crabb,  William
PENSION #:  S2077
UNIT:  2nd Cav.

NAME:  Creasy,  Joseph
PENSION #:  S7990
UNIT:  1st Cav.

NAME:  Cron,  J.E.
PENSION #:  S16358
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Cron,  Joseph Ellison.
WIDOW:  Cron,  Anne Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W9373

NAME:  Crouch,  Franklin Jackson
PENSION #:  S13354
UNIT:  55th Inf.

NAME:  Culbreath,  John R.
PENSION #:  S1728
UNIT:  7th Bn. Cav.

NAME:  Culbreath,  John R.
WIDOW:  Culbreath,  Mary Jane
PENSION #:  W4876

NAME:  Cunningham,  Calvin
PENSION #:  S7923
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Cunningham,  Calvin.
WIDOW:  Cunningham,  Lucy B.
PENSION #:  W7548

NAME:  Cunningham,  Tim L.
PENSION #:  S10195
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Daughtry,  W.T.
WIDOW:  Daughtry,  Ellen C.

NAME:  Daughtry,  William Thomas
PENSION #:  S3202
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Davis,  F.M.
WIDOW:  Davis,  Lucindia
PENSION #:  W1177

NAME:  Davis,  Francis M.
PENSION #:  S148
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Davis,  John Wilson.
WIDOW:  Davis,  Nancy Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W4674

NAME:  Dempsey,  John Washington
WIDOW:  Dempsey,  Ann E.

NAME:  Devasher,  A.L.
PENSION #:  S13428
UNIT:  1st Ky. Cav.

NAME:  Dismukes,  G.W.
PENSION #:  S13273
UNIT:  21st Ala. Inf.

NAME:  Dobbins,  Albert Carson.
WIDOW:  Dobbins,  Susie Ida
PENSION #:  W5758

NAME:  Dobbs,  James Chesley.
WIDOW:  Dobbs,  Samautha E.
PENSION #:  W338

NAME:  Dorris,  Isaac N.
PENSION #:  S3969
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Dorris,  Isah T.
PENSION #:  S2123
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Dorris,  Isiah Thomsbury.
WIDOW:  Dorris,  Henry Jane
PENSION #:  W1363

NAME:  Dorris,  James D.
PENSION #:  S16563
UNIT:  14th Inf.

NAME:  Dorris,  James Richard.
WIDOW:  Dorris,  Louisa Agnes 
PENSION #:  W2888

NAME:  Douglass,  Charles S.
PENSION #:  S15678
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Douglass,  R.
PENSION #:  S13728
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Duer,  C.L.
PENSION #:  S11672
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Duffer,  Robert A.
PENSION #:  S2836
UNIT:  7th Cav.

NAME:  Duffer,  Robert.
WIDOW:  Duffer,  Millie
PENSION #:  W9915

NAME:  Duffer,  William T.
WIDOW:  Duffer,  Margaret A
PENSION #:  W7414

NAME:  Duncan,  James D.
PENSION #:  S15803
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Dunn,  Allen S.H.
PENSION #:  S16562
UNIT:  14th Inf.

NAME:  Durham,  F.G.
PENSION #:  S650
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Durham,  Francis Gooseberry.
WIDOW:  Durham,  Leoni Alis
PENSION #:  W8732

NAME:  Durham,  J.H.
PENSION #:  S12731
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Durham,  W.M.
PENSION #:  S13878
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Durham,  William E.
PENSION #:  S12293
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Durham,  William M.
PENSION #:  S5491
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Echols,  J.B.
PENSION #:  S12813
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Edison,  John C.
WIDOW:  Eidson,  Missouria A.
PENSION #:  W763

NAME:  Edmondson,  David C.
WIDOW:  Edmondson,  Sarah Boid
PENSION #:  W8763

NAME:  Eidson,  J.R.
PENSION #:  S6016
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Eidson,  Josiah R.
PENSION #:  S9526
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Elam,  D.W.
WIDOW:  Elam,  Martha E.
PENSION #:  W182

NAME:  Elam,  Daniel W.
PENSION #:  S308
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Elizer,  T.D.
PENSION #:  S9837
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Elliott,  S.F.
PENSION #:  S11812
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Elliott,  William S.
PENSION #:  S4100
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Ellis,  Thomas S.
PENSION #:  S1715
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Escue,  A.
PENSION #:  S849
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Escue,  William A.
WIDOW:  Escue,  Lucinda M.
PENSION #:  W453

NAME:  Essex,  T.H.
PENSION #:  S3731
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Fierson,  James W.
PENSION #:  S9841
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Fikes,  William H.
WIDOW:  Fikes,  Harriett F.
PENSION #:  W9058

NAME:  Finn,  William R.
PENSION #:  S14627
UNIT:  22nd Bn. Inf.

NAME:  Fite,  E.C.
PENSION #:  S14026
UNIT:  Sterling's Co. Hvy. Art.

NAME:  Fite,  Edwin Campbell.
WIDOW:  Fite,  Susie Comer
PENSION #:  W8510

NAME:  Fleming,  Berry N.
WIDOW:  Fleming,  Mary H.
PENSION #:  W3059

NAME:  Foster,  Oliver H.
PENSION #:  S10294
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Fowler,  H.T.
PENSION #:  S4790
UNIT:  22nd (Barteau's) Cav.

NAME:  Fowler,  Henry Thomas.
WIDOW:  Fowler,  Patience
PENSION #:  W4518

NAME:  Franklin,  A.R.
WIDOW:  Franklin,  Bettie
PENSION #:  W2399

NAME:  Franklin,  James.
WIDOW:  Franklin,  Bettie P.
PENSION #:  W2458

NAME:  Frazer,  W.A.
PENSION #:  S4641
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Frazor,  J.M.
PENSION #:  S4734
UNIT:  6th Ark. Inf.

NAME:  Frazor,  William Andrew.
WIDOW:  Frazor,  Margaret Jane
PENSION #:  W5799

NAME:  Freedle,  O.H.
PENSION #:  S14378
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Frey,  C.J.
PENSION #:  S10855
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Fulgrum,  Sylvanus
PENSION #:  S5729
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Gant,  W.H.
PENSION #:  S5012
UNIT:  1st Cav.

NAME:  Gant,  William Henry.
WIDOW:  Gant,  Malinda Frances
PENSION #:  W2145

NAME:  Gant,  William T.
WIDOW:  Gant,  Christian Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W353

NAME:  Gardner,  John A.
PENSION #:  S852
UNIT:  10th Inf.

NAME:  Garrett,  J.W.
PENSION #:  S11410
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Garrett,  James B.
PENSION #:  S3694
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Gillespie,  J.C.
WIDOW:  Gillespie,  Eliza Watkins
PENSION #:  W4754

NAME:  Gillespie,  Jessie C.
PENSION #:  S11822
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Gilliam,  David M.S.
PENSION #:  S7589
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Gilliam,  David M.S.
WIDOW:  Gilliam,  Lucy S.
PENSION #:  W1717

NAME:  Gilliam,  W.B.
PENSION #:  S3695
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Gilliam,  W.B.
WIDOW:  Gilliam,  Millie A.
PENSION #:  W7545

NAME:  Glenn,  T.S.
PENSION #:  S10720
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Glover,  I.L.
PENSION #:  S4715
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Goostree,  T. J. 
PENSION #:  S4911
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Gossett,  Jack
PENSION #:  S9908
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Gourley,  James Robert
WIDOW:  Gourley,  Mary L.
PENSION #:  W1637

NAME:  Gourly,  James F.
WIDOW:  Gourly,  Eveline
PENSION #:  W608

NAME:  Grainger,  G.D.
WIDOW:  Grainger,  Ora Walton
PENSION #:  W3755

NAME:  Grainger,  Gervis D.
PENSION #:  S2730
UNIT:  6th Ky. Inf.

NAME:  Graves,  G.J.
PENSION #:  S745
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Gray,  J.W.
PENSION #:  S4102
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Gray,  James Franklin.
WIDOW:  Gray,  Mary A.
PENSION #:  W4723

NAME:  Gray,  James Wesley.
WIDOW:  Gray,  Lucy Ann
PENSION #:  W2078

NAME:  Gray,  W.A.
PENSION #:  S14081
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Gray,  William M.
PENSION #:  S4476
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Green,  Elmore Harris.
WIDOW:  Green,  Anna M.
PENSION #:  W1879

NAME:  Gregory,  William A.
PENSION #:  S519
UNIT:  24th Inf.

NAME:  Grimm,  A.
PENSION #:  S10996
UNIT:  13th Cav.

NAME:  Guthrie,  J.M.
PENSION #:  S9424
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Gwin,  Jesse.
WIDOW:  Gwin,  Mary Ann Eliza
PENSION #:  W1533

NAME:  Hale,  H.B.
PENSION #:  S13897
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Hale,  Hugh Barnett.
WIDOW:  Hale,  Ferrie
PENSION #:  W11005

NAME:  Hale,  John W.
PENSION #:  S12092
UNIT:  4th (McLemore's) Cav.

NAME:  Hamilton,  John L.
PENSION #:  S7106
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Hannah,  James Alison
WIDOW:  Hannah,  Harriet Susan
PENSION #:  W6105

NAME:  Harper,  William T.
WIDOW:  Harper,  Martha Francis
PENSION #:  W928

NAME:  Harris,  John Dudley.
WIDOW:  Harris,  Louisa
PENSION #:  W3544

NAME:  Harris,  T.G.
PENSION #:  S3296
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Harris,  Thomas G.
PENSION #:  S531
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Harrison,  James William.
WIDOW:  Harrison,  Mary Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W559

NAME:  Haynes,  H.C.
PENSION #:  S16205
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Haynes,  Henry Clay.
WIDOW:  Haynes,  Marinda Ellen
PENSION #:  W9055

NAME:  Head,  M.E.
PENSION #:  S16199 & S16267
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Heath,  A.J.
PENSION #:  S12600
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Henley,  P.B.
PENSION #:  S9333
UNIT:  23rd Va. Inf.

NAME:  Henley,  Peter Branch.
WIDOW:  Henley,  Sarah Ann
PENSION #:  W4496

NAME:  Henry,  John Franklin.
WIDOW:  Henry,  Mary Fitzpatrick
PENSION #:  W10638

NAME:  Henry,  M.S.
PENSION #:  S5492
UNIT:  2nd Cav.

NAME:  Herring,  Davie Grant.
WIDOW:  Herring,  Mary Jane
PENSION #:  W2370

NAME:  Herring,  J.T.
PENSION #:  S9359
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Herring,  John Taylor.
WIDOW:  Herring,  Mollie Isabella
PENSION #:  W5773

NAME:  Hester,  R.M.
PENSION #:  S11302
UNIT:  14th Bn., Ala. Cav.

NAME:  Hibbett,  A.J.
PENSION #:  S15467
UNIT:  Allison's Squadron Cav.

NAME:  Hicks,  James M.
PENSION #:  S5056 & S1610
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Hicks,  James Marion
WIDOW:  Hicks,  Sofrona Jane
PENSION #:  W3143

NAME:  Higgason,  Thomas H.
PENSION #:  S1194
UNIT:  l8th Inf.

NAME:  Higgerson,  L.D.
PENSION #:  S562
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Hill,  Robert G.
PENSION #:  S12610
UNIT:  24th Inf.

NAME:  Hines,  Thomas L.
PENSION #:  S4519
UNIT:  23rd Inf.

NAME:  Hines,  Thomas L.
WIDOW:  Hines,  Elmira
PENSION #:  W7368

NAME:  Hinsley,  W.M.
PENSION #:  S901
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Hinsley,  William
PENSION #:  S2601
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Hodges,  Daniel Smith
WIDOW:  Hodges,  Harriet F.
PENSION #:  W156

NAME:  Hodges,  R.A.
PENSION #:  S13277
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Hodges,  Richard A.
WIDOW:  Hodges,  Susan A.
PENSION #:  W10046

NAME:  Holder,  T.J.
WIDOW:  Holder,  Mary Rose
PENSION #:  W1925

NAME:  Hollis,  William
PENSION #:  S1466 & S1027
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Holmes,  Calvin B. 
PENSION #:  S7873
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Holmes,  Calvin B.
WIDOW:  Holmes,  Amanda Mildina
PENSION #:  W6445 & W8703

NAME:  Holmes,  R. Y. 
PENSION #:  S13065
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Holmes,  Robert Yancey.
WIDOW:  Holmes,  Julia Ann
PENSION #:  W6772

NAME:  Holt,  Novel L.
WIDOW:  Holt,  A.Y.

NAME:  Honeycutt,  James A. 
PENSION #:  S10927
UNIT:  8th Ky. Inf.

NAME:  Hooper,  Andrew Jackson.
WIDOW:  Hooper,  Myra Cantrell
PENSION #:  W4103

NAME:  Hooper,  Daniel S.
WIDOW:  Hooper,  Francis A.
PENSION #:  W583 

NAME:  Hornbuckle,  J. W.
PENSION #:  S12488
UNIT:  49th Inf.

NAME:  Howard,  W.J.F.
PENSION #:  S4091
UNIT:  2nd Ky. Cav.

NAME:  Hudggins,  William.
WIDOW:  Hudggins,  Sarah
PENSION #:  W9151

NAME:  Hudgins,  William.
WIDOW:  Hudgins,  Sarah
PENSION #:  W796

NAME:  Huggins,  William.
WIDOW:  Huggins,  Sarah
PENSION #:  W9039

NAME:  Hughes,  Joseph
PENSION #:  S544
UNIT:  24th Inf.

NAME:  Hughlett,  James
PENSION #:  S4033
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Hughlett,  James.
WIDOW:  Hughlett,  Susan
PENSION #:  W1876

NAME:  Hunnicutt,  Thomas F.
WIDOW:  Hunnicutt,  Harriet L.
PENSION #:  W101

NAME:  Hunter,  George W. 
PENSION #:  S5429
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Hunter,  W. 
PENSION #:  S1690
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Isbell,  Pendleton
PENSION #:  S4404
UNIT:  6th Inf.

NAME:  Isbell,  William
PENSION #:  S6947
UNIT:  59th Inf.

NAME:  Jackson,  Alfred
PENSION #:  S4537
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Jackson,  Bailie Peyton.
WIDOW:  Jackson,  Theodora Fagundus
PENSION #:  W4010

NAME:  Jackson,  James A.
PENSION #:  S10916
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Jackson,  W. C. 
PENSION #:  S12665
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Johnson,  John C.
WIDOW:  Johnson,  Diza A.
PENSION #:  W9762

NAME:  Johnson,  T.P.
PENSION #:  S3828
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Jones,  Henry Parls.
WIDOW:  Jones,  Eliza Grideon
PENSION #:  W9024

NAME:  Jones,  Joseph Addison.
WIDOW:  Jones,  Polly
PENSION #:  W10644

NAME:  Jones,  Raymond
PENSION #:  S5802
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Jones,  T. A.
PENSION #:  S5273
UNIT:  6th Ky. Inf.

NAME:  Jones,  Thomas Allen.
WIDOW:  Jones,  Sallie E.
PENSION #:  W3823

NAME:  Karr,  Aaron.
WIDOW:  Karr,  Sarah
PENSION #:  W675

NAME:  Karr,  R. W.
PENSION #:  S7386
UNIT:  6th Ky. Inf.

NAME:  Keen,  Alexander M.
WIDOW:  Keen,  Emily J.
PENSION #:  W713

NAME:  Kelley,  Albert
PENSION #:  S7896
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Kendall,  Frank
PENSION #:  S2254
UNIT:  8th Inf.

NAME:  Kendall,  Frank.
WIDOW:  Kendall,  Martha
PENSION #:  W7564

NAME:  Key,  George
PENSION #:  S5001
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  King,  Joseph
PENSION #:  S4707
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  King,  W. B.
PENSION #:  S5928
UNIT:  6th Ark. Inf.

NAME:  Kirby,  F. M.
PENSION #:  S4040
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Kirk,  W. T.
PENSION #:  S5225
UNIT:  9th Cav.

NAME:  Kirk,  William T.
WIDOW:  Kirk,  Harriet L.
PENSION #:  W3227

NAME:  Kirkham,  Euel.
WIDOW:  Kirkham,  Jane
PENSION #:  W3644

NAME:  Kirkham,  Thomas
PENSION #:  S5161
UNIT:  Undetermined

NAME:  Kizer,  J. B.
PENSION #:  S9425
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Lawrence,  Robert F.
PENSION #:  S12563
UNIT:  4th Inf.

NAME:  Lawrence,  T.J.
WIDOW:  Lawrence,  Cynthia L.
PENSION #:  W7003

NAME:  Lawrence,  Thomas J.
PENSION #:  S5139
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Lee,  John
PENSION #:  S16577
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Lee,  Joshua S.
PENSION #:  S649
UNIT:  55th Inf.

NAME:  Lee,  Joshua S.
WIDOW:  Lee,  Mariah
PENSION #:  W3904

NAME:  Lee,  M.B.
PENSION #:  S16469
UNIT:  8th Cav.

NAME:  Lee,  Stephen.
WIDOW:  Lee,  Matilda F.
PENSION #:  W3254

NAME:  Legg,  George W.
PENSION #:  S3926
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Legg,  William E.
PENSION #:  S2893
UNIT:  7th Cav.

NAME:  Leggett,  Isaac Daniel.
WIDOW:  Leggett,  Marthy Jane
PENSION #:  W612

NAME:  Lewis,  David
PENSION #:  S1000
UNIT:  l6th Inf.

NAME:  Lewis,  T.J.
PENSION #:  S10682
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Lewis,  William A.
WIDOW:  Lewis,  Sarah E.
PENSION #:  W140

NAME:  Link,  R.H.
PENSION #:  S7320
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Link,  Thomas W.
UNIT:  2nd Cav.

NAME:  Link,  Thomas Wesley.
WIDOW:  Link,  Clarinda
PENSION #:  W3973 

NAME:  Littleton,  Jarnes
WIDOW:  Littleton,  Mary Louise
PENSION #:  W8295

NAME:  Livingston,  R.N.
PENSION #:  S3657
UNIT:  24th Inf.

NAME:  Livingston,  Robert Newman.
WIDOW:  Livingston,  Louisa
PENSION #:  W8678

NAME:  Lizon,  Ausugts D.
PENSION #:  S5856
UNIT:  23rd Inf.

NAME:  Love,  Thomas R.
PENSION #:  S14121
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Lovell,  R. E. 
PENSION #:  S4195
UNIT:  l3th Inf.

NAME:  Lovell,  Robert Elmore.
WIDOW:  Lovell,  Mary Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W3730

NAME:  Malone,  J.B.
PENSION #:  S11883
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Malone,  James Bryson.
WIDOW:  Malone,  Katie
PENSION #:  W8589

NAME:  Malone,  John W.
PENSION #:  S10951 & S5410
UNIT:  22nd (Barteau's) Cav.

NAME:  Marshall,  H.H.
PENSION #:  S4009
UNIT:  18th Inf.

NAME:  Marshall,  William H.
PENSION #:  S2703
UNIT:  18th Inf.

NAME:  Martin,  G.W.
PENSION #:  S9793
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Martin,  James Glascow.
WIDOW:  Martin,  Mary Ann
PENSION #:  W1861

NAME:  Matheny,  D.F.
PENSION #:  S12225
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Matherly,  Daniel Francis.
WIDOW:  Matherly,  Mary Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W7921

NAME:  Mathis,  John A.
PENSION #:  S4618
UNIT:  2nd Ky. Inf.

NAME:  Maxwell,  J. C.
PENSION #:  S4728
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  May,  W. H.
PENSION #:  S5656
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Mayes,  J. F.
PENSION #:  S6617
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Mcadams,  James B. 
PENSION #:  S7534
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  McAdams,  James Boles
WIDOW:  Mcadams,  Sarah Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W9278

NAME:  McColgan,  J. T.
PENSION #:  S14632
UNIT:  14th Ky. Cav.

NAME:  McCormack,  James William.
WIDOW:  Mccormack,  Dollie R.
PENSION #:  W6142

NAME:  McKeill,  J. B.
PENSION #:  S1556
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  McKinley,  W. J.
PENSION #:  S2554
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  McKoin,  John G.
PENSION #:  S13691
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Mcmurtry,  J.H.
PENSION #:  S11915
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  McMurtry,  Jacob H.
WIDOW:  Mcmurtry,  Mattie 0.Uttey
PENSION #:  W9001

NAME:  McQuirter,  Thomas Samuel.
WIDOW:  Mcquirter,  Patience
PENSION #:  W9667

NAME:  MI,  Robert Gwynn.
WIDOW:  Hill,  Sophia Reddick
PENSION #:  W4081

NAME:  Miles,  John
PENSION #:  S862
UNIT:  Undetermined

NAME:  Miller,  J.K.
PENSION #:  S5960
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Moncrief,  T. J.
PENSION #:  S2815
UNIT:  24th Inf.

NAME:  Moody,  James A.
PENSION #:  S563
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Moody,  James A.
WIDOW:  Moody,  Amanda R.
PENSION #:  W8793

NAME:  Morgan,  John W.
PENSION #:  S13382
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Morris,  J.W.
PENSION #:  S1942
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Morris,  John E.
WIDOW:  Morris,  Sarah Catherine
PENSION #:  W716

NAME:  Morris,  Samuel W.
PENSION #:  S9074
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Morris,  W.C.
PENSION #:  S439
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Morris,  William G.
WIDOW:  Morris,  Gemima
PENSION #:  W2153

NAME:  Moye,  Henry Williamson
PENSION #:  S13061
UNIT:  12th Ky. Cav.

NAME:  Myers,  T.P.
PENSION #:  S8727
UNIT:  28th Inf.

NAME:  Newsom,  E.M.
PENSION #:  S10645
UNIT:  4th (McLemore's) Cav.

NAME:  Nuckolls,  Richard.
WIDOW:  Nuckolls,  Sue Douglass
PENSION #:  W10685

NAME:  Nuller,  William Henderson
PENSION #:  S7712
UNIT:  28th Inf.

NAME:  Odom,  J.T.E.
PENSION #:  S6464
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  O'Neal,  William.
WIDOW:  O'Neal,  Julia
PENSION #:  W10599

NAME:  Overton,  John W.
PENSION #:  S5494
UNIT:  24th Inf.

NAME:  Overton,  John Waller
WIDOW:  Overton,  Lizzie
PENSION #:  W8228

NAME:  Paris,  John R.
PENSION #:  S3901
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Paris,  John R.
WIDOW:  Paris,  Bettie
PENSION #:  W3724

NAME:  Parks,  J.R.
PENSION #:  S7391
UNIT:  25th Inf.

NAME:  Patterson,  William C.
WIDOW:  Patterson,  Mary Boddie
PENSION #:  W11115

NAME:  Payne,  Edwin Sanders
WIDOW:  Payne,  Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W11028

NAME:  Perdue,  F.M.
PENSION #:  S6832
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Perry,  Buck Eaton
WIDOW:  Perry,  J.Adaline
PENSION #:  W439

NAME:  Perry,  Wilson.
WIDOW:  Perry,  Hannah
PENSION #:  W10552

NAME:  Phillip,  James D.
PENSION #:  S6864
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Pike,  John F.
PENSION #:  S10296
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Pike,  John Franklin.
WIDOW:  Pike,  Francis M.
PENSION #:  W8321

NAME:  Pillow,  John A.
PENSION #:  S11340
UNIT:  13th Ark. Inf.

NAME:  Piper,  James Henry.
WIDOW:  Piper,  Eliza Agnes
PENSION #:  W6548

NAME:  Piper,  Joseph H.
PENSION #:  S5951
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Pond,  A.J.
PENSION #:  S4523
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Pond,  Smith
PENSION #:  S5906
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Pond,  Smith.
WIDOW:  Pond,  Amanda West
PENSION #:  W4985

NAME:  Pool,  Andrew Jackson.
WIDOW:  Pool,  Corille
PENSION #:  W3819

NAME:  Pool,  John W.
PENSION #:  S3788
UNIT:  25th Inf.

NAME:  Pruett,  Paul.
WIDOW:  Pruett,  Louisa L.
PENSION #:  W1725

NAME:  Pruett,  Silas Barnabas
WIDOW:  Pruett,  Mary Angeline
PENSION #:  W103

NAME:  Ramer,  John
PENSION #:  S1934
UNIT:  55th Inf.

NAME:  Ramsey,  Zearl Booker.
WIDOW:  Ramsey,  Cornelia
PENSION #:  W9525

NAME:  Ransom,  W.H.
PENSION #:  S8492
UNIT:  8th Inf.

NAME:  Read,  William B.
PENSION #:  S6090
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Reddick,  James P.
WIDOW:  Reddick,  Sarah J.
PENSION #:  W3645

NAME:  Reed,  Thomas Peyton.
WIDOW:  Reed,  Margaret Catherine
PENSION #:  W6034

NAME:  Reese,  J.H.
PENSION #:  S1053
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Reynolds,  Nat
PENSION #:  S10600
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Riggsbee,  S.B.
PENSION #:  S5164
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Riggsbee,  Sydney Bourbon.
WIDOW:  Riggsbee,  Eliza
PENSION #:  W6082

NAME:  Rigsby,  David Shadrie.
WIDOW:  Rigsby,  Myra Ann
PENSION #:  W3618

NAME:  Rippey,  S.L.
PENSION #:  S7392
UNIT:  9th Cav.

NAME:  Rippy,  Isaac
PENSION #:  S7561
UNIT:  6th (Wheeler's) Cav.

NAME:  Rippy,  J.M.
PENSION #:  S11919
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Rippy,  James W.
PENSION #:  S10297
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Rippy,  James Wesley.
WIDOW:  Rippy,  Mary L.
PENSION #:  W8705

NAME:  Rippy,  Jerry M.
WIDOW:  Rippy,  Josephine
PENSION #:  W9582

NAME:  Rippy,  Joseph
PENSION #:  S660
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Rippy,  Sydney
PENSION #:  S9332
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Rippy,  T.W.
PENSION #:  S11916
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Rippy,  W.W.
PENSION #:  S4329
UNIT:  20th Cav.

NAME:  Rippy,  William W.
PENSION #:  S6003
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Rippy,  William W.
WIDOW:  Rippy,  Emily Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W2711

NAME:  Roark,  Iredell Linville.
WIDOW:  Roark,  Mary Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W9843

NAME:  Roark,  William B.
WIDOW:  Roark,  Rhoda
PENSION #:  W10605

NAME:  Robertson,  James W.
PENSION #:  S4725
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Robertson,  James Wesley.
WIDOW:  Robertson,  Mary Evaline
PENSION #:  W1018

NAME:  Robertson,  John Ogden.
WIDOW:  Robertson,  Ella
PENSION #:  W7475

NAME:  Robinson,  William H
WIDOW:  Robinson,  Nancy J.
PENSION #:  W2178

NAME:  Rogers,  Thomas Jefferson.
WIDOW:  Rogers,  Sarah Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W11136

NAME:  Rooker,  John W.
WIDOW:  Rooker,  Lizzie Collier
PENSION #:  W10114

NAME:  Russell,  W.S.
WIDOW:  Russell,  Frances
PENSION #:  W6130

NAME:  Rutherford,  Benjamin O.
WIDOW:  Rutherford,  Bettie Moore
PENSION #:  W9609

NAME:  Rutledge,  E.B.
PENSION #:  S12211
UNIT:  9th Cav.

NAME:  Rutledge,  Elijah Bird.
WIDOW:  Rutledge,  Louisa
PENSION #:  W4872

NAME:  Rutledge,  James W.
WIDOW:  Rutledge,  Sallie
PENSION #:  W1145

NAME:  Sadler,  Henry T.
WIDOW:  Sadler,  Ellen
PENSION #:  W5329

NAME:  Sanders,  Norvell D.
PENSION #:  S3129
UNIT:  18th Miss. Inf.

NAME:  Satterwhite,  W H.B.
PENSION #:  S16215
UNIT:  55th N.C. Inf.

NAME:  Savely,  John Summers.
WIDOW:  Savely,  Almeda Frances
PENSION #:  W1761

NAME:  Savely,  William H.
PENSION #:  S10322
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Schell,  Henry Augustus.
WIDOW:  Schell,  Bettie Martin
PENSION #:  W2156

NAME:  Schulter,  G.W.
PENSION #:  S11910
UNIT:  Lane's Tex. Rangers.

NAME:  Scott,  James N.
PENSION #:  S15399
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Searcy,  R.T.
PENSION #:  S5956 & S6909
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Seay,  Benjamin.
WIDOW:  Seay,  Ella M.
PENSION #:  W6935

NAME:  Senter,  M.F.
PENSION #:  S13383
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Shaub,  C.J.
PENSION #:  S5299
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Shaub,  Charles J.
WIDOW:  Shaub,  Lou Clay
PENSION #:  W8379

NAME:  Shaw,  James L.
WIDOW:  Shaw,  Sarah E.
PENSION #:  W5340

NAME:  Shy,  George Washington
PENSION #:  S5795
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Simmons,  C.N.
PENSION #:  S15060
UNIT:  6th (Wheeler's) Cav.

NAME:  Simpson,  William.
WIDOW:  Simpson,  Allis
PENSION #:  W9160

NAME:  Sindle,  Robert H.
PENSION #:  S1067
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Sindle,  Robert Henry.
WIDOW:  Sindle,  Grace G.
PENSION #:  W4725

NAME:  Skimerhorn,  David.
WIDOW:  Skimerhorn,  Malinda
PENSION #:  W6692

NAME:  Smith,  D.H.
PENSION #:  S13925
UNIT:  9th (Ward's) Cav.

NAME:  Smith,  John W.
PENSION #:  S4933
UNIT:  2nd Ky. Inf.

NAME:  Smith,  John W.
WIDOW:  Smith,  Mary E.
PENSION #:  W2431

NAME:  Smith,  William H.
PENSION #:  S906
UNIT:  45th Inf.

NAME:  Smithson,  J.H.
PENSION #:  S11143
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Stewart,  R.A.
PENSION #:  S11227
UNIT:  45th Inf.

NAME:  Stone,  W.C.
PENSION #:  S11291
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Stratton,  G.B.
PENSION #:  S11627
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Sutton,  C.M.
PENSION #:  S5692
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Taylor,  W.H.
PENSION #:  S4066
UNIT:  2nd Cav.

NAME:  Templeton,  E.J.
PENSION #:  S15356
UNIT:  24th Inf.

NAME:  Terry,  John H.
PENSION #:  S13550
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Terry,  John H.
WIDOW:  Terry,  Hattie Smith
PENSION #:  W7174

NAME:  Thompson,  Hardy
PENSION #:  S7208
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Thompson,  James W.
PENSION #:  S16621
UNIT:  24th Inf.

NAME:  Thompson,  R.A.
PENSION #:  S3444
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Thornburg,  Andrew L.
WIDOW:  Thornburg,  Nora
PENSION #:  W10553

NAME:  Tittle,  George W.
PENSION #:  S16168
UNIT:  Kain's Co., Lt. Art.

NAME:  Troutt,  Elijah.
WIDOW:  Troutt,  Lydia
PENSION #:  W458

NAME:  Troutt,  Jeremiah.
WIDOW:  Troutt,  Katherine
PENSION #:  W2550

NAME:  Turner,  J.Net
PENSION #:  S14274
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Turner,  Jeremiah
WIDOW:  Turner,  Sarah Elizabeth
PENSION #:  W2271

NAME:  Vertrees,  Peter  (African-American)
UNIT:  6th Ky. Cav.

NAME:  Vinson,  Thomas S.
PENSION #:  S15726
UNIT:  1st (Field's) Battery, La. Art.

NAME:  Wagoner,  Amos Hall.
WIDOW:  Wagoner,  Louisa Frances
PENSION #:  W4100

NAME:  Wallace,  E.D.
PENSION #:  S4588
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Wallace,  Elmore Douglass.
WIDOW:  Wallace,  Phebe A.
PENSION #:  W3709

NAME:  Walton,  J.L.
WIDOW:  Walton,  Urildia Carson
PENSION #:  W10790

NAME:  Warmack,  John P.
PENSION #:  S993
UNIT:  44th Inf.

NAME:  Warren,  W.N.
PENSION #:  S14015
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Webb,  Thomas.
WIDOW:  Webb,  Drucilla
PENSION #:  W2830

NAME:  West,  Isaac Moody.
WIDOW:  West,  C.A.
PENSION #:  W9192

NAME:  West,  J.W.
PENSION #:  S16452
UNIT:  9th Cav.

NAME:  West,  Thomas W.
PENSION #:  S13247
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Wilkes,  Ulyses L.
PENSION #:  S12586
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Wilkinson,  Charles W.
PENSION #:  S4667
UNIT:  9th (Bennett's) Cav.

NAME:  Wilkinson,  Thomas J.
PENSION #:  S16525
UNIT:  22nd Cav.

NAME:  Wilks,  Edward I.
WIDOW:  Wilks,  Josephine
PENSION #:  W3729

NAME:  Wilks,  John T.
PENSION #:  S7745
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Wilks,  John Talbas.
WIDOW:  Wilks,  Sallie Gibson
PENSION #:  W8664

NAME:  Williams,  H.T.
PENSION #:  S4299
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Williams,  Joseph F.
PENSION #:  S4103
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Wilson,  Samuel Franklin
PENSION #:  S12865
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Wilson,  William T.
PENSION #:  S12311
UNIT:  17th Inf.

NAME:  Winham,  James
PENSION #:  S7003
UNIT:  7th Inf.

NAME:  Wiseman,  W.Y.
PENSION #:  S10165
UNIT:  9th Cav.

NAME:  Womack,  William D.
PENSION #:  S1320
UNIT:  5th Inf.

NAME:  Woodward,  W.J.
PENSION #:  S7398
UNIT:  2nd Cav.

NAME:  Worley,  John William.
WIDOW:  Worley,  Lucy Elender.
PENSION #:  W646

NAME:  Wray,  George F.
PENSION #:  S11133
UNIT:  20th Inf.

NAME:  Wray,  George F.
WIDOW:  Wray,  Emily F.
PENSION #:  W9529

NAME:  Wright,  D.L.
PENSION #:  S7734
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Wright,  R.B.
PENSION #:  S6683
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Wright,  Robert Barr.
WIDOW:  Wright,  Penelope E.
PENSION #:  W6914

NAME:  Wright,  Scoggins
PENSION #:  S7835
UNIT:  30th Inf.

NAME:  Wright,  Scroggins.
WIDOW:  Wright,  Mary J.
PENSION #:  W4837

NAME:  Wyllie,  Allen L.
PENSION #:  S13501
UNIT:  2nd (Robison's) Inf.

NAME:  Young,  Wright
PENSION #:  S10591
UNIT:  4th (McLemore's) Cav.

NAME:  Young,  Wright
WIDOW:  Young,  Narcissa
PENSION #:  W6717

NAME:  Youree,  Henry  (African-American)
UNIT:  2nd Cav. 

NAME:  Youree,  Patrick S.
PENSION #:  S967
UNIT:  2nd Inf.

NAME:  Youree,  Patrick S.
WIDOW:  Youree,  Anthony P.
PENSION #:  W825

NAME:  Zimmerman,  Verdinan
WIDOW:  Zimmerman,  Angeline
PENSION #:  W745

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