1st Cumberland Presbyterian Gallatin's Oldest Congregation

1st Presbyterian Gallatin's Oldest Congregation

The News-Examiner, Gallatin, Sumner County, TN Special Edition: Celebrating Sumner County's Bicentennial and Tennessee Homecoming '86, "Religion" section, p. 6-C. Saturday, March 29, 1986.

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Note: All spelling, punctuation, and omissions are as they appeared in the article in the newspaper.

The original church edifice for the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Gallatin was built in 1836 and has been in continuous use as a house of worship since that time. This is the oldest congregation in Gallatin, organized in 1828 with 77 members. This building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and on the Registry of American Presbyterians (Reformed) Historical Places.

In 1981, the church underwent extensive remodeling. Two walls which had been constructed in the sanctuary about 1895 to form school rooms were removed. A memorial window on the west side which had been enclosed in the Sunday school room was restored as a part of the Sanctuary.

Additional pews were added to provide more seating space. The chancel and choir loft were also remodeled.

The organ case and screen were brought to this church from the Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville in 1915. These are interesting bits of memorabilia of William Strickland, the famous architect who designed the Nashville church as well as many other famous building, including the State Capitol.

Members of the church have made especially designed needlepoint pieces which have been placed on the pulpit chairs. These symbolic designs include the seal of the Presbyterian Church US, the Celtic cross, the seal of John Calvin, the Cross and the Crown, the Anchor, and the Lamb, carrying a banner representing "Christ Triumphant".

Many of these designs were copied from the stained glass memorial windows in the sanctuary.

The exterior of the original building, which now comprises the sanctuary, has been changed very little through the years, with the exception of the enclosure of the open porch which has been converted into a narthex.

The educational wing was added in 1968 and in 1981 a second educational and office building was completed, linking the old original structure with the 1968 educational wing.

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