Bledsoe Creek Baptist Church (formerly called Independence Baptist Church)

Bledsoe Creek Baptist Church (formerly called Independence Baptist Church)

From History of Middle Tennessee Baptists
by J. H. Grime
Nashville, TN

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This church might properly be styled an offspring of Siloam Church, though probably drawing some of the constituent members from other sources. The organization took place Saturday before the second Sunday in July, 1887, with 27 members. The Presbytery consisted of help from Siloam, Hopewell, and Friendship churches, viz,: Elders G. C. Harris, S. C. Talley, Thomas E. Kizer, E. B. Stinson and James Stinson. The two latter were licensed ministers. With these were Deacons James Hawkins, Martin Angle, and Joseph Hawkins.

This church was constituted on the head waters of Bledsoe Creek, in the northeastern part of Sumner County. This is a very broken section, and their first house of worship was built in this narrow valley, on the bank of this little creek, and also on the side of the turnpike road leading from Gallatin, Tenn., to Scottsville, Ky. The church was given the name of Independence at the constitution. They worshiped at the above place name about 33 years. In the process of time, perhaps the early eighties, a railroad was constructed up this valley and a station established a short distance from the creek below the church by the name of Bransford. About 1900 this church built a new neat house of worship in the town of Bransford and changed the name of the church from Independence to Bledsoe Creek.

PASTORS: Elder J. J. Wiseman, 1867-68; Elder Jonathan Wiseman, 1868; Elder S. C. Talley, 1868-70; Elder G. C. Harris, 1870-78; Elder J. S. Pardue, 1878-79; Elder J. P. Gilliam, 1879-83; Elder A. H. Rather, 1883-84; Elder J.P. Gilliam, 1884-85; Elder H. S. Moores, 1885-86; Elder J. S. Pardue, 1886-88; Elder Berry Keen, 1888; Elder W. M. S. Wilks, 1889-90; Elder I. M. Ashlock, 1890-01; vacant, 1891-96; Elder J. R. Stinson, 1896; Elder J. W. McQueen, 1896-1900; Elder J. A. Stone, 1901 to the present.

CLERKS: T. J. Talley, 1867-70; J. P. Gilliam, 1870-79; J. W. Fleming, 1879-80; W. J. Meador, 1880-81; W. R. Minick, 1881-87; F. M. Defrees, 1887-89; M. S. Taylor, 1889-93; J. M. Pardue, 1893 - to the present.

DEACONS: J. W. Stinson, 186l; Adken Pardue, 1868; B. H. Gilliam, 1877; F. M. Defrees, 1877; L. W. Gilliam, 1877; J. M. Pardue, 1891; W. J. Woodward, 1891.

This church has had the honor of sending out the following ministers: Elders J. P. Gilliam and B. B. Davis was ordained August, 1878, by Elders E. B. Haynie, J. S. Pardue, J. K. Tinsley; Elder S. R. Hawkins was ordained November, 1833, by Elders A.H. Rather and R. H. Piland; Elder J. L. Hawkins, ordained June, 1892, by Elders J. S. Pardue, J. R. Stinson, J.W. Davis and I. M. Ashlock, with Deacon J. G. Pardue. Elder B. B. Davis died soon after his ordination. He was a humble, devout Christian, and would no doubt have proved a faithful minister.

This church has enrolled 231 members during her history. They have 57 on their roll at present, and are in the thrifty condition.

This church united with Enon Association in 1867, while in session with the church at Siloam. They represented annually in this body until 1891, when they went into the constitution of Wiseman Association, where they continue to represent at the present.

NOTE: Several Pastors, Deacons, and Clerks mentioned in the History of Middle Tennessee Baptists can be found in the Sumner County Family Album.

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