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Dixon Springs School
"This turn-of-the-century, two-room school replaced an earlier school which burned. It is
an unusual form for a school with its hipped roof, capped by an ornate central belltower
and terminated by flared, overhanging eaves. Adding to its sophisticated design is the
recessed portico of the once-symmetrical front facade which originally had five fluted
Columns, two engaged and three free standing. The windows, until recently, were larger
with the four-over-four glass-pane sash typical of the late 19th and early 20th century.
Numerous structures in Dixon Springs still retain this window form. The original facade
has been reconstructed on the cover illustration of this booklet."

Quoted from booklet DIXON SPRINGS TENNESSEE published by Tennessee Valley
Authority as a service to citizens of Dixon Springs in consideration of the impact of
the Hartsville Nuclear Plant Project, canceled in 1984.

The school was closed in 1950 and property sold. It was purchased by
Dixon Springs Missionary Baptist Church and used to hold worship services.

NOTE: A class history was written by Josephine Highers for her 8th grade
graduation from Dixon Springs School, circa 1929-30.

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