Dr. William Hardin Ragland Jr.

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Dr. William Hardin Ragland Jr.
Dr. William Hardin Ragland Jr. was the second son of Dr. William Hardin Ragland and Martha Biggers
Hughes. He was born 22 Sept 1842 in Sullivan Bend, Smith Co., Tennessee. He died 6 April 1927 in
Cookeville, Putnam Co., Tennessee. He was married 3 times and the father of 11 children.

Nancy Hughes Ragland a sister of William Jr. is pictured on this website she married Morris Brown Clark.

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Also William Jr.'s brother John is pictured on this website.

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His first marriage was on Jan 14, 1865 in Putnam Co., Tennessee to Ann Burton. They had:

William Edward Ragland b: 28 Oct 1865 in Jackson Co. married Rosa Lee Butler

John Biggers Ragland b: 5 July 1867 in Jackson Co., married Lassie McKinley

Sally Ragland b: 20 Jan 1869 Jackson Co., d: 1 Feb 1869

Charles Burton Ragland b: 20 Jun 1870 Jackson Co., married Bessie Black

Fannie May Ragland b: 29 April 1874 Jackson Co d: 12 Nov 1874

Clarence Francis Ragland b: 7 Sep 1875 d: 20 Apr 1877 Jackson Co

Earnest Murray Ragland b: 17 Jun 1877 d: 29 Jan 1932 married Gladys Anderson

His second marriage was on 2 Sep 1879 in Granville, Jackson Co to Lizzie Lucetta Butler. They had:

Mary Butler Ragland b: 13 June 1880 Granville married Thomas Green Dillon

Thomas Harvey Ragland b: 1882 d: 1884 Tennessee

Martha Hughes Ragland b: 18 Apr 1885 Granville married Ernest Houston Boyd

His third marriage was to Lavina L. "Putty" Myers on 17 Dec 1889. They had two children:

Nancy Newton Ragland b: 25 Sep 1890 Smith Co., Tennessee

Grace Leonel Ragland b: 24 March 1896

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