Hudson Ellis "Huts" Porter Family

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Hudson Ellis "Huts" Porter Family
Beth Sloan Wilburn, great granddaughter and Marsha Porter, granddaughter
of Hudson and Clarence Gregory Porter, provided this picture and information.

Pictured is the Hudson Ellis "Huts" Porter family in about 1915. Huts was born Mar 16, 1873 and died
Feb 1, 1940. He was born in the house that he later owned (shown below), the son of William Kendall
and Louisa Garrett Porter. William and Louisa are buried in the Porter Cemetery shown on this website.

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Clarence Gregory Porter, wife of Huts, was born Mar 16, 1878 and died Jan 6, 1961. She was
the daughter of Elias Enoch (Tint) and Tabitha Parker Gregory . Huts and Clarence resided on
Little Peyton's Creek about one and one-half miles northwest of Pleasant Shade.

L-r: Ramsey, Huts, Newman, Effie, Raymond, Clarence and Norman Porter.

Ramsey Porter was born Jun 26, 1905 and died May 22, 1995. She was married to Alton Williams
and later to a Mr. Jenkins. She became the mother of Emogene Williams (mother of Beth Sloan
Wilburn) who married Dwight Sloan. Ramsey is in the Pleasent Shade Belles photo on the website

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Newman Porter was born Jul 30, 1908 and died Dec 27, 1994. He was married to Minnie Lena
Lammons Porter and became the father of Walter Ellis and Marsha Porter.

Effie Agnes Porter was born Mar 28, 1899 and died in July 1967. She was married first to Jeff
Gregory who drowned in a ferry accident near Hartsville. Later, she married Elder Luther A.
Stewart, a well know Baptist minister in the Pleasant Shade area and later in the Holland,
Kentucky area. She became the mother of Eloise Gregory Law and Charlotte Stewart Sykes.

Raymond Kendall Porter was born Oct 30, 1910 and died Mar 4, 1931 of pneumonia. He never married.

Norman Ellis Porter was born Jun 29, 1903 and died Dec 9, 1969. He was married to Olma
Gregory who is pictured on this website in the "Dock Gregory Family" picture.
He became the father of Deaubra Porter Hale.

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Later, three other children were born to Huts and Clarence:

Gertrude Porter, died as an infant Dec 17, 1915.

Mildred Louise Porter, born Sep 23, 1918 and died Feb 11, 1993, married Carthage doctor,
Hugh E. Green. She became the mother of Vivian (died as an infant), Jimmy Nelson, Hugh, Jr.,
Johnny Lane (died in a car accident at age 28), Joe Frank and Jack Porter Green.

Garrett B. Porter was born Sep 5, 1922 and died Mar 3, 1988. He was married to Cornelia Green
and became the father of Jimmy Noel, Kendall and Carolyn Porter.

Newman and Norman are also pictured on this website in the "Dickerson and Porter Brothers Quartet".

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Huts, Clarence and Mildred are pictured on this website in the Mt. Tabor Baptist Church pictures.
Huts, Clarence, Ramsey and Raymond are buried in the Dixon Springs Cemetery.

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Calvin Gregory stated in The Macon County Times, Feb 23, 1956,
that Huts Porter was one of the best men he ever knew.

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Porter Family Reunion - 1930

Beth Sloan Wilburn provided this picture and information.
Pictured are the sons and daughters of William Kendall and Louisa D'Aubra Porter
made at a family reunion at the home of Hudson Ellis Porter in 1930.

Left to Right: Calvert Porter (settled in Portland, TN)
Fredonia Porter Roark (called Aunt Donie - lived in Texas)
Bazzell Porter (married first to Mary E. Porter who died in 1912, then married Coatney Tuck)
Lummie Porter Williams (married to Grant Williams, lived in Nashville, TN)
Hudson Ellis Porter (married to Clarence Gregory Porter)
One son, Floyd Marshall (called Uncle Dock) "died June15, 1921".

Note by Tom Dickerson: I have a little story about Louisa D'Aubra Porter that was related to me by a
Porter family member. She was buried in the Porter family cemetery shown on this website. A short
time after her burial, it occurred to some of the family members that she had been buried 180 degrees
"out of phase". That being, if her casket were rotated to the "heads up" vertical position, she would be
facing west rather than east. So they exhumed the casket, rotated it 180 degrees and re-interred it.

Porter Family Reunion - Porter Children And Kin - 1930

Beth Sloan Wilburn provided this picture and information.
L - r, front row: Eloise Gregory, two girls Roark cousins from Texas,
two of Lee Porter's daughters and Emogene Williams.
Back row: Garrett and Mildred Porter.

Hudson Ellis Porter

Beth Sloan Wilburn provided this picture of her great grandfather.
Pictured is Hudson Ellis "Huts" Porter on his farm with his mules in about 1935.
He lived on Little Peyton's Creek about one and one-half miles northwest of Pleasant Shade.

Porter - Green Family Gathering

Beth Sloan Wilburn provided this picture and names.
This photo was taken in the summer of 1947 at the home of Bro. Luther A. Stewart
and wife, Effie Porter Stewart in Holland, Kentucky.

Front row, l-r: Gerald Law, Ramsey Williams (kneeling), Emogene Sloan,
Charlotte Stewart Sykes, Vondell Green Lancaster, Pamela Law Blankenship,
Cornelia Porter holding baby, Marsha Porter, Walter Ellis Porter, Irma Dell Green Carter.

Back row, l-r: Minnie Lena Porter, Newman Porter, Garrett Porter holding Jimmy Noel Porter,
Dr. Hugh E. Green holding Jimmy Nelson Green, Mildred Green, Opal Green, Clarence Porter,
Effie Stewart, and Bro. Luther A. Stewart.

Note by Tom Dickerson: Luther Stewart was a well know and beloved Baptist minister of Smith County
for many years and later in Holland, Kentucky. Dr. Hugh Green was a longtime Carthage doctor who was
reared three miles south of Pleasant Shade in the Graveltown community. He was much admired by his
patients. Dr. Green was married to Mildred Porter Green. Opal Green was Dr. Green's mother.

Hudson Ellis Porter Home
Beth Sloan Wilburn provided this picture and write-up.
Pictured in the early 1970s is the Hudson "Huts" Porter home located on Little Peyton's Creek about
one and one-half miles northwest of Pleasant Shade. The house was torn down soon after this picture
was made and a new house, owned by Georgie Smith, was erected on the same site. William Kendall
Porter (1829-1874), father of Huts, built the house before the Civil War. He had intended for the porch
to be a "two story" or tiered style but got sick and was unable to complete the intended design.

Note by Tom Dickerson: The "Muttonbluff" is located near the top of the ridge about 3/4 miles behind this
house. Here the "Bushwhackers" of the Civil War, Buck Smith, El Williams and others, made their camp.

The complete story of Muttonbluff is now online with pictures on this website.


As a teenager, I once spent the night (with some friends) at the Muttonbluff. As the night drew-on,
I could almost see the ghosts of Buck Smith and his band of guerrillas roasting sheep between two
boulders that contribute to the name of the site.

Hudson Ellis Porter Farm
Pictured is much of the old Hudson Ellis "Huts" Porter farm. Tom Dickerson made this picture in 1975.
The Porters at this time had already sold the farm that had been divided into smaller tracts. This farm was
located about one and one-half miles northwest of Pleasant Shade. Little Peyton's Creek Road is shown
in the center of the picture. The view is to the northwest with Huts' farm comprising the upper half of the
picture. The Huts Porter home-site is just to the right of the red barn but is obscured by the trees.

Calvin Gregory, in 1914, rented the house near the center of the picture (to the right and
behind the gray barn) from Huts Porter. Cal makes references to living in this house in the
"Cal's Column Articles" of Jan 29, 1948 and Jan 14, 1954 on this website.

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The lower half of the picture shows part the old Dewey Dickerson (my father) farm (now sold and
divided into multiple tracts) with my old home-site visible in the lower foreground. This land was
part of the old Leonard Ballou 640 acre farm that he acquired in 1808. (As a teenager, mules and I
did a lot of work in those fields in the foreground. Sometimes we didn't get along too well.)

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